This isn't Hell

He slammed his fist into the table, making the other students jump and earning the stares of everyone else in the cafe. It took him a moment to calm down, and his friends watched with morbid fascination as he collected himself. When he was really angry, he pressed his lips together so hard they turned white, almost disappearing from his face. When he spoke again, his voice sounded calmer, but a little snappy, as if anger was threatening to explode out at any moment.


“He froze my cards,” Sehun’s voice comes out hurt, and grudge that he doesn't bother to hide. He is beginning to be affected by the irrational move his father started. 

He honestly didn't think that it would produce such reaction, because he’s caused trouble many, many times. He might have been a bit more lax than he should have been. But even so, it was too much.

Chanyeol reached across to spear his fork into some of Kyungsoo's breakfast – a crepe with some sort of berry filling – and Kyungsoo stared at him. Chanyeol blinked, and then grinned, stuffing it into his mouth, “What’s the price?” he asked, his eyes avoiding Kyungsoo deadly stare.


“Best behavior,” Sehun tapped his foot impatiently. He was annoyed at the demanding tone it implied. As if he had no choice but to act right. His lips thinned as the annoyance resurfaced, “Getting good grades, keeping a full attendance, and mostly just staying out of trouble,”


Sehun knows it’s best to withdraw and allow his father to win.


“It’s going to be hard for you,” Chen murmured softly.


“I can’t do this,” Sehun shakes his head, “Waking up early at 9 everyday for classes. Who does that?”


“Apparently everybody except us,” Kai sighed, looking around the students at the cafe. As they finished up eating, everyone pulled out bags, getting ready for their classes.


“You have to pull through,” Kyungsoo advised, “If you want him to stop sniffing around your back,”

Sehun shot him a pained look, but didn't argue. He knew he had to. “A whole semester. That’s 3 bloody months,”


The boys went quiet and out of no where, a small smile rose up on Baekhyun’s face, “Unless we make it interesting,” he said slyly.


The boys just stared, blankly, frowning in confusion.


“Hear me out. What if we make it worth our time?” Baekhyun snickered. “Let’s play a game. Atleast it’ll keep us entertained,”


Chanyeol agreed. He nodded along with Baekhyun, crossing his arms. They looked at each other, and as if their brains were connected, “Girls,” They exclaimed in unison.


“What?” Sehun continued to stare vacantly, his constantly whirling mind finally at a full stop. He was used to ignoring the laughably stupid discussions of his peers. But this time, it seemed there had been a change in their tones. These two looked very lively and excited.


“What if we set up a game, like a challenge for you to complete within the time period,” he continued, “3 months, 3 challenges,”


“And the game involves girls?” Kyungsoo rolled his eyes, fingers tapping on the table.


“So, what’s the challenge?”

“You make the girl we picked to fall in love with you. Within the time range, a month.” Baekhyun replied nonchalantly.


“Love?” Sehun huffed out, in an overly dramatic display, “Love’s no fun,”


“Fine, hook up then,” Chanyeol settled. “Get the girl into your bed within a month, and you win. We’ll do whatever you want. Fail to do so, you do whatever we demand,” He finishes with a grin, “Deal?”


“Wait, this is ridiculous,” Kyungsoo protested, “And immoral and this game degrades women. He’s supposed to be on his best behavior,”


He seems to be the only sane voice among the boys, since others were silently nodding to the plan.


Sehun thought long and hard. Kyungsoo was right, this plan is ridiculous. But his hatred towards his father began to cloud his judgement.


He inhaled, deeply, and then exhaled. “I’m game,” he finally agreed.

Kyungsoo’s eyes went comically wide, his mouth falling open in pure, unadulterated shock.


“I might as well have fun,” Sehun retorted.


“Alright, pick the girl,” Kai suggested, signalling the real start, of the game. “What about her?” He pointed at Jihyo.


“She’s a crazy . She’ll pull out all of our hairs if she knows we’re playing her,” Kyungsoo immediately shuts it down, his fingers touching the nape of his neck.

“What about her?”

“Nah, she’s just,” Baekhyun looked the girl, Songyi, clad in pink from head to toe, “Nah.”


“Fine, what about that head cheerleader?” Suho pointed at the group of girls. Sehun turned his head lazily to look. But his eyes caught on this one girl in particular, sitting by herself, alone, a few tables away from the crowd. Her eyes darted from the calculator to her notepad, her movements robotic.

Sehun looked briefly before turning his head away. Several seconds later, he turned again to look at her.


“Who is she?” he asked curiously. “The one in the brown sweatshirt. I’ve seen her before,” he said, trying to recall his memories.

“Yes, you might have seen her more than once. She’s our class rep, Haru.” Baekhyun answered, ignorantly. “That cheerleader might be a little too easy, don’t you think?”

“No, not here,” Sehun scratched his eyebrows. “Where is it?” he scratched the back of his neck.

“Anyways focus guys. Back to the candidates,” Chen slammed his palm on the table. “How about Krystal?” he suggested.


There was an uncomfortable silence before Suho interjected. “Nope, Kai just broke up with her,” he said, “It’s going to be a little awkward and fishy if Sehun suddenly started being cozy,”


“Hey,” Baekhyun gave a diabolical smile, displaying his perfect teeth, “What about her,” he pointed, “The class rep,” he added, in a stage whisper, “Haru?”


“She’s boring,” Suho interjected, “Come on, a class rep?”


 “Yes, but you don’t really get involved with girls like her, don’t you?” Baekhyun nudged Sehun, “I bet she’s a hard one. Say Sehun, aren’t you intrigued?”


Sehun narrowed her eyes at her, considering it. His smirk widened, softening at the edges a bit, into something that almost resembled a real smile, “I do love a challenge,”

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