SaTzu Dumps to Help Me Through the Drought

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One-shot collection of SaTzu AUs based of prompts or my own headcanons to feed Sapphires through this never-ending drought.



This is my first time getting back into writing. I wrote fanfics back in 2016-17 on Wattpad (Edit: deactivated my account once I found out about the hacking incident) but then my ships died and I lost touch. 

Due to my nature, I am a fluff stan. Maybe I'd write angst too but with a happy ending. on the other hand is another whole world that I can never get into and I can barely write kissing scenes.

My main ships in TWICE are 2Yeon, SaTzu, MiMo and DubChaeng so I might put the other ships in as a treat but you gotta squint for them. I'd probably put Jihyo as god or shipped with another girl group leader.

Please be kind. I don't really care about the vote thingy but comments are always appreciated and encourage me to write more. After all, the main reason why I wanted to write this is to hydrate Sapphires. 

Sometimes I look back on the past chapters and think, "damn I really had the vocabulary and creativity to write all that" and now I'm just a lump of mud. 😭
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