When The Idiot Met Another Idiot



Choi Seungcheol - The owner of Fresh Sunshine flower shop who is a flirt and thick-headed but a very hardworking and an actual man with passion.

Kwon Soonyoung - The florist of Fresh Sunshine flower shop who has multiple behavior, depends on who and what situation.

Lee Jihoon - One of the owners of Lee Bakery across the flower shop, who is a smart thinker and an opportunist at its finest.



Two oblivious dorks. Cue a douchebag-but-not-that-bad player into their life, messing with their hearts. How it would be? Will it be a hit or a miss?



Hello everyone ^^ A new story that is the very first collaboration between ranasungmin and aila_hazama :)


Hey my Dolls! It has been a while since I posted a new story, I guess? The recent crackship isn't counted LOL. To be honest, this story has rested in the dungeon about... three months? Or more? I forgot already. We stuck for so long at the ending thou. Haha. This has started because of our sudden urge to indulge on our Seventeen leaderline. If you're her and my follower, you probably know which pair is our main. But both of us agreed we are ers for leaderline. And then on one random call where we talked too much, we suddenly go down, oh lets write a story? And that time it's about midnight! We're so crazy, suddenly do plot in the middle of night. This collaboration also tested our mind that indeed in tune, I'm still surprised at times when we just know each other thought without saying (we even call each other twinsie haha). So many incidents! I can't put down all the funny occurence happen while we're talking and also doing this story, it's too much and this probably gonna be long. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy this present in the form of a collaboration from us. You also can find this story in AO3 (on her account /twinsie, you better post it there lol/ with the same name I believe). Give Seventeen and their Leaderline (ScoupsxWoozixHoshi) lots of love! Visit my other stories too --> Masterlist :D


Heyyo everyone! It's been so long since the last time I wrote in AFF. First of all, I would like to apologize for the discontinued story of my previous work. I really wish I can continue but somehow I can't find my inspiration to write that story anymore... Sorry... :( Anyway! I hope you will enjoy this collaboration fic of mine and ranasungmin! We really adore leaderline so much and we came to an agreement to contribute one! This was supposed to be done a few months ago but works piling up and thanks to ranasungmin's motivation, I manage to finish this precious fic of ours! I mostly write fluff now (but I know a lot of you know me because I wrote that angst fic of seventeen haha) but I rest assured, this story of ours is not an angst (light maybe? depends how you decipher it lol). Either way, we tried to stick with humours and fluff! Anticipate it! I will post this story up in AO3 too if that is what my twinsie wants. So, HAPPY READING!!! 

--Picture used credits to the owner--

--We only own the storyline which purely OURS!--

If you ever come across a simliar story like this that is not just simply changing the names of the characters which can be consider as plagiarism, it's just coincident~ you know FF in this world is going beyond trillion ^^

Pardon our grammars and mistakes because English isn't our native language :D

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