"I miss our angel"
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At the hospital... A little bit after new year... 


A little squirrel is quietly sipping on her pearl-less milk tea, reading the fan book luvies created for her, when she heard a patterned knock on the door


"Ahh it must be the kids..." 


And here comes the bear, bags obvious under her eyes.


"Seungwan-aaahh~~" she said in a whining voice. 


"How did you do it?!" Seulgi whined while slumping herself on the sofa. 


"Do what?" Wendy was puzzled.


"We recorded the back up vocals today. I did some of your parts and I was so exhausted after singing your parts! How do you manage all that?" 


Before Wendy can reply, a worse-looking Joy entered.




Wendy just giggled. "You too?"


"Unnie, after Seulgi unnie, I was in for the recording and I really thought I'm about to die. We really wondered how you manage all those consecutive high notes and all. You're a super human."


Wendy scratched her head in embarrassment. She knows her members are great vocalists as well so hearing it from them makes her cheeks burn.


"Hey, I'm not that—"


"Trust me, they looked like they came from dance rehearsals when they stepped out of the recording booth. But they managed to pull it off, so don't worry." Irene can remember the look on her members' faces after the recording. She felt worried for them at first, thinking that they might be pushing themselves too much. But she knows them better than that.


"I'm really sorry, guys. I should've been more careful. I really, really want to perform with you. If my parents aren't here, I might even try to esca—"


She wasn't able to finish her sentence since Joy jumped at her, giving her a big hug.


"No, unnie! As much as we miss you performing, your health comes first. Seung

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Idk, every Wendy update is just *wipes tears*

Be it tears of joy, happiness that she's recovering well, uwu OT5 forever. I don't know, I just love them.

So here's something for all of us. A wholesome OT5 one shot, no ships, just pure OT5.
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