by name and number


Seungwan has a name. Joohyun has a number. // soulmates + roommates au


to my sun, for the #chasethemoon exchange fic project

jamie's fic prompt: soulmates au where one has a name and one has a number significant to their relationship

this is a mess. i hope you like messes. happy new year! #getwellsoonwendy #psycho2ndfreakingwinbaby

link to jamie's fic - or


wenwen-biased friends also made a fic exchange! #galaxybiird

please read their lovely fics too:

galaxygerbil's wendyxyou fansite au -

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Chapter 1: Took her long enough
1235 streak #2
Chapter 1: Ahhhhhh it took her 21 days to tell her so the number she has is 21 that's brilliant 👏
Congrats on the feature
Chapter 1: That's a very interesting soulmate concept! but like, imagine getting a number and trying so hard to find your soulmate just based on the number alone. Thank you for the cute story and thank you for sharing!
xlmrclnsmnpk 24 streak #5
Congratulations on being featured. I hope you get a lot of subscribers, readers, and commentators! I cannot wait to read this!
wishwishwish #6
congrats on the feature!
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Congrats on the feature!
reveluv316 851 streak #8
congrats on the feature
Chapter 1: I like this