i'm different

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when wendy returns to seoul, being mistaken as a homeless person has been far from her expectations.



this story is, of course, purely fictional and is for my creative outlet

please do not link this story to any of the girls as i respect their privacy, and again, i write my stories out of entertainment and nothing more


with that said, please ship responsibly and be kind to one another




e x t e n d e d     s u m m a r y


Receiving attention has become a norm in Irene's life, especially when she has grown up being showered by it, and could easily have anyone wrapped around her finger without lifting a single muscle. She normally doesn't care for it, is unfazed by the abundance of interested gazes, not until she meets a strange homeless-looking woman who shrugs her off like she isn't one of the most coveted bachelorettes in the city.

Just what makes Wendy Shon so different?



thank you for the feature! i swear, i'll return to this story eventually lol


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wishwishwish #1
Chapter 8: update pls 🥺
morphine007 #2
Chapter 1: im still here waiting with patience🖤
reveluv316 562 streak #3
congrats on the feature
upvoteurie #4
continue please):
Just read this and am now sad this hasn't been updated in 2 years. I want to know how it ends!!
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Chapter 2: Haha grumpy wendy
Chapter 8: okay.. understood the clothes on Irene... XD
and she really needs to start listening.
Chapter 6: i really don't understand tags on clothes.
i always wash newly bought clothes, so the tag is cut off. hmmm...
Chapter 3: poor kid..
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