We Love You Wendy

Get Well Soon Wendy
“Wendy fell down!” One of the staff said breathlessly after running in a hurry to get to Red Velvet’s room.

Joy was getting her makeup done, Irene her hair and Yeri and Seulgi were all done, using their phones. They all looked at the staff who looked really panicked. 

“Um…?” Irene said as she couldn't quite catch what the staff had said. Just in time, their manager oppa walked in with hurtful and teary eyes. 

He looked them and then took a deep breath, “Girls, I need you guys to hear me out and be calm about it.” 

All of the people inside the room stopped their work and focused on the manager oppa, Joy was already standing up feeling like something wasn't right. 

“Wendy fell down really seriously while rehearsal, everything is a mess out there…they took her to the hospital.”

Irene stood up with a creased and worried eyebrows, “Oppa, how bad did she fall down? How did it even happen?”

“They told her to go through the tunnel and then the stairs but it was dark and the stairs wasn't even up…so she…"

Joy panicked, she collected all of her stuff, “We need to go the hospital.” All of the other member followed Joy out with utter shockness and an unsettling feeling in their heart.

“Unnie will be okay, right?” Joy spoke as she glanced at her manager oppa. She couldn't imagine anything happening to Wendy who is a ray light in their lives.

“Joy-ah, don't worry.” Seulgi held Joy’s hand. Irene who was quiet in the front, sighed, “How…Did you see her fall?” 


“You don't need to explain, Seungwan will be okay.” Irene answered herself not wanting to hear anything that happened, she couldn't imagine her Wendy’s pain and how badly she was hurt. 

They finally arrived at the hospital, quickly rushing inside with the manager oppa. The floor that Wendy was in currently is filled with staffs and managers, they quickly gave them a nod and asked about Wendy.

“She's in the emergency room. She has major injuries.” One of the staff said and that broke her members heart. ‘Major’ was quite a…

“She fell really badly, it was almost from 2 m height.” Another staff said and sighed, complaining about the unsafe stage and maintenance. 

“SBS should've been careful with those kinds of things. This is making me mad.” Manager oppa grunted and sat at one of the chair.

Irene side hugged Yeri while Seulgi consoled Joy who was already teary. Yeri was holding back her tears too but everyone could see it.

After waiting for awhile, the doctors came out and was amused to be met by so many people. The members and manager oppa went to him and asked about Wendy.

“She got it pretty bad, she sustained injuries to her face and fractures in her pelvis and wrist on the right side of her body. It might take 6 weeks recovery but months to heal completely.”

Yeri was already sobbing with Joy, Irene held in her tears and asked, “Can we meet her?”

“Oh, yes. She'll be moved to a private room. She must be really passionate about singing.” The doctor said with a small smile.

“She is…” Irene mumbled with a throbbing heart.

“I could tell by the way she was holding the mic. She has a strong grip.” The doctor chuckled and wished for Wendy to heal faster and walked away. 

Manager oppa went to do some procedures while the girls were heartbroken, they knew how Wendy was excited about the comeback and the collaboration stage. Joy clenched her jaw and was furious towards SBS and their whole set up.

“Yeorobun, let's go meet Seungwannie okay? She's a strong girl” Seulgi tried to cheer her members though she was in the verge of breaking down.

Soon, they went in to see Wendy but cried like idiots when they saw Wendy with bruises and bandages. Wendy was fast asleep, Joy wiped her tears and sat down beside Wendy.

“Unnie…” Joy called out.

“Yah, unnie…I told you I'll be mad if you get hurt.” Joy sobbed but quickly wiped her tears again, not wanting to be weak and a crying mess.

“Merry Christmas, Wan-ah.” Irene softly said to the sleeping figure. They had the tradition to eat meals out in Christmas but it might not be possible tonight.

“We will go out to eat once you've recovered, it will be Yeri’s treat.” Irene joked and chuckled.

Yeri smiled and nodded, “I'll buy you anything unnie.”

“Also bubble tea!” Seulgi added because Wendy loved bubble tea and her favorite is kind of weird. 

“I have informed Wendy's parents and they're flying here quick and sbs released a apology statement.” Manager oppa said as he walked in, handing Irene the phone to read out the statement.

“Are they really serious? Unnie is badly injured and that's their apology?” Joy said with scary eyes, Yeri nodding and agreeing, “No one from SBS came here too.”

“Reveluvs are angry about the statement too, they've already trended wendy on naver.” He added.

“I assume unnie can't participate for the promotion right?” Yeri asked.

“She needs full recovery and we want her to heal slowly and comfortably with no hurry, so she won't be able to participate in any events or programs.”

“Wannie really was excited for the comeback and she practiced a lot. I feel sad.” Seulgi said glancing at her bestfriend.

“Girls, let's go home now. We'll take care of Wendy.” Manager oppa said  because the girls had been very busy doing rehearsals and also the busy week they had due to their comeback. 

“We just want to stay longer.” Yeri said, pleading with sad eyes. Manager oppa nodded and went out of the room.

Irene felt furious, those bandage on her face and bruises made her really mad. She couldn't hint on how disappointed she felt with SBS and everyone from he maintenance team. Her dear member was lying in a hospital bed and it didn't make her happy. 

“We should go home…I need to pack Seungwan warm clothes. It's getting chilly these days.” Irene shuttered, holding back her tears so that she could stand strong in front of her members, who were staring at her.

“Doesn't she look beautiful though?” Joy called out while staring at their Wendy. 

All of them broke into a smile, “She does.”

The first thing Wendy said when her members came inside was, “Sorry, I disappointed you.”

Wendy’s parents were out in the cafeteria, they had arrived few hours ago. The members had met them in their way up and chatted for awhile. 

“You don't need to apologize, Seungwan. It wasn't your fault.” Irene said as she placed some fruits at the table and took out a huge cotton scarf for Wendy, who was smiling.

“But still, we all were excited for the comeback and I'm sorry, because of me, it will be incomplete.” Wendy sadly said. 

Joy didn't like it, she was furious with the apology still and had stayed up all night creating fake account and telling SBS to do better for this situation. But hearing Wendy, her Wendy, apologize for something she didn't do and for always putting others first, made her really angry. When will Wendy unnie think of herself first?

“Unnie! Can you stop apologizing? It isn't your fault! You're so stupid.” Joy had her voice raised, stunning her members completely.

Wendy gulped, “Sorry, Sooyoung.”

“There you go again—” Joy sighed and walked out of the room. 

“Did I do something wrong?” Wendy looked at her members.

Irene shook her head as she wrapped the scarf around Wendy, and gently said, “Joy’s just sad because this happened to you. Don't worry, she'll come around. Let's give her some time. Don't be sorry too, Wendy. You didn't do anything, we’ll wait for you.”

“Let's have beer when you recover.” Yeri smiled and winked, Wendy shaking her head because Yeri was a heavy drinker, she liked drinking.

“If only you're paying.” Wendy smiled back.

Yeri nodded and promised. Seulgi looked at the gifts and flowers at the other side of the room, many of the people had sent in thought of Wendy. 

“Do you want to eat something? Should I peel you some fruits?” Seulgi asked while standing up and looking through some varieties of fruits.

“I can't chew properly, but it would be great if you can give me some juice.” 

Seulgi nodded and filled the glass with the juice, Yeri called Joy but the latter didn't answer. “Joy unnie must be mad.”

“What if she never talks to me?” Wendy asked, concerned. This was the first time Joy got this mad with her.

Irene chuckled, “That'll never happen, she's soft for you.”

Seulgi smiled, “And you need to take care of yourself first, so even if it's after 10 years, we could still perform psycho.”

“I hope Wendy-shi is resting well.” Jinyoung from Got7 said to Irene, they were the MC of the show. 

Irene gave a small smile, “She is doing well.”

“Are you nervous?” He asked.

“No, but just sad because Wendy looked forward to it so much.” Irene honestly answered. She had seen the girl practice so much and she knows that Seulgi, Yeri and Wendy were watching the live show. 

“Let's do our best.” Jinyoung smiled and Irene nodded along side.

At the backstage, Joy was with Yerin from Gfriend waiting for Hayoung. They had their collaboration stage so they were sitting together.

“How is Wendy unnie?” Yerin asked between their casual talk, she had sent some flowers already though. 

Joy smiled and said her that she's doing well but in reality, Joy hadn't gone to visit Wendy after that outburst. It was silly of her to shout but she just felt so frustrated. She needed to go back and apologize.

“When I heard about it, I was really shocked. The stage was shaky too.” Yerin expressed her opinion and they nodded with each other. Just then, Joy’s phone beeped and she took it out to only see a message notification from Wendy.

Wendy 💙
I'm watching you, Sooyoungie. Hwaiting! 💕

Joy grinned and felt really happy. She was even more confident with that simple text. She knew what to do after her performance, so she quickly informed Irene and the manager with a text.

Irene smiled proudly after Joy's stage, she killed it. They all did so well so she couldn't quite hold her smile. She was devastated when Wendy’s VCR was played but seeing her other member’s performance, she felt an ounce of joy. She walked down after a short minute of break was given, she took time to check on her phone and saw a message from Joy herself.

Park Sooyoung

I'm heading off to the hospital after the performance. We'll be watching you! Goodluck! ❤❤✊

“But Gongcha is all about the pearls.”

“Are we still talking about that? See, Irene unnie looks so pretty.” Yeri said as she pointed to the television where Irene could be seen perfectly.

Seulgi had brought bubble tea(gongcha) because Wendy loves it but no pearls were added for her own safety, she couldn't chew yet. Wendy got sad  because according to her, ‘pearls are everything in bubble tea’.

Seulgi chuckled, “I heard your eomma say that at least your mouth is still alive because you talk a lot.” 

Wendy pouted for it being true and embarrassing, the door opened revealing Joy still in her glamorous dress. Wendy smiled widely and yelled, “Joyyyy!”

Joy smiled back and quickly apologized, “I'm sorry for being rude unnie…but you're just to selfish.”


Joy nodded, “More like stupid, you should think of yourself first and take care of yourself.”

“Sorry, am I forgiven?” Wendy wiggled her eyebrows with pain, her entire body still aches.

“It was my fault anyway.” Joy said as she took out some bakery goods and handed it out to Yeri and Seulgi, she bought Wendy some of her favorite juices. They all settled down and watched the live show, complimenting time and again about how their leader looks so pretty.

“I wanted to go to the fansign tomorrow. I haven't met reveluvs for so long.” Wendy blurted.

“It's okay, unnie. There's always next time.” Yeri said.

“Wish them well from my side too.”

“Of course, wannie. We'll tell them to not worry about you.” Seulgi said. It was already dark outside so Wendy suggested them to go back home.

“The show's done too, you should go back and rest. You have to get up early tomorrow.” Wendy reminded them of their schedule. 

“Will Irene unnie come?” Wendy asked.

“She might go home, she didn't say anything. We'll let her know you're doing good.” Joy said as she hugged Wendy and kissed her cheeks, making Wendy cringe with a smile.

“I love you, unnie!” Joy smiled big and gave her finger hearts, Wendy laughed out loud and smiled back.

“We will meet you after our schedule tomorrow.” Seulgi hugged the latter and wished her goodnight. Yeri jumped in the hug too.

“Oh! You guys can take the gifts too, and also the fruits. We need it in our dorm anyway. I can't eat all of them.” Angel Wendy offered but they declined. Wendy kept on bugging them so they had to take a huge bag of goodies. 

“Bye, guys!!” Wendy called out.

“Seungwan-ah” A soft voice kept calling her.

She opened her eyes and came face to face with Irene, who had a small smile printed. She had her phone in her hand and angled it towards Wendy.

“Unnie?” Wendy yawned. She didn't expect Irene here.

“Sorry, I must've woken you up.” Irene sat beside the bed in a stool.

“What are you doing here? I thought you went home after the show.” Wendy had her eyes half opened.

“I did go home but I needed to see you, I came after bringing you some stuff.” Irene said as she pointed towards the bag in the table.

“You didn't need to do that, you have a busy schedule tomorrow.”

Irene gave a small scoff, “You're important than the schedule.”

“Omo, what will reveluvs feel after they hear you say that?” Wendy chuckled.

“They'll probably agree with me.” Irene smiled and played with Wendy’s hair.

“Joohyun unnie.” It was rare for Wendy to call her by her real name unless it was important.


“I'm sorry if we couldn't do our Christmas tradition this year. I regret it, it's my favorite time of the year.” 

Irene gently caressed Wendy’s face, “It's okay, Seungwan. We'll do it once you've recovered.”

“I…just feel sorry because of me, all of the events are messed up and also our comeback, it'll be hard to organize and distribute the parts.”

“Aish, don't worry too much. We can endure the changes because you've endured this much pain already. Don't be hard on yourself, if you're like that, I can't be strong too. You guys are my strength…”

Irene felt her tears running down her cheeks, it was rare to see Irene cry but she did and Wendy was shocked and overwhelmed.

“I want you to be healthy. I want you to heal, and we'll wait, Wendy. As long as it takes, we'll wait so please this time, only think of yourself and not us.” Irene softly said.

Wendy felt her own tears as she closed her eyes. This few days she's received her members love and felt so safe and home. She didn't know their limit of love until now, this moment. She was quite blessed to have them with her.

“I love you,”

“Get well soon, Wendy-ah”

Then, Wendy drifted to sleep, hoping tomorrow would be as beautiful as today. She just wants to be with people she loves and she's so grateful  for her life.



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