click here for a long term rp partner!


and we're back. yes, this is for plotting. 


as you might have already guessed, this is another ad looking for some long-term rp partners. i'll try n keep it short 

  • i’m in the gmt-4 tz. i work and i'm in school part-time, but i always aim for at least one reply a day. if we have shorter replies, i'll aim for more! 
  • looking for semi-literacy at least; not a fan of crack/casual. prefer 3rd pov for myself but i don’t care if you don’t match. 
  • available on line, fb and kkt; fcs include iz*one's hyewon, yena, nako, chaewon, fromis_9's hayoung, wekimeki's doyeon, and momoland's ahin. by default i use hyewon, so let me know if you have a preference.
  • please be of age. i'm 20+ sooooo. i’m a little rusty with , so i apologize beforehand. if we do , my muse tends to be switch.
  • down for pretty much anything plot-wise except for pwp and historical, but i'm a er for fluff that makes you sick to your stomach. non-au and au are welcomed. currently wanting to write plots that include the tropes: single parent, brother's best friend/best friend's brother, enemies to lovers, roommates
  • though bonus if you're down to have some more complicated plots ( hp au, apocalypse au, fantasy au ) 
  • if you’ve read this far and are interested, pls pm with your id!
  • if we've plotted previously and stopped, please feel free to message again!! 
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