Just Another Day

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As the title suggests... it's about random days of the Kim-Zhang household. Of course, complete with mayhem and addition of new characters! Was meant to be a one-shot... but now; there's EXO12!

WARNING: There will be huge time-skips between chapters.




This was my first KPop fanfic ever, and first story here! Hope y'all like this!

Started on request of Bun (my friend).

Written from May 7, 2014 - September 7, 2016.

Updated every Tuesday and Friday

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[Just Another Day] Updates every Tuesday and Friday!


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51 streak #1
Chapter 2: Sehun has made his first friend! And Baekhyun’s mom seems to be a sweet lady. The last apart was just so adorable! But Sehun is really adorable indeed.
51 streak #2
Chapter 1: This was so cute. The way little Sehun kept being so cute as a bay and his first word being Yehet.
fiqahaina #3
Chapter 40: This chap is hard to read with what happened to the kims family..poor lulu...yeah the last phrase is true..always be there for them. <3 thank u authornim n take care!!
fiqahaina #4
Chapter 39: Don't worryyyy too much about thisss!! Just take care of urself unnie!! It is amazing as always your writing hehehe <3
Chapter 39: Don't worry about the story, just take care of yourself
Anindita_ #6
Chapter 39: Just take your time. This story still good for me :)
Anindita_ #7
Chapter 38: What a heart-warming story :)
Anindita_ #8
Chapter 37: And I love to see how jongdae and minseok love each other too much :)))
Chapter 36: Awwww... my heart
Anindita_ #10
Chapter 36: Oh, it's must be hard for them be gay couples. But, lucky for them found a supportive partner :))))