Carmen, Pearl, and Adora's Unexpected Sugary Horror


Adora, Pearl, Carmen, Ivy, and Zack go to the nation of Japan on a journey to investigate an unusual disturbance. They learn “secrets” about the Gems themselves, specifically Lapis and Peridot, but find new friends. Their encounter with the “disturbance” causes grief, lasting trauma, and disrupts existing friendships, especially for Carmen and one of their new friends. What happens therein is a tale of discovery, horror, and companionship…

I am using my map for locations in this story. I would say this is set in the spring based on the Steven Universe timeline put together by tvtropes. I reference parts of my previous fan fictions in this story for continuity sake. I have abbreviated Peridot's name, apart from the first mention, as Peri, to make her more relatable. This is reposted from Archive of Our Own.

I am going off the argument that Ohtori is in Yokohama, Japan, so I chose Miura, which is about 42 miles away from Yokohama. I am getting 36 years old for Utena because her Utena fandom page says she was born December 29, 1983, so I'm sticking with that. As for Anthy, her fandom page says she was born on March 1st or February 29th, looking to be "physically 14 but may be much older age-wise" which I used to note the age in her story. Chu-Chu is of an unknown age. For description of Anthy and Utena's home, I used John Spacey's "17 classic features of Japanese houses" on Japan Talk, "Traditional Japanese Houses" on, "Life in a Traditional Home – 12 Clever Japanese Design Secrets" on Live Japan, Aliyah Ali's "Traditional Japanese Houses – Types and History" in Liiife (a Japanese magazine), "Everything You Need To Know About Traditional Japanese Houses!" on Japan Info, John Spacey's "Everyone Loves Kotatsu" on Japan Talk, Laura Grange's "Ofuro Soaking Tubs" on Hammer & Hand, Donny Kimball's "Winter by the Irori," "Irori, the fireplace in Japanese homes" in Hoshimo Resorts Magazine, "Irori – The Japanese Hearth" on, and John Spacey's "What are Byobu?" on Japan Talk to make this as realistic as possible. The distance calculations are summations from the use of Google Earth Pro. I tried to match the new candy forms of Zack, Ivy, Juri, Touga, Nanami, Kozue, Keiko, Kanae, Kyouichi, Shiori, Mitsuru, Miki, and Akio to those described on their fandom pages, whether on the Carmen Sandeigo fandom or the Utena fandom for accuracy.

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