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|Story Line|


What is a connection? Is it something related to like family? Friends? Love? Maybe all three? 


What is feelings? Is it also related to connection? Could it be love or hate?


My name is Jisoo. I wrote this story to get out of my world and I feel like this story is somehow my connection.

What is my purpose?

I'm finding my purpose in this story.

What am I here for?

Honestly, I'm not sure why I am stuck in this story, but I know one thing for sure...

This story is my Connection.

In the world, where Jisoo was in got stuck in her own story.

Jisoo travels to the world she has never seen when she already had imagine where her story is.

In her story, the world is cruel and evil to all. There are people who have magic powers while some don't have magic powers; but even if they didn't have magic powers, it depends if their families have powers. Some people can be half magic, some people can be an actual human, or some people can have full magic. Half magic is where a human and a magic gave kids; then it depends if their child has magic or not. Being a human is just a regular person unless somehow they were just born with powers without any relations with the magic. Full magic is where both parents have magic and that is full blood magic. Many magics that are full blooded want to get rid of the half magics, so that the full magics can rule the world.

Will the half magics be able to survive the world that Jisoo made?


By: Kat123

Start Date: 11/15/2019

End Date: XXX

Genre: Suspense, Romance, Fantasy, and Thriller

Starting: ONEUS, OC (Original Character), Dreamcatcher, VIXX, & (G)I-DLE Miyeon

Story Location: Milan, Italy

Story Date: 1890s'

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| Authors' Note |

Hey guys! I made another story starting ONEUS. I am obsessed with ONEUS because I went to see them in November 13th for their World Tour! Oh my god like I never expected to talk with them and interact with them. It was a good feeling and I had an amazing night with them! Especially taking a selfie with them ❤️


note 01: bolded word(s) =  character's supernatural power
note 02: some character's last names have been changed from their real last names to fit the story's purpose

Kim Keonhee | Jisoo (OC) | Cha Hwanwoong

► Keonhee (21) is youngest son of Lord Han-Kim, with Minji (JiU of Dreamcatcher) as his older sister from his father's side and Sanhyuk (Hyuk of VIXX) as his older brother from his mother's side. Keonhee has full magic because both of his parents have powers and are in the council of the magic world. He is considered an introvert because of the shy behavior he shows; also he possesses the supernatural power of empath, which means he can feel the same emotions as someone else by physical contact.

► Jisoo (20) is a modern-day lady, who is living the life as an author. She has an out-going and bubbly personality; however, she did not expect to get into the fantasy world of her own story. There, she must discover the secrets of her characters as well as survive the obstacles that are brought upon to her. Jisoo does not possess any supernatural power.

► Hwanwoong (21) is the adopted son of Duke Cha, with Bora (SuA of Dreamcatcher) as his older sister and Haknyeon (N of VIXX) as his older brother. Although not being blood-related, he is still accepted as the second son of Duke Cha. Hwanwoong thinks he is half magic since he was adopted into the family of full magics. He also out-going as well as beloved by others; however, Hwanwoong hides a dark side. He possesses the supernatural power of enhanced vision, which is the ability to see from a long distance.

Cha Haknyeon (N) | Cha Bora (SuA) | Lee Hongbin

► Cha Haknyeon/N (29) is the eldest son of Duke Cha, superior his younger siblings Bora (SuA of Dreamcatcher) and Hwanwoong (ONEUS). He holds a narcissistic behavior to please himself and his father; however, he will show his caring side for his younger brother when it's needed. Haknyeon is full magic from both of his parents along with Bora. Haknyeon/N possesses the power of enhanced hearing, meaning he can hear sounds from a long distance.

► Cha Bora/SuA (23) is the eldest daughter of Duke Cha, in between her older brother Haknyeon (N of VIXX) and younger brother Hwanwoong (ONEUS). She is the jokester out of the siblings but she has a mother-like behavior when it's necessary. Bora is full magic from both of her parents along with Haknyeon. Bora possesses the supernatural power of psychic vampire, which means that she can possess/use anyone's power by physical touch.

► Lee Hongbin (25) is the eldest son of Duke Lee, watching over his younger siblings Youngjo (Ravn of ONEUS) and Gahyeon (Dreamcatcher). He is handsome and attempts to keep his cool-cold personality around superiors and friends. Hongbin is half magic from his mothers side along with Gahyeon and Youngjo. Hongbin possesses the supernatural power of manifestation, meaning he can change his appearance before others and/or he can control his host by entering in them.

Jung Gunmin (Seoho) | Jung Handong | Son Dongju (Xion)

► Jung Gunmin/Seoho (23) is the youngest son of Lord Jung, with Taekwoon (Leo of VIXX) being his older brother, Yoohyeon (Dreamcatcher) being his biological sister and Han Dong (Dreamcatcher) being his adopted sister. He has a bright persona with a sense of humor. Gunmin is half magic from his fathers side along with Taekwoon and Yoohyeon. Gunmin/Seoho possesses the power of aerona, the ability to see/understand any kind of illnesses.

► Jung Handong (23) is the adopted daughter of Lord Jung, with Taekwoon, Yoohyeon and Gunmin/Seoho being her siblings. She is a sweetheart and loves to care for her family and others; although, she could be the opposite when someone tries to harm her. Han Dong is full magic from both of her parents, but got adopted into Lord Jung's family when she was 7 years old. Han Dong possesses the power of invisbility, meaning she can make her body disappear into thin air.

► Son Dongju/Xion (19) is the third son of Marquis Son, with his two older siblings Jaehwan (Ken of VIXX) and Siyeon (Dreamcatcher). He is an adorable teen with a mischievous side like no other, but when punished, he will listen. Being the youngest means he can get away with anything too. Dongju ia half magic from his fathers side along with Jaehwan and Siyeon. Dongju/Xion possesses the power of enhanced memory, the ability to remember everything (person, place, thing and/or time) clearly.

Cho Miyeon | Jung Taekwoon (Leo) | Son Siyeon

► Cho Miyeon (21) is only daughter of the Cho Clan, who's beauty and innocent nature is the jealousy of other women, comes to face the fall of her own clan and is on the run for her life. Miyeon is full magic from both of her parents and is in a high position in the magic world. Her father is one of the counsels in the magic world that wants to save the half magics. She possesses the supernatural power of mind control, which is the ability to influence/control other people's minds; however, Miyeon is still learning the tricks to strengthen it.

► Jung Taekwoon/Leo (29) is the eldest son of Lord Jung, who silently protects his younger siblings Handong (Dreamcatcher), Yoohyeon (Dreamcatcher) and Gunmin (Seoho of ONEUS). He is remotely silent most of the time and will only speak when it's necessary. Taekwoon is half magic along with Yoohyeon and Gunmin from their father's side. Taekwoon/Leo possesses the power of dreamwalking, meaning he can leave his own dreams and enter other's while asleep.

► Son Siyeon (24) is the only daughter of Marquis Son, who can switch between a lovable/fun woman to a fiery/superior woman. Being the middle child, she almost get away with anything but will still get dragged into the adult business. Siyeon is half magic along with her brothers, Jaehwan and Dongju. She takes on the supernatural power of shapeshifting, which means she can change into any animals (her favorite is a wolf) and/or human being.

Jung Yoohyeon | Lee Wonshik (Ravi) | Lee Gahyeon

► Jung Yoohyeon (22) is the youngest daughter of Lord Jung, who possesses a social life from time to time but has a clumsy personality as reality hits. She is the closest with her adopted sister, Handong (Dreamcatcher), because she desires to learn new things everyday. Yoohyeon is half magic along with her brothers, Taekwoon and Gunmin. Yoohyeon takes on the power of aligist, which means she has the ability to speak/understand every language.

► Lee Wonshik/Ravi (25) is the oldest son of Marshal Lee, who is very outgoing with his peers and loves the attention. He has a blood-related sister, Yoobin (Dami of Dreamcatcher), and an adopted younger brother, Gunhak (Leedo of ONEUS). Wonshik is full magic with Dami from both of their parents. Wonshik/Ravi possesses the supernatural power of telepathy, meaning that he can read other people's mind willingly/unwillingly.

► Lee Gahyeon (20) is the youngest daughter of Duke Lee, who is fun and mischievous around her older brothers, Hongbin (VIXX) and Youngjo (Ravn of ONEUS). As a part of this family, she is known for her youth and blossoming beauty. Gahyeon is half magic along with her brothers, Youngjo and Hongbin from their mother's side. Gahyeon possesses the supernatural power of precognition, meaning she can predict what will happen in the untold future.

Lee Youngjo (Ravn) | Kim Minji (JiU) | Han Sanghyuk (Hyuk)

► Lee Youngjo/Ravn (22) is the middle child of Duke Lee, who is super talkative and smart beyond his other siblings. He, too, possess the good-looks in the family and is a bit of a narcissist. And being the middle child, Youngjo/Ravn will always get blamed for his younger sister's mess and get teased by his older brother. Youngjo is half magic with his siblings from their mother's side. Therefore, he takes on the power of sleep induction, which is the ability to put people to sleep with a single wave of his hands.

► Kim Minji/JiU (23) is the daughter of Lord Han-Kim, who looks after her younger brother, Keonhee (ONEUS); she has a child-like personality but possesses a mature attittude when needed. Minji/JiU dislikes people who aren't honest with her or her family; she only wants to have peace in her life. Minji is half magic from her father's side. She takes on the supernatural power of walking-thru-walls, indicating that she can pass through solid object.

► Han Sanghyuk (24) is the eldest son of Lord Han-Kim, who is a step-brother to Minji (JiU of Dreamcatcher) and a half-brother to Keonhee (ONEUS), can be a handful once his mouth is opened. He won't back down on his opinion until he receives the person's trust; although, Sanghyuk can say nice things as well to please them. Sanghyuk is half magic from his mother's side. He possesses the power of remote viewing, meaning he can track down anyone/anything from afar.

Lee Yoobin (Dami) | Lee Gunhak (Leedo) | Chungha

► Lee Yoobin/Dami (22) is the daughter of Marshal Lee, who prefers to be silent but is the bravest woman beyond anyone else in the world; she does not care of what others think of her. Yoobin/Dami and Gunhak (Leedo of ONEUS) often get mistaken as the fraternal twins because of their age and she's okay with that. Yoonbin is full magic along with her brother, Wonshik. She takes on the power of clairvoyance, which is the ability to see the unknown.

► Lee Gunhak/Leedo (22) is the adopted son of Marshal Lee, who gets mistaken as the fraternal twins with his sister, Yoobin (Dami of Dreamcatcher), prefers to not talk because he is often shy. Same like Hwanwoong, he is loved by his current family and is happy to be with them. Gunhak is half magic since he is adopted into the family and one of his parents were full magic. He possesses the power of deflection, meaning he has the ability to block other's powers.

► Chungha (25) is a mysterious person that will show up anytime and anywhere in the story. 

Son Jaehwan (Ken) | Mysterious Princess | Mysterious Sorcerer

► Son Jaehwan/Ken (27) is the oldest son of Marquis Son, who has a child personality but caring personality towards his siblings; he is often missing when his father needs him most. His brotherly love is often annoying to his younger siblings, Siyeon (Dreamcatcher) and Dongju (Xion of ONEUS), but they know he's only doing it for their own good. Jaehwan is half magic along with his siblings. He possesses the supernatural power of levitation, which means he can float above the ground.

► (TBA) Mysterious Princess (22)

► (TBA) Mysterious Sorcerer



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