Love for rent

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After five years since his wife and their unborn child died he never smiled. But one day Chanyeol his best friend comes by and somehow convince him to rent a person to spend some time with him. Baekhyun thoughts that maybe some company sounds good. 

For sure he didn't expect a guy when he opened the door that day, a guy that will turn his sad life upside down.


Hey ho!!! Just a oneshot and I actually got the idea seeing the news, ppl in Japana really rent people to spend time with them, to cook, to clean, to just talk. And I think it's a good idea for a ff.^.^ 

I'm still thinking if I should turn it mpreg.

Enjoy!!! Love u all!!!!!



Ths oneshot idea turned into a chaptered story, I hope u like it guys!!! 

Changes the cover guys!
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