Nothing More

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Baekhyun is just a man who doesn’t believe in romance as much as Byul, who is trying to give herself to him. But day by day, he will soon realize that her fleeting actions are breaking down his cold-hearted brick wall, no matter if it takes her a million years.




"I’m asking you for the last time, Baekhyun. Do you love me?”


Baekhyun leaves himself with numb feelings, trying to give one of the million reasons to persuade from not leaving him. In the end, he doesn’t have an answer to her question.


She insists on getting rid of the promise ring that she wears every single time, to show Baekhyun how much she craves for his love but none of her efforts work.


"I love you, Baekhyun. So much but you gave me no reasons to stay this time.” Giving the ring on his palm, she leaves him alone without turning back this time.


Baekhyun has lost his light.



CHARACTERS: Kim Hanbyul (OC) & Byun Baekhyun

AU: college!au

GENRES: angst, fluff, romance

WARNINGS: will be announced at the start of every chapters



Hello and welcome back to another series of foreverlies' fic!

This plotline was stuck in my head for months and I've prepare myself to devote into this new story.

Would not updating it frequently but will try my best for updates.

Please anticipate and give much love to my new baby!


—♡ mia ( twitter / curiouscat / tumblr)


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