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07 SEVEN  

“Oh my god! Kim Jongin!” I jog to the person and hug him into my arms. Baekhyun was left clueless at behind, witnessing me hugging a guy right in front of him. I’m in Jongin’s embracement, placing my head on his chest because he’s quite taller than me.


After a few moments later, I break the hug and get the chance to look at Jongin’s face. It has been years since I last saw him. And now, he looks literally different. Jongin is more charming. We haven’t talk or meet right after we graduated from high school. Both of us lost contact and none of us between me, Soomin or Sehun knew where he had been.


“Yes, it’s me,” He chuckles with a smile creeps on his face. I literally forgot about Baekhyun’s presence when he lets out a few coughs. Jongin looks at him curiously, trying to get an introduction from either one of us.


“Jongin, this is Baekhyun. Baekhyun, this is Jongin, my high school friend.” I introduce both of them.


Jongin offers his hand for a handshake as Baekhyun slowly follows. I smile at the sight of seeing them introduce formally. This time, I turn to face Jongin excitedly. I’ve been missing this pal because we literally haven’t seen each other for years. He is one of my close friends after Sehun and Soomin.


I want to catch up every single thing about Jongin but I suddenly forgot about Baekhyun’s presence here. My bad. “Jongin, can we exchange our numbers? I love to sit down with you and chat with you but I’m currently going out with Baekhyun. If you don’t mind?” I ask Jongin’s concern about exchanging numbers and he nods his head. I take out my phone as I give it to him. Jongin punches in his number and saves it into my contact before he hits the call button. At least, it reaches a missed call and it’s much easier for him to save my number.


“Here you go!” He passes back my phone with a smile creeps on his face. I kinda flutter at his smile that makes my cheeks tinted with a little bit of red. But, Baekhyun suddenly lets out a few coughs to distract me.


“Goodbye, Hanbyul!” Jongin brings his hand to ruffle my hair playfully that makes me giggle. “I promise that we’ll meet each other soon and catch up everything, huh?” He makes a promise and I nod my head as a sign of agreement.


“And also, nice to meet you, Baekhyun,” Jongin says to Baekhyun before bidding his last goodbyes and leave me alone with Baekhyun. I wave my hand to him, waiting for Jongin to leave from my sights. Once I turn back to face Baekhyun, Baekhyun has an intense look on his face that makes me wonder, is he jealous?


Baekhyun has his hands deep inside his pocket jeans while keeping himself quiet for the moment. I chuckle softly and pat his chest lightly, “Come on, Byun Baekhyun. Where do you want to go next?” I ask him but he insists on staying silent. This time, I ruffle his hair, making it messier as he looks like a cute child afterwards. He groans and pulls away. Baekhyun repairs his hair back while glaring at me fiercely that cause me to giggle innocently.


“How about we go and shopping? You must have some things that you would like to purchase, right?” I ask him with a playful voice but Baekhyun insists to stay silent with a slight pout on his face. He manages to make me chuckle by his cuteness because he’s literally being like a child right now. I cup his puffy cheeks with my hand, making his lips pout more. Baekhyun has his eyes glare on mine while I look at him fondly. He pulls away and walks to leave me alone at behind. I leave a single chuckle before catching him, travelling my hand to hold onto his hand. Baekhyun gives in slowly as he wraps his fingers around mine and brings me to the next shop that he wants to stop by.


Baekhyun is a cute guy. I finally admit it.





“Would you like to go for a walk in the park?” Baekhyun questions me while we’re in his car. Even when the sky has already darkened by the time goes by, I still think that we can have a short walk at the park. There might be a few people would still be there to jog or even play around. So I think, I take this chance to have a proper deep conversation with Baekhyun.


Baekhyun steals a glance at me, waiting for my answer as I nod my head. He averts his gaze back on the road, speeding his car towards the nearest park that we can stop by. When we arrived, he parks the car by the side of the road. We leave the car together and start our evening stroll at the park. Indeed, there are people still spending their time together. We walk side by side on the pathway, taking this opportunity to breathe the fresh air before getting back to our busy schedules.


“So…” He tries to initiate the talk. I tilt and elevate my head to look at him. Baekhyun seems like holding his words from saying them. I move to walk backwards while facing him, showing him a smile that can at least help him to finally speak that he’s been holding onto it. When he finally sees me smiling for him, Baekhyun sighs heavily as he tousles his hair.


God… he looks… hot.


“Nevermind,” Baekhyun mumbles but I can still hear it clearly. It makes me frustrated because he didn’t tell me his thoughts that made me freaking curious. I start to throw a slight tantrum to him like crossing my arms together, stopping in front of him and pull a face to him. As he sees it, Baekhyun chuckles and sighs softly.


“About your friend,”


“My friend? Jongin? What about him?”


“Do you guys—” Baekhyun begins to ask, breathing for a second before he continues, “have any special relationship?” I flutter a bit. Knowing that Baekhyun is curious about my relationship with Jongin after seeing me with him. Maybe, he’s more curious when I’m being comfortable around Jongin that made Baekhyun, should I say, jealous?


Baekhyun’s gazes begin to look serious when they landed on my eyes. I giggle silently, a dimple of mine appear. I continue my walk as he follows me and stays right beside me. As the breezy evening makes me slightly shivering in the cold, I wrap myself with my arms, taking a deep breath.


“He’s my long lost friend, Baekhyun. Even though we did have a crush on each other before this, I assure you that we’re nothing. Not more than a close friend.” I explain to him, ending it with flashing a smile. Baekhyun suddenly beams brightly than before that cause me to crack into laughters. Once I found an empty bench, I pull him to sit on it together, taking a break from the walk. The bench located right in front of the small playground as kids are playing around. Their parents are sitting on the benches and talk with each other while observing their children.


“Jongin is an incredible friend. He is a smart and kind guy. But, we’re just not meant to be together for sure…” My voice starts to stuck for a bit. I clear my throat with a cough, trying to sound like I’m fine. I lower my head to face on the ground as I let my hair cover the side of my face from him. “He’s beyond perfect for me, Baekhyun. I’m just a normal girl.”


Baekhyun traces his knuckles onto the strand of my hair before tucking them around my ear. He then cups my chin to lift my head up, making me focus on his brown orbs. “Hey, you’re an extraordinary girl that I’ve ever met in my whole life. You’re you. You cannot expect to fulfil everyone expectations about you. Being you is more important than impersonating others. That’s what makes you special. More special to me.”


He makes my heart pumps rapidly when he said it. My eyes already swelling with tears but I’m holding it from bursting right in front of him. A soft smile appears on my face, causing him to do the same too. Despite knowing that Baekhyun is still a mysterious guy who doesn’t expose himself much, he finally makes me feel comfortable when being around him.


I slowly move my face closer to his, realising that our lips are only an inch away. His deep breath can hear it clearly as I can hear my heart about to burst out from my chest. As when I close my eyes before letting my whole body does what’s next, something makes Baekhyun draws away from me. He hisses softly. I turn my head to look around, realising that a ball rolled and hit Baekhyun’s legs. A few seconds later, we see a boy running towards us and stops when he looks at Baekhyun’s pissed face.


The boy seems too scared to ask for the ball since Baekhyun shows his angry face. I caress his thigh softly, telling him that it’s fine. He sighs in surrender, picking the ball up and calls the boy to come to us. The little boy walks slowly, fiddling with his fingers together as he stands in front of us.


“What’s your name?” I question him while ruffling his hair.


The boy looks into my eyes while still shaking in fear. “D-Dohyun…” He utters his name while stuttering. I chuckle and playfully glare at Baekhyun for making him scared. He breathes out softly, trying his best to plaster a wide grin as he shows his white teeth clearly. Baekhyun signals Dohyun to offer him a sit by patting his lap. Dohyun slowly marches to the man sitting beside me, landing his small on Baekhyun’s thighs.


I take the ball from Baekhyun. Baekhyun ruffles the boy’s hair with his hand as he looks at him with his puppy eyes. I like Baekhyun being so fond around a child and this view is new to me. My heart has never been so soft after meeting this guy named Byun Baekhyun. He may look arrogant and egoistic in the outside, but he’s totally different on the inside right now. The way Baekhyun tries to converse and persuade Dohyun from sulking, he looks so… cheerful.


“Did I scared you little one?” Baekhyun questions him as a hum ends the sentence. His hand doesn’t stop caressing Dohyun’s hair gently. Dohyun keeps his mouth shut, nodding his head with a single nod to answer Baekhyun’s question. The little boy’s eyes is still quivering in fear but I calm him down while cupping his cheeks.


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