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06 SIX  

“Come on, Baekhyun. Stop playing around so we can finish this assignment.” I request, sighing softly after seeing him procrastinate. Baekhyun plays around with his laptop for 10 minutes already because we’ve been trying to complete this project by tonight. Baekhyun and I have been at Starbucks for hours since at 8 pm. Now? It almost strikes at 12 am and our work hasn’t completed yet. And, I love how this place is open 24 hours so we can do our work conveniently.


“Chill, Hanbyul. We still have a week,” Baekhyun scoffs as he grabs his iced caramel macchiato and drinks it. I glare at him before rolling my eyes to the back of my head. My eyes start to feel sleepy, losing my focus on the screen of my laptop. I quickly slap my cheeks slightly to at least it will freshen me up.


Baekhyun giggles silently once I start banging my head in the air with my eyes almost tightly close. A few seconds later, I place my head on the table and decide to get a short nap to reenergize back before continuing the project. I doze for around 5 minutes and get back to work. But within a few minutes, my legs and hands start to feel numb so I decide to lay my back by the chair and continue my dozing.


The moment I wake up from the short nap, I realised that my head was on Baekhyun’s shoulder. I glance at his face, he places his head on mine and also has his eyes closed. Suddenly, I feel so comfortable with this position, knowing that most probably Baekhyun just felt pity looking at me so tired. That’s maybe the reason why he offers his shoulder for my head to rest comfortably. 


I scan his face slowly this time. From his forehead, his eyes, cute nose and to his pink pair of lips. I even realised he has a few numbers of moles on his face and I find them cute too. I’ve never seen him this close. Baekhyun’s face looks so serene when he is sleeping. Like, his masculine side has turned off and become a whole baby right now. Even though he's already 28 years old, he doesn’t look like that age at all. Still young, handsome and sometimes have that baby face.


My fingers trying so hard to caress his face right now but obviously, it would wake him up. I check the current time as it’s already past midnight. We’ve been dozing off for quite a long time and I think it’s better for both of us continue this later. Because I don’t think we’re able to finish this overnight at this state.


“Baekhyun…” I softly call him. But, he doesn’t budge.


I pat his thigh gently while keep on calling him, “Baekhyun, wake up. Let’s go home, hmm?” I suggest to him. Baekhyun wakes up, pulls away from me with a stretch. His eyes are barely open that makes me chuckle seeing him in this way.


I shut down his and my laptop, helping to clear the stuff because he’s still spacing out. He must be so tired nowadays. It makes me wonder what does he do besides attending classes because I realised, our schedules are not packed at all. Maybe, he just normally tired. Baekhyun continues his nap at this moment as I offer to prepare ourselves to get home. I don’t need to feel worry about my transportation since Baekhyun always offers to send me back home.


Once everything is pack, I try to wake him up again. Baekhyun literally whines a bit before he rubs his eyes and looks at me with his sleepy face. “What time is it already?” He asks. His legs were spread as he stares on the floor blankly. I chuckle and take out my phone to show him the current time. “12.15 am, mister. So, let’s get back home, shall we?”


He nods slowly and grabs his stuff together with him. We leave the place and head to his car. As both of us get into the car, Baekhyun turns on the engine and spacing out. Again. He’s spacing out, staring at his steering wheel without moving even an inch. Then, he sighs.


“Hey, what’s wrong?” I ask him with concern. Baekhyun makes me get to worry about him because he looks so blank. He turns to look at me, admiring me for a few minutes. Okay, double worry.


I slowly slide my hand to place on his lap, looking at him anxiously. “Baekhyun, tell me, please? I’m so worried right now.” I demand him to tell me. He brings his hand to hold with mine that causes me to shock a bit. Baekhyun caresses it gently, trying to calm me down.


“I’m so lazy to drive. Can you drive?” He asks.


“Nope! Plus, I wouldn’t dare to drive this hella expensive car.” I answer him but he only replies to me is a chuckle. Baekhyun still holding my hand as my cheeks flush but I’m grateful that it’s dark in the car. So, he can’t see me blush right now.


Suddenly, he turns on the light. .


I bite my lower lip anxiously, trying to avoid his eye contact so that I would not blush chronically. Baekhyun tucks a strand of my hair around my ear and leans closer to me. I shift myself backwards slowly until my back bumps with the door. He looks at me, his lips curve upwards into a sweet smile.


“Nah, I’m more alive after seeing your beautiful face. Your home, shall we, Hanbyul?” He says as I pull my hand away from his lap, buckling myself with the seatbelt. Baekhyun still has that smile on his face before he starts to drive us back to my apartment first. Throughout the whole journey, my heart couldn’t stop beating and thank God he turns on the radio. He hums to all the songs that he knows while I am sitting quietly, stealing a few glances on him when he’s driving.


Baekhyun stops by at the petrol station to fuel up his car. He leaves me behind in the car as he’s gone to fuel up the car. I’m staring at the car’s interior design even though I already ride his car a lot of time. His phone suddenly rings. I peek at Baekhyun outside that he stills waiting to fill the tank. I don’t want to pick up the call because it would be called as invading his privacy. But, the name appears as ‘Sohyunnie’. And now I’m wondering who she is.


As soon as the rings end, Baekhyun just finishes off his business and gets back into the driver's seat. He turns on his engine but before he continues to drive, he checks his phone. I keep myself together and peek at him. Baekhyun probably calls back that Sohyunnie back because he wears his right Airpod plug into his ear.


“Hey, why are you calling me in the middle of the night?” Baekhyun asks the caller as he continues to drive to my apartment. I listen quietly to his words even though I try hard to ignore him calling that person. He talks to the caller for a few minutes later and he laughs, chuckles plus smiles a lot too. This is another side of Baekhyun being so happy because I’ve never seen him this way before.


“I’ll be back soon, okay? Sleep tight and I miss you too.” He ends the call and drifts the car on the empty road.


Who is it? I let the question lingers around my mind because I will never have the answer.





After Baekhyun sends me home, I head to my apartment and straight to my bedroom. Since I already informed Soomin that I will come back home late, she already asleep in her room. I just don’t want her to worry about me because I told her that I’ll be doing my project together with Baekhyun. She told me that even though it’s him, I still need to be careful since we don’t exactly know his background in deep. But, I assure her that Baekhyun is a good guy and he wouldn’t hurt me or even kidnap me.


My routines are the same; shower, skincare and sleep. As I hop on the comfy bed, covering myself with the duvet and have my phone in my hands. And Baekhyun gives me a text as usual.



I arrive home safely but I’m too lazy to take my shower.


Go and get a shower, you stinky.


Can I just go to bed without getting one?


Eww! We’ve been staying outside for hours and you insist to go to bed at that state?

You’re crazy, Baekhyun.


I am, huh?



People tend to hate someone who doesn’t take care of themselves.


So, if I get one, you will like me?


Stupid question.

Of course, I will. I hate people who stink so much


Teehee! I promise I’ll get one before I go to bed.



I chuckle reading to his replies. He’s acting like a child right now for sure.



Wanna go out tomorrow?


Where? And when should we continue the assignment?


I’m trying to ask you for a date and you’re here asking me back about the assignment? :(


Oh come on, Baekhyun. Okay fine.

Where do you want to bring me out tomorrow?


Looks like someone anticipates going out on a date with me *grin emoji*


I did not, okay. Say it or I’ll go to bed.

Goodnight, Baekhyun.



I lock my phone and place it on the bedside table. My phone rings a few times and I assume he keeps on calling me so I wait for a little longer, answering his call. “What is it?”


“Are you mad at me?” Baekhyun asks me with his low voice.


“I’m not. I’m just tired and want to have my sleep now.” I answer him sternly.


“Hanbyul, I’m just playing around with you. Don’t be mad at me,” He tries to coax me as I only reply to him with a few hums.


“I’ll treat you tomorrow. How’s that sounds?”


“Be my credit card for the whole day and also my chauffeur throughout our hangout.” I request.


Baekhyun chuckles. “I can do anything for you. You name it sweetheart and I will.” He continues saying with low voices.


My whole body starts to heat up until I need to uncover myself from the duvet. I place my palm on my chest, feeling my heart beats rapidly. This is the first time ever, Baekhyun calls me ‘sweetheart’. I know it’s pretty normal but the way he says it, it’s really different. I’m like spacing out for a moment because that pet name effecting me.


“Hanbyul, you still there?” Baekhyun asks. I cough a bit to make it less obvious that I’m feeling so hot by only hearing to that name.


“Yeah, I’m here… So, tomorrow is it?”


“Yup. I’ll confirm it back later the time but be prepared, okay?” He tells me and I only answer him with a hum. A sudden long yawn escape from my mouth and Baekhyun obviously can hear it at the other side.


“You’re cute when you’re yawning.” He chuckles again.


“Nope. That’s a lie.”


“I’m not lying. It’s the truth.” Baekhyun denies my judgment.


“Whatever, Byun Baekhyun. Goodbye.” I bid goodbye.


“Goodnight, Hanbyul. Can’t wait to see you again, sweetheart.” Baekhyun bids his goodbye after wishing me goodnight. We end the call right away and I prepare myself to bed. I didn’t realise that during the whole conversation, I was smiling so wide just because of Baekhyun.


Sleep t

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