Nothing More
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Hello everyone!! I was completely stunned when I open AFF app, seeing my another baby got featured on the front page. I am beyond speechless and thankful to everybody who reads, supports and helping me in getting this featured. Thank you so much, you guys literally made my day even brighter, knowing that my first week of 2nd year degree was completely tiring for me. But, I'm so happy and grateful for this! I couldn't repay all of you but for sure, I'll try my best to deliver the upcoming chapters for NM until it finally complete one day!


Honestly, I've went through a lot of breakdowns because of this story and I thought of quitting too. But, I know that I really want to know how this story gonna end one day and I'm sure you guys are anticipating for it too. You guys are literally the ones that keep me going forward despite having no confidence with my writings. I'm not sure if I'll able to write another on-going stories but I've been reading 'enemies-to-lovers' books and fell in love hard with this genre. MAYBE, I'll consider finding a good plot for that. Apart from that, again, thank you so so much to everyone here. You made this happened and you guys are literally the best <3


Please do take care of yourself and stay safe always! I'll be back wi

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