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25 TWENTY FIVE   sorry for the late update, prepare your heart and enjoy reading! :)  

My life is getting busier when it’s near the end of the semester in which I need to strive to complete all the assignments, submit them on time before I can actually study in peace for the final examination. I spent most of my time in the student community room with my group mates until late at night while Baekhyun on the other hand decided to withdraw from the university. It’s a hard decision for him but it’s for the best. 


We rarely have time for ourselves to spend together because both of us are too occupied with different things. The only thing that we can only do is sleep in the same bed, even though sometimes, we’re waking up without seeing each other before heading to start our hectic day. Despite that, I always find time to text and call him just to make sure he doesn’t skip his meals because I don’t want him to fall sick. 


And sometimes, Baekhyun needs to outstation to various countries for approximately a week and this time he is in New York to attend a conference and meet with his shareholders. Sometimes we have the time to facetime calls but they can be considered short ones since the time zone is different. 


“Call me if you need me, okay? I’ll make sure to answer them.” He even tried to make the effort to answer my calls and eventually made my heart flutter. When I was deeply asleep waiting for his calls, Baekhyun just ended his hectic day and it goes vice versa. But nevertheless, I’m glad he doesn’t leave me ghosted and keeps on updating me about his schedules. 


There’s one night I woke up in the middle of the night with a nightmare. I dreamt of getting kidnapped again and this time, it was my turn to get stabbed.  I abruptly woke up with my cheeks already drenched with tears, reaching for my phone to call for him. The trauma hits me again, causing my whole body to shake like a mess. Hoping he would answer it as he promised, but it got into his voicemail. Maybe he was busy with his work, I thought. 


“Baekhyun… it’s me,” I pause, almost choking myself while taking a breath. “I-I-I missed you and I kinda n-need you now. P-Please call me back when you listen to this,” Stuttering, I struggle to find the words and I hope it will reach him. 


It did and unfortunately, he just realised it when he’s about to go to bed. “I’m sorry, baby. I was busy the whole day and I didn’t have the time to check my phone. I’m so sorry,” He apologised through the phone call and I told him that it’s fine as I understood his position.


“Why did you call? Is it important, sweetheart?” Baekhyun asked again. I was about to tell him but I just remembered that he got a morning flight back to Seoul.


“It’s nothing, Baekhyun. I just missed you.”


“Byul, you’re lying, right? Tell me, hmm?” He hums.


“I’ll tell you once you’re back home, okay? Now go and have some sleep before your morning flight. I can’t wait for you to be here with me,” I insist.


“Alright, then. Goodnight from me, baby. I’ll see you soon.”


“Goodnight, Baekhyun and I love you too.” 


After almost a 15 hours flight, Baekhyun finally arrived home from New York when I was just about to go downstairs and rest in the living room. But what caught my attention was seeing him in a new appearance. He dyed his black hair to white. “Baekhyun, oh my god!! You’re back!! You’re finally home!” I run to him, flying to hug him as I jump, wrapping my legs around his waist. He was startled at first, quickly put both of his hands under my bum to support me from falling. “I missed you so much,” I mutter, hiding my face at the crook of his neck as I inhale his scent. 


He finally came back into my embrace.


“I missed you too, sweetheart,” He replies back, giving a short kiss on my cheek. It seems like there’s someone standing behind him, practically watching us which makes me nervous out of nowhere. Slightly he turns, he instructs the guy to place his luggage in his room. “Put my stuff in my room and you can leave.”


The guy obeys him right away as Baekhyun walks to the couch and takes a seat. I’m sitting on his lap when I can see the previous guy rushes to leave the house after placing Baekhyun’s thing in his room. And I assume he’s someone working under him or probably his driver. Baekhyun prefers driving his own car since it’s very comfortable but due to his exhaustion and busy schedule, I know he sometimes has a driver to bring him everywhere as he can rest. 


“How were your exams?” He asks, caressing my back slowly as I nod my head against his chest.


“It went well although I’m scared if I screwed up.”


“You won’t because my baby is a genius girl,” His compliments cause a wave of heat to strike my cheeks. 


“How about you, Baekhyun? How’s New York?” I lift my head slightly to look at him as Baekhyun looks at me too. 


He hums for a few seconds, his lips turn into a thin line before he replies, “Tiring and boring. If only I can bring you together with me.” He wraps his arms around my waist and hugs me closer to him. 


“Yeah, I should have hidden in your luggage and escaped with you instead of taking the exam,” I whine like a child for a moment while he chuckles softly, ruffling my hair with his hand. 


“I’ll bring you there one day and since you’ve finished your semester, I’ll take you on a vacation. What do you think?” Baekhyun suggests, waiting for my answers.


“Vacation. With you?” I look at him, making sure about it and he nods his head. “Of course I would love it!” With excitement, I accidentally slammed my head against his chest with a bit of pressure when I was about to hug him. And it makes him startle at first, chuckles quietly and places his chin on top of my head. 


A few minutes have passed, I pull away slightly from him, staring at his face while I just remember about his new hair. “Did you just dye your hair back in New York?” I ask him while my hand runs through his hair softly as he nods his head. “Why? I thought that you won’t do it since it will ruin your scalp?”


“Well, baby. Do you want to know why?” Baekhyun asks me as he tugs a strand of my hair behind my ear. I look at him in a daze that makes him chuckle seeing my blank expression. “It’s because you once said that I will look good and hot. So I gave it a try.”


I was shocked after hearing his story. A fluttering sensation coming from my stomach when he actually remembers about it. He actually did consider dyeing his hair white just because I randomly said it from that night? I don’t know if he took it too seriously but damn, he does look very charming with his new hair and extra y too. 


“You really did it for me?”


“Of course, baby. Do you like it? Do I look hotter now?” Baekhyun asks again as it makes me laugh. I nod my head because I’m too excited seeing him with white hair and somehow, my heart reacting differently right now. As if I’m falling in love with him for the first time because oh god, no one can actually resist him. 


“I loved it so much! Thank you, Baek,” I compliment, giving a peck on the lips. His facial expression abruptly changes to a frown, making me go clueless. “Why? Did I do anything wrong, Baekhyun?”


Out of nowhere, I gasp loudly when Baekhyun turns me over to lay me down on the couch as he hovers me. His face is only a few inches away, he uses his hand to support his upper body while the other one places on my waist. I gulp nervously when he doesn’t say anything and simply stares into my eyes as if I really did something wrong. 


“You only give me a kiss on my cheek? That’s all?” 


“Yes, what about it?”


“I’ve gone through three times of bleaching for hours and you just give a peck? It’s not enough for me,” He says. Without any sign, Baekhyun attaches his lips on my soft pillows, easily entering my wet cavern while his hand is already roaming to hold on my . When he gives a squeeze, my body arches forward to him, in his mouth. He continues to slither his tongue with mine, fighting for dominance but I lost to him, as always. He nibbles my bottom lip with his teeth, teasing together with sliding his hand into my t-shirt to pinch my sensitive . 


“Ahh Baekhyun!” I mewl for his name when he travels to pepper kisses on my jaw, down to my collarbone. Baekhyun continues to play with my like a joystick when I can feel my already drench and the wetness must be pooling already. My insides clench when the arousal starts to build up when he doesn't stop his naughty ministrations. 


Baekhyun brings his hand and inserts it in my short pants before he cups my wet crotch. He purposely pushes my aside and pokes a digit into my hole while he’s reading my face. His face beams brightly when he can feel my wetness coating his finger so well. “Seems like someone’s too excited, huh?” He teases, pushing his finger deeper into my snatch, making me moan even louder. 


“B-B-Baekhyun…” I held onto his wrist, confused whether I wanted to stop him or encourage him to go faster. 


“Yes?” Baekhyun knows the cue as continues to torture me when he’s playing with my small bud. Biting my lower lip, I try to calm myself although I have his finger in my . He places his face closer to face as he whispers, “Byul, how about we ?”


His low, husky tone makes me clench my walls tightly around his digit as I’m gasping softly after hearing his words. My mind has gone wild and crazy right now and it’s just from his little teasing. Suddenly he laughs seeing me not moving under him with a puzzled face. Leaning closer to and mark a spot on my collarbone, he pulls away after he’s satisfied with it. 


“I know you’re excited and missed me making you scream my name, baby,” He chaffs, a sly grin etched on his face because he knows how embarrassed I am every time he mentions our steamy moments that could make my face turn red. I hit his chest lightly and glared at him but he’s just laughing. “Let’s do it later when I’m more energized. I couldn’t sleep on the flight previously and my whole body is so sore. You’re gonna be unsatisfied if I can't make you come for me later.”


“Byun Baekhyun!! Stop it, please!!” I jump at him as it’s his turn to lie on his back while I’m on top of him. I cover his mouth with my hand to stop him from teasing me more because I can’t even control how my cheeks are flush with red. When I think he would stop, I move my hands to place on top of his chest, kissing his soft pillows and this time, it’ll be much longer and affectionate since I’ve been missing his kisses so much. 


I can feel his warmth when he places both his hands on my waist before he pulls me closer into his embrace. He runs his fingers through my hair, holds me tight and never lets me go as our lips are sealed for a long, passionate kiss. Although both of us have been longing for each other after almost 4 days of separation, we don’t have to rush since we have a lot of time for us right now. 


Slowly, I break the kiss with my eyes closed, biting my bottom lip which is probably swollen a bit from the kiss. And when I open my eyes, Baekhyun’s admiring my face as he has his thumb brushing on my lips. 


“Mine,” I hear him saying softly under his breath but it still can be heard clearly. 


“You should go and take a bath before heading to bed, Baekhyun. It was a very long flight and you deserve a rest too,” I say to him as I’m about to get up from him, he quickly stops me and holds me to sit on his lap while he’s already in a sitting position. 


“Will you sleep with me tonight in my room? I need you for the sake of my beauty sleep,” He requests, partially mumbling as he hides his face at the crook of my neck. From his voice, I know he’s very exhausted but he’s still here with me, never letting me go from his hands. 


I run my fingers through his charming white hair, caressing it softly as I plant a small kiss on his forehead. “Of course. You don’t even have to ask Baekhyun,” I pat his head lightly. “Now, let’s get you to your room and you can prepare yourself to sleep. Do you perhaps need a glass of warm water or tea?” I offer to bring it to him but he refuses. 


Unwrapping his arms around my waist slowly, I hop off from his lap and grab onto his hands. “Come on, big baby. Off to your room,” I mutter while pulling him. At first, Baekhyun doesn’t want to move at all but when he sees me giving him a frown, he surrenders himself. He grunts softly, getting up from his seat as he follows me upstairs to his bedroom. 


Once we’re in his room, I led him to sit at the edge of his bed first and I saw his luggage near his closet that his driver had placed. “A simple tee with short pants or pyjamas, mister?” I ask him to choose, brushing my fingers on his face while he dozes. Baekhyun makes me chuckle seeing how adorable he is right now. 


“Baekhyun?” I call his name with a soft tone, not wanting to shock him. He simply hums, still doesn’t give me any answer which comes to the decision that I’m choosing comfortable pyjamas for him tonight. “Hey, have a quick shower so that we can go to sleep, okay?” I say it to him, giving him a kiss on his lips, hoping it can energize him a bit and it somehow works. 


Without saying a word, Baekhyun is on his feet, walking slumber to the bathroom with his eyes half lid open. I chuckle seeing his behaviour and quickly walk to his walk-in closet, searching for his pyjamas for him to wear later. I’ll help him unpack his luggage tomorrow and most probably after the working shift ends. Placing his pyjamas on his bed, I ran to my room to tidy up my messy desk a bit. I’m wasting my time here just because I’m avoiding myself from watching him getting dressed. Because there’s a probability Baekhyun is freshened up and it’ll end up being another thing. 


After spending about 10 minutes in my room, I turn off the lights after grabbing my phone together with me. I’m hoping he’s already done taking a shower and once I arrive, he’s already waiting for me at the vanity table with his hair still drenched. Baekhyun likes to wash his hair most of the time since it doesn't take too long to do so. Plus, he hates going to bed with the feeling of oily hair or scalp. 


“Shall we blow dry your hair first before going to bed?” I walk to put my phone on the bedside table before heading to him. After plugging and turning on the hairdryer with a suitable setting, I start to blow dry his hair and it somehow makes him more sleepy, which I try to make it as smooth and fast as I can. Thankfully, it took me five minutes to completely blow dry his hair with Baekhyun already half asleep. 


Turning off the switch and keeping the hairdryer back in the drawer, I massage his shoulders carefully, helping to loosen his tense muscles. He suddenly awakes by the good massage that I’m giving which makes him moan in pleasure. “This is so good…” He mutters, humming softly. I laugh hearing his compliment before I hug his neck from behind. 


“It’s getting late, Baekhyun. How about we have a sleep now or do you still want me to massage more?” I try to invite him to sleep and give him a small quick kiss on his cheek. 


“Sleep,” He drowsily replies. A soft chuckle escapes from my lips seeing how tired he is right now. Patting lightly on his shoulders, Baekhyun stands up from his seat and follows me to the bed. He lays on the bed straight away and I cover his body with a thick comforter. Before I lay down beside him, I adjust the air conditioner to a nice cool temperature since it's a bit hot outside due to the summer season right now. 


As I plop myself down to lay with Baekhyun and get under the covers, I thought he’s already asleep but he must be waiting for me. He brings me closer to his body by my waist, enveloping me in his arms as he tangles his leg over mine. I chuckle quietly seeing how adorable he is right now especially when he’s slowly falling asleep. Caressing his hair slowly, I make sure he’s finally entering his dream before I’m having mine.


I stretch closer to give a soft, long kiss on his forehead before I pull away to admire his perfect peaceful face again. “It’s good to have you back here with me, Baekhyun.”





I woke up the next morning with Baekhyun curled up closer to me like a baby. He must be having a nice sleep and I bet he didn’t get the time to rest back when he was outstation. Because being a person that gets to handle a big company is very exhausting as meetings with potential clients and shareholders must be endless.  


I took a while to stretch up my muscles and before getting off from the bed to wash my face and brush my teeth, I watched Baekhyun slumber peacefully. He abruptly makes me smile early in the morning as soon as I awake. I brush his hair and also his puffy cheek, I leave the bed after placing a peck on his face. Slowly, I got out of bed gently to avoid waking him up and left his room without making any noise. 


Getting ready to go to the cafe for my shift, I make sure I prepare a simple breakfast for Baekhyun in case he wakes up later. Then, I decided to cook pancakes and brew coffee before I got my quick morning shower and also got dressed. I know he’s gonna find me later so I write him a message card and place it together with the breakfast that I already prepared. And once everything is done, I leave the house and head to the nearest subway station for the ride to the cafe. 


Somehow it’s been a while that I haven’t talked much with my family in New Orleans especially when I haven’t told them about what had happened to me for the past few months; from getting a boyfriend, to moving in with Baekhyun and several more moments. Because I know, they would be worried sick later on in which I really don’t want them to burden themselves to come over here. As long as my mom is living happily with my stepdad and also Suho oppa, I’m already delighted as I also have Baekhyun with me here. 


As I arrive at the cafe, it’s already filled with a lot of customers and I guess the business for today will go well as usual. Without wasting any time, I head over to the staff room to prepare myself before I join Dahyun and the others at the front. I finally started my shift with preparing the orders and I’m feeling super happy today maybe because I know I’ll be coming back home to meet Baekhyun. 


The day was very hectic as I don’t even have the time to rest because customers are coming endlessly. I also didn’t realise how time flies so fast when my manager Jaemin informs me that my shift has already ended. Checking the time, it’s already four in the evening. 


“Thank you for telling me, Jaemin. I’ll get going now!” I tell my colleagues before leaving for the staff room. It’s kinda weird how I haven’t received any text or call from Baekhyun and it makes me start to worry. Maybe he’s just too tired or jet-lagged from the long flight but I do hope he doesn’t skip his meals, especially the breakfast that I made.


I fish out my phone from my pocket, search for his name in the chatroom and start composing a text to him. 



Hey, Baekhyun. It’s me

Are you okay?

You haven’t text and it makes me worried.

I missed you and I’ll be back soon.



Hoping that he’ll reply to me soon, I hang my apron and grab my bag as I’m about to leave the cafe, suddenly my phone rings. And the caller’s name appears on the screen makes me beam the brightest of the day. I tap on the green button to answer the call and place my phone near to my right ear. 


“Hey, darling. Miss me?” Baekhyun’s honey voice can be heard through the call, unconsciously making my stomach flip for a second. 


“No, I didn’t. Why would you say that?”


He scoffs softly. “Baby, you literally texted me, saying that you missed me. I can show you the proof.”


“Alright, alright! You win!” I announce to him and I know he must be chuckling at me right now. “Why did you call though? Do you need anything, Baekhyun?”


“I’m coming to pick you up from work, sweetheart?” He says it and he makes me stop from doing anything instantly.


“Really? At the cafe?”


“Yes, baby. I’m right outside, waiting for you. You can come out now,” He says and ends the call. I quickly leave the staff room and also bid goodbye to all my colleagues before exiting the main door of the cafe. I’m a bit surprised because Baekhyun doesn’t lie about it. He’s really leaning by his black Audi car, looking all sleek in a casual button-up shirt that’s showing a glimpse of his chest and pair up with jeans. 


“Baekhyun!” I skip to him, extending my arms out wide as I hug his neck. He was startled a little but then chuckled softly, patting my back and pulling me into a tighter hug. “It’s good that you’re here.”


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