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Nothing More
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The next day I wake up with a heavy head. I sit up as I groan softly with my hand clutching my head while trying to fight the grogginess in the morning. A sudden grunt escapes from my mouth every time I move my legs and realisation finally hit me. I hesitantly looked around in the room and found out that I’m sleeping overnight in Baekhyun’s. Plus, I’m currently . 


Quickly, I cover my whole body with the duvet while trying to figure out where he is. How am I supposed to face him because we literally had and it was my first time. For sure, I’m gonna be embarrassed every time I see his face. I was about to hop off the bed when suddenly I felt my crotch was aching. The pain abruptly stops me from moving and at the right time, Baekhyun comes out from the bathroom, only his bottom part wrapped with a towel while his hands ruffling his wet hair. 

“Hey sweetheart, you’re finally awake,” He greets with such a seductive smile. I couldn’t stop my eyes from falling on his toned body, making me gulp a lump in my throat. My insides are also clenching for no reason. I cough lightly a few times to knock myself back into my senses as I look away from him. 

I can hear him chuckling from a distance and when his footsteps are coming towards me, I tighten the duvet around me as I try hard to hide my face from him. As I was sitting on the edge of the bed, Baekhyun positions himself in front of me with his hand holding the headboard. Our faces are a few inches away but I still don’t have the guts to look at him because how am I supposed to do so after whatever happened last night? 

“Byul,” He calls my name softly and I don’t answer. “Byul,” He calls once again but instead of replying, I scoot away a bit from him. Then, Baekhyun cups my chin and tilts my head to make me face him in which he flashes such an endearing gaze at me. “Hey, why are you avoiding me, baby?” He asks with a soft tone but I still insist to keep my mouth shut. 


Baekhyun brushes my lips with his thumb while waiting for me to be ready to look and talk to him. After I’ve calmed down from my nervousness, I slowly move my eyes to look into his and instantly, he gives me a wide smile across his face. “Finally you’re looking at me. Why are you hiding, Byul?” He asks me with his husky voice that got my breathing hitched for a second. 


“N-no!.. I didn’t…” I deny it which makes him chuckle before he swiftly pecks on my lips, making me jolt in surprise. He doesn’t seem like stopping when he leans closer to me as I slowly move away from him backward, finally realising that he’s trying to hover on top of me back on the bed. “B-Baekhyun…” My voice is stuttering while calling his name when my back is already laying on the mattress with Baekhyun’s hovering on the top. I tighten my holds around the duvet to make sure I’m fully covered because it seems like the mood is getting… hotter. 


“Yes, sweetheart?” He props his body by placing both his arms right beside my head as he stares at my already flushed face with an endearing gaze. 


“C-Can I go to my room?...” I ask him with a low tone like a timid child. Baekhyun's laughter fills the silent room before he pounds his lips on mine for a passionate kiss. The kiss is too overwhelming when my hands already extend to wrap around his neck to pull him closer for the kiss. He cups my cheeks in order to tilt my head, giving him more access to deepen the kiss. It’s getting sloppier for every second and when both of us are out of breath, he breaks the kiss. 


He looks at my swelling lips from the way he previously in contentment. Then later, he dips for a quick peck that makes me surprised. “Yes, you may,” He finally replied to me and when he hops off from me, I was about to find my way to the room when suddenly a soft groan escapes from my mouth because my part was aching. “Are you alright? Did I hurt you anywhere, baby?” Baekhyun tries to check on me but I simply say, ‘I’m fine,’ but without him asking me, he scoops me in a bridal style together with the duvet as he brings us to leave the room.


I circle my arms around his neck to prevent me from falling as I silently scrutinize every inch of his face; perfect-shaped eyebrows, shimmering dark orbs, his nose, seductive lips and also his cute moles. As we arrive right in front of my room, Baekhyun twists the doorknob to open the door before he enters. He slowly places me on my bed as his hand caressing my hair with a few . 


“Go clean yourself up and let’s have brunch together. The foods are prepared already so you don’t have to worry about it. If you need any help, just call me, okay?” Baekhyun says with a smile etched on his charming face. Giving him a subtle smile as a reply, he leaves me alone in the room and closes the door to give me privacy. I don’t even know why my heart is pumping rapidly not knowing the cause of it. Is it from the smile he gave or is it the one that he said to me? But to conclude, everything about Baekhyun can make me go all nervous. 


Getting off from the bed slowly, I waddle on the way to the bathroom like a duck knowing that last night’s was a pain to me since for sure, my hymen got torn apart. Every time I think about it, I can’t even believe I actually experience my first with someone I’m in love with. It’s crazy how a timid and innocent girl like me finally lost her ity to a man who’s loving you too. 


Without wasting any time, I take a warm bath and spend a bit longer in the bathtub to relieve the ache all over my body. I don’t think he would mind it since he knows how intense we were last night. But right now, the thing that I need to worry about is how should I face him after this like I can predict he will definitely talk about it. I’m doom.




It took me a while to walk downstairs because I feel quite uncomfortable with how aching my is right now. And once my footsteps on the floor, I heave a huge relief sigh because I finally make it. Walking towards the dining room, there are foods that are already served on the table and they definitely look scrumptious. I guess everything was cooked by Baekhyun’s helper or Mrs. Kang if I’m not mistaken. 


I was about to take a seat when I realized how rude I would be if I don’t wait for the owner of the house. I peek my head to check him in the living room and he is nowhere to be found. The whole house is completely peaceful as it makes sense because there are only the two of us living in this huge yet spacious penthouse. I was about to go and search for him when Baekhyun eventually coming downstairs in a hurry. 


“Sorry for keeping you waiting, sweetheart. Why aren’t you sitting? You should sit because you know you don’t need to wait for me, right?” Baekhyun pulls out a chair for me as he aids me to take a seat by the dining table. I reply to him with a thank you and settle down comfortably. He takes a seat beside me, extending his hand to grab the bowl of chicken soup and place it right in front of me. “I was having a call with my friend if you’re wondering where I have been,” he adds, which makes me shocked but not surprised since he knows me too well that I’m a curious woman who wants to know everything but also too shy to ask. 

“Eat up and take some medicine later if your body is still aching, okay? I’ll prepare it for you.”


“Baekhyun,” I call for his name. He turns to face me with a curious face. 




“Nevermind… Let’s just talk later or I won’t be able to eat properly because I can’t even face you right now, to be honest,” I confess to him what I’m feeling right now. Baekhyun on the other hand chuckles with his hand my hair softly. 


“I agree with that because I have quite a few things to inquire about and they do involve what happened last night,” He says in a mischievous tone. I gulp a lump in my throat nervously as I quickly sip a spoonful of the chicken soup to calm myself down. Baekhyun watches me eating it before he joins me. The two of us having brunch together during the weekends are a pleasant moment although my stomach churns so bad, thinking about what kind of talk we would have. And it’s making me nervous. 


We barely interact while eating this time as most of it is only Baekhyun staring at me having my meal diligently. In which, I can feel his stare burning my skin and when I ask him to eat and stop looking at me, he doesn’t budge at all, even a bit. I finish eating my food with him who barely touches his as when I’m about to bring the bowl to the sink, he already takes it away from me. 


“Let me do the dishes for you. I need you to do me a favor to go and wait for me on the couch. Can you do that, sweetheart?” He asks me his favor while he’s washing the dishes. I turn to look at him and I can only see his broad back from here in which I always found it’s comfortable to back hug him. By simply humming, I slowly walk towards the living room and take a seat comfortably on the couch as he requested. 


I suddenly remember how last night was the first ever snow for this year and I assume that the entire city is covered with snow (if it was a heavy one last night). By only peeking through the floor-to-ceiling window from here, I don’t think I can see any bits of it. Grateful enough that the heater of the house is working well that can warm the two of us from the chill. Because, if it didn’t, I would consider borrowing Baekhyun’s oversized hoodie and make it a reason to wear it. 


“Did you wait too long for me? Sorry, baby,” An unexpected peck lands on my cheek from behind, making me surprised and turn around to find Baekhyun walking around the couch as he places his on the seat right beside me. My cheeks begin to heat up a bit and I cough lightly to cover myself up from being too obvious. He then offers me a glass of plain water and also painkillers, “Are you still having a headache? You better eat this up, hmm?”


I take the pill and also the glass from him as I eat it without any doubt. Once I’ve drunk a few gulps of the plain water, he takes the glass back from me and places it on the coffee table. I wipe my mouth with my hand and I start to feel the nerve when the situation begins to hush. Having a pillow on my lap, my fingers find themselves fidgeting nervously because Baekhyun doesn’t say any word yet. Oh god, if only I can run away and hide my face from him. 


Not me right now questioning myself if I regret our spicy session last night. Plus, it was also the first snow for the two of us and it’s quite memorable for me. 

“Byul,” My name has been called by him as he has his hands hold onto mine. He brushes my hand softly before he continues, “Is it still hurt? Was I too rough last night?” The moment Baekhyun reminds me of what happened, unconsciously my insides clench again and most probably by his low voice. A soft grunt elicits from my mouth and he starts to worry. “Seems like it was. I’m sorry... I just can’t control myself because it’s you.”


He literally gives me shiver down to my spine and I’m unable to even utter anything. I even can’t face him right now when my face is already as red as strawberry (and yes, it does remind me of the ‘safe word’ that I chose) when out of the blue, Baekhyun carries and places me on his lap with a single pull that makes me gasp loudly because I was shocked. Again, I wince in pain when my private part is aching every time I make a rough move. 


“I’m sorry if I hurt you, baby. But I just want to know if you like it or not.”


I keep myself mum in silence with my hand hold onto his shirt in a grip. How can he have the audacity to ask me straight away without any warning. Baekhyun has his hands wrap over my thighs in which he rubs the side of my thigh in circles to soothe me. I bet he senses that I’m getting nervous based on the question he asked. 


“What if I say I don’t?...” I pull his shirt a bit and silently lift my head to look at his face. He was looking at me with his attractive features that made my heart skip a beat. Soft chuckles can be heard coming from him as he brings his hand to cup my chin in order to elevate my eyes level with his. 


“If you say you don’t, then maybe we can stop it before I’ll make you feel uncomfortable,” Baekhyun explains while playing with my bottom lip with his thumb. I don’t know since when he began to be extra touchy but I seem to like it. Although all of this happens too fast for me to even process, he always makes sure that I’m fine. With that small action, my cheeks flush in vibrant red as they are unable to even hide from him. 


I hit his chest lightly which makes him laugh in endearment. His laughter instantly makes me feel happy and I haven’t felt this way before with others or even with my best friends. He's different, and that’s what makes me fall in love with him. “So, you dislike it, baby? Or…?” 


“N-no… I like it and can we please stop talking about it. Please?...” I stutter, begging at him while I hide my embarrassed face on his chest. Baekhyun chuckles once again, wrapping his arms around me as he embraces me. The two of us left alone in the living room for an hour, only cuddling as we’re talking random topics about ourselves while chilling. 


Last night was extremely insane for me but I’m just glad Baekhyun’s willing to wait for me to be prepared for it. And now, I can’t wait to go through this roller coaster ride with him because every second of being with him means that you can fall in love with him more whether by his cuteness or hotness. 


Baekhyun himself is insane. 





A week has passed since the night we had and since then, we haven’t done anything except making out. And probably a bit of spicy stuff too during the nights. We’re quite busy as Christmas is nearing, most of the days the two of us were outside; me working in the cafe as for Baekhyun, he said he had something important to work on. In which, I don’t even have the time to ask him the details about. Plus, I haven’t decided yet if I should accept my mom’s offer to fly back to the United States or stay back here and spend the day with my friends or with Baekhyun. 


I was brewing the coffee when suddenly the chime that’s hanging by the door rings, indicating there’s a new customer coming in. “Good morning and welcome!!” I greet her with a bright smile on my face. I assume she’s someone around 50 years old but she still looks like a very young and strong woman too. She heads towards the counter and while she’s busy scrutinizing the menu board, I quickly prepare my previous customer’s orders so then I can take hers. 


“Iced Americano and rainbow cake are ready!” I inform them together with ringing the buzzer. The customer walks, handing me the buzzer as I serve it to him. “Hope you enjoy your order! Have a nice day!” Once I place back the buzzer with the others, I rush to the counter to take the woman’s order. “Hello! Do you have anything that caught your attention, ma’am?” I ask her politely. 


She once again peeks at the display counter to check the interesting cakes, “Can I have a slice of strawberry shortcake?” She says and suddenly I remember how Baekhyun loves strawberries. 


“Do you want to dine-in or to-go, ma’am?”


“I would love to dine-in, please. And also, can you recommend any drinks for me?” She requests, making me a bit surprised hearing her wish. 

“Sure! I’m not fond of caffeine that much but one of my close friends really loved hot latte! Especially the ones that I made,” I answer delightedly but realization hits me when I told a lot of TMI that isn’t important to her. “I-I’m sorry, ma’am, for talking too much,” I apologize with a grin, rubbing the back of my nape.

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