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It has been a few weeks since the incident that caught me traumatised for quite long. My manager gave me breaks to let myself have time to heal and the lecturers also considerate with my conditions. It was quite tough, even when I should feel protected living under the same roof, every single night, I got the same nightmare over and over that would make me scream for help. 


The moment I woke up the next morning, the sweetest moment that I had was being in Baekhyun’s embrace. He will come to check me in my room (he gave me an empty room for me to stay), climb on the bed and wrap his arms. He engulfs me into a comforting hug that would definitely calm me down without realising it. 


I’m grateful after taking a long rest, I’m able to attend my classes back under the protection of my friends and also I’m able to take over my shift. But, the manager strictly gave me shifts that will end earlier than previous ones. Because up until now, there is no news coming from the police officers regarding my case. It was odd to them too and heartbreakingly, they decided to close the case and announced it as a normal break-in case. Soomin and I were unsatisfied of course but since our safety is safe under our men, that’s what matters the most. 


"Byul, you can’t simply assume that taking the highest value would be the best decision for the company,” Baekhyun says, scooting closer to me as he’s trying to explain more about it to make it clear for me to understand. “You see here, there are a few values of coefficient variation, right?” He points out the value one by one with his index finger, leading to making me nod as a sign of understanding him for that part. “Missy, what did we learn during the lecture about this the other day?” 


Baekhyun turns to look at me, waiting for my answer. I stare at the screen of my laptop for a few moments as when I don’t find the exact answer, I decide to ask him to reveal it and explain. But as my eyes landed on him, his gaze was somehow intimidating me. Gulping a small lump in my throat, I swiftly look away from him and begin to fidget my fingers together. 


"Baby,” He calls and at the same time, he places his palm on my thigh. I was surprised that Baekhyun's chuckling nonchalantly. “You couldn’t find the answer, is it? Hmm?” He asks with a soft tone, caressing my thigh in circles to calm me down and slowly, I nod my head. He flashes a smile before he speaks, “So basically, the higher the value of the coefficient variation, it means that the higher the risk that the company needs to bear if they would like to invest. Even though it has a higher rate of return, it also means a higher risk. Do you understand that, sweetheart?”


"Okay wait let me explain it back to you and please correct me if I’m wrong at any part,” I request to him in order to make sure that I understand it fully. “From your explanation and my understanding so far, if Bloomingdale Corporation wants to decide in making an investment, they should take the safest one and avoid the lowest and highest value of the coefficient variation, right?” I explain to him and take a glance at him in which Baekhyun is nodding his head while listening to me. 


"What happens if the company chose the biggest value?”


"There’s a possibility where the company will get the highest rate of return, however, it will be riskier for them in investment. Am I right, Baekhyun?” I turn to look at him, in which he flashes a bright smile on his face with a satisfied expression. He nods his head a few times too, making me heave a sigh of satisfaction. 


"Study time’s over!!” Baekhyun declares and when I’m about to say something, he already pulls me by the waist to be placed on his lap. I chuckle in amusement as I sit on him, placing my hands on his broad shoulders. Since it's the weekend, it was a really nice idea to spend our time in the house and try to have quality time with each other, although we had to study a bit since our test is close. 


The temperature is getting colder as it has been raining for days but yet, there’s no sign of the first snow. Baekhyun’s advanced fireplace in the living room silence, he slowly lifts his hand, playing with the strand of my hair before he tugs it behind my ear. He playfully rubs my earlobe that makes me move away a bit because it gives me tickles. When Baekhyun sees me smiling a bit, his lips curve slightly upwards. helps a lot in keeping us warm, especially when we’re hanging out together, just like when we were studying a few minutes ago. As the two of us bask in the


"Sweetheart, ask me something that you’ve been curious to know,” He speaks. I look at him confusingly but since he opens for a question, who would waste this opportunity? Absolutely not me for sure. When I’m about to say something, he continues, “But don’t forget one question equals one kiss.”


"That’s not far!! I didn’t remember agreeing with this rule!!” I protest to him, folding my arms together as I place them on my chest. 


"You did, baby. I clearly remember about it so,” Baekhyun pinches my nose lightly that makes me crunches it. “-don’t make me help you in remembering it, okay? It might turn from a Q&A session to…” 


"Baekhyun, stop!!” I slap his chest lightly as I can feel my face begin to heat up. Quickly, I hide my face on his chest, listening to his peaceful heartbeat before I hear him titters. His hand begins to caress my hair up and down as I decide to settle myself a bit longer in this position. After spending hours trying to understand the topic, it’s about time for a rest, even for a while. 


"But I’m serious, Byul. You don’t have anything to know about me? I know that you’re still curious and intimidated with me, especially what I did before this. I’m trying to bring back your trust so here I go,” He asks again, offering to receive a question from me. 


"Where did your parents live and what do they do for a living?” I slowly raise my head to look at him. 


"That’s the question that made you curious, baby? About my parents?” He asks me back with a mocking tone but I simply look at him blankly. “Are you kidding? Gosh, baby, you’re so cute when you’re curious, you know,” Baekhyun dips for a peck on my lips as he chuckles against them. “But I guess you’ve turned old. Like… an old granny.”


I move away from his chest, giving him a sharp glare as my index finger points at him. “Byun Baekhyun!! I did not and don’t be rude.” He gives out a low chuckle that somehow makes my insides feel a tingle and my heart paces faster. “What made you call me one? Do I have wrinkles everywhere?” I begin to touch my face, pressing and stretching all over but then, Baekhyun holds both of my wrists to stop me. 


"Byul, you’re not wrinkled, okay? I’m saying because you kept forgetting things,” He confesses and I still look at him blankly. “Okay, let’s get back to our main activity. My parents? They live in a city called Bucheon together with my sister and my mother hmm- should I say full-time housewife and like my father, he’s handling a company. Not that big for sure.” 


"How old is your sister? Much younger than me?”


"You’re 60 years old, right?” Baekhyun mocks again and he receives a swift hit on his chest that makes him laugh for a moment. “Yes, she’s younger than you. She’s 24 years old with a 4 years age difference with me. Her name is Sohyun, Byun Sohyun.” He tells more about her. Somehow, it reminds me of someone that I’ve heard before. 


"Did you always call her ‘Sohyunnie’?” I throw that question to him. Baekhyun has his hands back on my waist as he warmly massages it, eliciting a delicate hum. 


"How do you know about it? Are you spying on me, sweetheart?” He raises his eyebrows, attempting to accuse me. I begin to fluster, shaking my head to deny his accusation. Baekhyun just replies to me with a soft smile etched on his face as then I realise that his gaze turns from soft to serious. As when I finally sense that the environment begins to feel hot, it makes me feel uncomfortable. 


I’ve been eyeing his eyeballs that he’s watching directly and diligently on my lips, unconsciously and bite his bottom lip. The nerves kick in me, drawing me closer to him. A few seconds after that, I find out that my lips are connecting with him for a kiss. I was shocked by the current situation but finally gave in. Our teeth are clashing with each other, from slow to sloppy and sensual kisses. 


Baekhyun has his arms wrap around my small frame while I cup his cheeks to dive the kiss deeper. And at the same time, I’m rubbing myself on top of his lap, too focused on fighting with his tongue. Our breathing hitch but instead of pulling away, the two of us indulge each other into the long yet passionate kiss. 


He starts to nibble his teeth on my lower lip, biting it to add more fun while I’m speeding up riding on top of him. As predicted, Baekhyun elicits soft moans in between the kiss, throwing his head back a bit. Why? It’s because I’ve made him have a . As I brush my clothed crotch continuously against him, I can feel the tent that builds up at his pants. 


When I try to speed up and put more force, Baekhyun grunts against my lips and his hands grip tightly on my waist as an initiative to stop me from moving. He pulls away as his lips detach from mine that makes me groan in displease. He sees me pouting, chuckling a bit before he caresses my cheek with his knuckles. “Byul, do you know you’ve been a bratty girl now?”


My eyes dilate bigger after hearing his confession, “B-bratty? L-like how?” Stuttering, I ask him back and I start feeling anxious. What did he mean about bratty? Did I misbehave so bad? How should I hide from him now? The moment I begin to worry, I somehow have a slight panic attack.


"Baby, baby no-” Baekhyun cups my cheeks with his palms as he lands continuous pecks on my lips. He pauses for a moment and he continues, “It’s not a big deal. You don’t have to worry about it. Besides, I love this new side of you.”


"Are you sure?” I flash an anxious gaze at him that makes him laugh seeing my face. Then, he nods his head, wrapping his arms around my body as he pulls me into his warm embrace. I could hear his faint heartbeat against his chest and it feels like the two of us are somehow connected when mine beats at the same phase. 


Baekhyun places his chin on my head comfortably, planting soft kisses on my hair. Silently he hums. “What do you want to do tonight, baby? Do you have anything in your mind? Wanna go out for dinner or we can order and send it here if you’re lazy,” He questions me but his tone somehow intended to mock me. 


I draw away from him, reaching for the nearest pillow and hit lightly on his face. Baekhyun shrieks a loud ‘Hey!’ before he pushes away the pillow from him. He manages to steal it from my holds and when I’m trying to take it away, it was too hard since he’s much stronger than me. He puts the pillow somewhere on the sofa and out of sudden, he scoops me, lifting me in a bridal style. 


Kicking my feet in the air, I ask him to put me down on the floor but he ignores me completely. “Byun Baekhyun put me down!! Where are you bringing me, huh??” Baekhyun doesn’t say anything when he leaves all of our belongings in the living room, walking upstairs and heading straight to my room. Then later, he puts me slowly on my bed before he hovers on top of me. He locks his gaze with mine for quite long as I can hear my heart thumps a bit faster. 


Baekhyun leans closer to my face as he steals a peck on my lips that makes me giggle. “Oh baby, aren’t you the cutest girl I’ve ever met?” He confesses-- compliments, while he brushes the tip of his nose with mine. 


"Oh Baekhyun,” I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him closer. “It doesn’t sound sincere to me though. What do you want from me, huh?” I question him back, knowing it’s one of his ways to flirt with me. He laughs with his eyes tilt into crescents before he latches his lips with my supple ones. The kisses are kinda sloppy yet it’s an affectionate one. 


Later, he lays his back right beside me as the two of us staring blankly at the ceiling. I’m very happy for the past few weeks that Baekhyun tried his best to gain my trust back with all the time that we spent together. Even though I’m still scared about it, at least I feel much safer being around him. The time flies really fast when it’s almost near to the final exam and then, I probably can celebrate my first Christmas with him. But, who knows something happens along the way, right? 


I silently tilt my head to look at him, unknowingly have a smile on my face as I admire him. “Baekhyun,” I call him with a soft tone, making him lay his body sideways, hands supporting his head as he looks at me. He hums for a short reply to my call. “What do you always do to celebrate Christmas? Like, do you often spend your day with your family and friends or alone in your house?”


"That’s a sudden question, baby? May I ask why?”


"Just curious,” I reply shortly. Because I want to know if you want to spend Christmas with me, Baekhyun.


"Well, can I say it depends?” Baekhyun begins to answer but he doesn’t get to answer fully when I start showing a disbelief expression. “Can you please listen to me first before making those funny faces?” He begs, pinching my nose that causes me to scrunch it. I look at him diligently and finally give the full attention. “Depends, because I am always busy on the day with some personal business. But, if I don’t have anything to do, I’ll drive back to Bucheon and spend time with my family of course.” 


My mouth turns into an ‘O’, following with my head nods a few times. Baekhyun furrows his eyebrows, eyes giving me a fiery gaze. “What? Why are you looking at me like that?” I ask him curiously.


"It seems like you’re hiding something from me, Byul.”


"No, I didn’t so stop giving me that scary look,” Pushing him away by his chest, he grunts softly. Instead of moving away, he comes closer to me, slowly spooning his legs on top of mine. Baekhyun places his hand on my waist to pull me closer which makes me yelp in surprise. “B-Baekhyun…” Our faces are a few inches away and I couldn’t stop looking into his dark orbs that can eventually cause my heart to act vigorously. 


He caresses my cheek with his thumb as he cups it. “I’m gonna claim this for answering your question so thank you,” Baekhyun kisses my lips after announcing but I certainly give in. The two of us have our tongue fighting with him playfully biting my lower lip to make me giggle. Leaning forward to deepen the kiss, it’s my turn to hover on top of him. “Byul,” He pulls away from the kiss to give us space to breathe. “You’re gonna make me turn on if you behave like this.” 


"And what if I do want to make you turn on? What are you gonna do with it?” I place both of my palms on his chest when I begin to move slowly against his crotch. Baekhyun starts to grunt with his eyes shut, then he scoffs realising that I’m trying to . He puts a force on my waist to stop me from moving before he sits up, having me sitting on his lap. 


Something just into us when we couldn’t stop kissing too much for today. Once again, I connect my lips with him for a kiss but it lasts a bit shorter than previous ones. Then, Baekhyun attaches his lip to land a long kiss on top of my crown as he envelopes me into his embrace. “What do you want to do tonight? Do you want to stay indoors or you want to go anywhere?” He murmurs into my ears. 


I hum for a few times while trying to think about it. Since we only spent our time together at home just because I met with my lecturers to catch up on previous lessons when I missed their classes, I think it would be nice to be able to be outside and have fresh air with Baekhyun too. But, it’s also worrying that it’s colder so I’m scared any of us would get sick and it’s gonna be a trouble as we’re gonna sit for exams in a few weeks now.

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