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Nothing More
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Screaming out loud for help but it will never alert others to help me with them covering my mouth. The filthy and harsh touches all over my body but I still couldn’t move away from their hold. And when the guy hovered on top of me, I felt like my life was gonna end.


“Please leave me!!” Screaming all out from the top of my lungs, I abruptly wake up from my nightmare and rustled hard to run far away from it. My tears couldn’t stop streaming down my cheeks but then suddenly, someone holds and stops me from leaving that makes me terrified.


“Byul, Byul!! It’s me,” A person holds on my shoulders to stop me from panicking and when I’m finally back to my senses, I'm glad to see Baekhyun right in front of me. Without saying anything, I quickly wrap my arms around his body, letting him engulf me into his hug. My fingers tightly hold the fabric of his shirt, forcing him to stay and protect me.


“B-b-baekhyun… Th-they… H-he…” My grips tighten as I’m literally like a mess. The fact that the event taunts me so much and I don’t even know how am I supposed to forget about it. I was trying to continue but I couldn’t. But instead, Baekhyun cradles you in his arms, caressing my back up and down as he makes hushes sound to calm me down. He doesn’t force me to tell everything and instead, he lets me cry all out.


After who knows how long I have been crying, when my sob lessens a bit, I insist to rest and be in his warm embrace. Baekhyun’s scent actually calms me down and I’m glad that he’s actually here to be with me when I need someone. He has his chin resting comfortably on my head, moving forwards and backwards slowly as an initiative to calm me down, and it works.


It had been a few days since the last time I’ve talked to him but honestly, I miss him a lot.


Even though I deserve an explanation from him, I’m already grateful that he found and saved me last night from the small gang. The incident literally makes me traumatised as I would never forget how their touches actually imprinted all over my body. I felt disgusted.


I finally realised that there’s a needle for the IV drip attached on my left hand and I can also see that I’m currently in Baekhyun’s bedroom. Feeling curious about how actually found me last night, but I’m also scared if it actually can trigger my trauma.


“Sweetheart, are you feeling better now?” Baekhyun senses that I'm calm, in which I nod my head against his broad chest. He loosens his arms around my smaller frame that makes me tighten mine, afraid that he’s planning to leave me. “I’m not going to leave you alone if you’re wondering, baby. Can I help you to lie down on the bed back?” He chuckles softly and pats my head lightly.


“May I, sweetheart?” He asks me once again and I nod. Loosening my grips, Baekhyun slowly helps me by lowering down my back, one of his hands supporting my head as he lies down on the comfy mattress. After he settles me down, I insist on laying on my back by the headboard with a pillow to support me. He was literally looking at me as he sits at the edge of the bed, his hand right on top of my lap.


Fiddling my fingers together, the two of us are overwhelmed into the silence especially when we’ve gone into a silent treatment for the past few days. As the drip is still ongoing, I slowly lift my head to look at him. Baekhyun gives me a soft smile on his face before he extends his hands to hold with mine.


“I want you to rest completely before we start interviewing each other,” He caresses the back of my hand slowly, “because I know, you have a lot of questions to ask. Whether it’s coming from me or even from last night.”


The moment he said those words, I could feel my whole body begin to shake but as Baekhyun constantly caressed my hands, my fear lessens a bit. He then leans closer to bring his hand to cup my chin, giving a few on my hair. “Now, go and have some rest first, hmm?” He shows such an endearing smile.


I sense that he’s about to leave me as I hold his hand tightly, never wanting to let it go. “C-can you… st-stay and c-cuddle with me, Baekhyun?” I stutter, asking a favour at him. He doesn’t reply to me anything when he moves to position himself right next to me. The mattress dips a bit as he settles down to lay down, making me scoot closer to him. He extends his arm for me to lay my head on it before he wraps me into his hold.


He spoons me, tangling his legs together with mine as he begins to pat me lightly on my thigh. Baekhyun hums softly and my eyes slowly become heavy. As he cuddles me to doze off, he pulls the duvet to cover my body before he pulls me closer to him. Maybe the effect of the medicine, I slowly doze off plus knowing that he’s by my side.


Although my heart is still crumpled because he hides secrets from me, having him here during this time makes me feel thankful.


Baekhyun might be mysterious but he’s like my knight and shining armour too.





My eyelids slowly open, pupils readjusting with the light in the room as I realised that I’ve been taking such a long rest because the outside world already darkens. The dim room is still able to make me drowsy with the environment and when I’m about to move, Baekhyun is still encasing me with his arms. But this time, he’s still sleeping soundly right by my side.


Slowly moving my hand, I softly caress a few strands of his hair without trying to disturb him sleeping. A few cute moles decorated his charming face like a constellation, his semi-high nose bridge and his pink lips sculptured his face. I lightly brush my knuckles on his cheek, realising that there are a few bruises on it. They are visible in such a close distance and I conclude that he got them for the incident.


“Have you done admiring my face, sweetheart?” Jolt in surprised, my cheeks start to heat up and I am caught staring at him. Quickly, I hide my face on his chest that makes Baekhyun elicits low chuckles that echo in my ears. A contentment hums can be heard from him and a smile stretches on his face before he plants a kiss on my forehead, leaving his lips on it for a few moments. I can hear my heart wilding, my hands begin to sweat profusely. He then breaks the kiss, placing his chin on my head as he pulls me closer to him. “How long have you been awake?”


“Not quite long…”


“How are you feeling right now? Do you still hurt anywhere?” His tone was soft as it mixed with concern. Nodding slowly against his chest, his arm tightened around my petite body, giving a soft peck on my crown. “Are you hungry? You haven’t eaten anything and I bet your empty stomach is grumbling.”


“Yeah, kinda…” I confess. Baekhyun draws away from me, pushing the duvet from covering his body as he hops off from the bed. I just notice that I’m wearing a large hoodie and I guess he helped me change it last night, which the hoodie is really comfy and his scent can be recognised too.


“Can you wait here for a moment? I’ll bring the food here for you.”


“But Baekhyun… I can just walk downstairs too and you don’t have to worry about it.”


“I insist,” He replies with a stern voice, causing me to gulp a lump in my throat nervously. Without debating with him, I simply nod my head as a sign that I obey with his instruction. Baekhyun smiles, patting my head lightly because I’m behaving well. “I’ll be right back as soon as you want.” A kiss was planted on my head before he leaves me alone in the room.


Resting my back by the headboard, I blankly stare at the door while waiting for his figure enters the room. I know that I’m still hurt and I should be giving him a silent treatment but the way Baekhyun gave all the protection makes me come into a decision to listen to all of his explanations. It may be tough for me because I trust him and as this is my first time getting into a relationship, I do think it’s normal to get into fights and conciliations.


Talking about fights, it reminds me of Soomin. I try to look around at the bedside table, searching for my phone because she must be worried sick about me since I didn’t come home last night. And if she knows about what happened, it would make her panic. But after looking out for it, there’s no sign of it. Maybe Baekhyun keeps it somewhere since my tote bag is nowhere to be found too.


Footsteps can be heard coming from the hallway and as I was expecting for Baekhyun to appear, he does. However, he didn’t come alone and there are two more people following him from behind; a male person with spectacles in a white long coat with a stethoscope rests around his neck and a female in a casual outfit with a tray in her hands. Baekhyun gives the way for them to enter the room in which the two of them head towards me. As I look at him with a slight panic expression, he shows a comforting smile, assuring me that there’s nothing to worry about.


The woman places the tray on the table near the bed and it fills with my meals, perhaps Baekhyun instructs her to prepare for it. She curtly bows at me and Baekhyun before she leaves the room as the man begins to check my conditions. I was checking at Baekhyun who’s waiting for the results with his hands crossed on his chest. The doctor checks my temperature, blood pressure and the IV drip.


“How is she, Yixing?” Baekhyun asks the doctor but I assume that Yixing is his friend and also can be called as his private doctor. Yixing instantly smiles, slowly detaching the needle from my vein and replaces it with a bandage.


“She’s in such a better state now, Baekhyun. Her blood pressure and also her temperature is stable too. I would only want to advise her to get much more rest, maybe she should take a break from working and take a few absences from the classes. I just need to prescribe medicines for her and other than that, she’s good to go,” Yixing answers and explains to Baekhyun. I beam brightly, feeling grateful and at ease after hearing his explanations.


“I’ll take it as my mental note too. Thanks, bro,” Baekhyun thanks him while Yixing’s packing his stuff.


“Anytime. Don’t forget to rest, okay? You need to replenish your energy from last night and it will take time to heal from the traumatic incident. If it’s torturing you, I suggest focusing on yourself completely,” Yixing adds and I nod as I fully understand with his advice.


“Let me walk you out. Sweetheart, can you wait for me for a while?” Baekhyun turns to face me and I simply hum to him. He flashes a smile before he and his friend leave the room as they’re talking throughout their way.


It only took him around 10 minutes to come back with his hands kept in his pockets. “Did I make you wait for me too long? Miss me already, sweetheart?” Baekhyun assumes, giving me a smirk on his face that makes me scoff lightly, shaking my head in with his cocky personality. He laughs as he settles down on the bed. He stretches his body to lift the tray from the table and places it on my lap.


“I’ve asked Mrs Kang to cook porridge for you so eat up, buttercup. Also, don’t forget to take your meds later,” He instructs and I bob my head curtly. As I’m about to scoop the porridge with the spoon, Baekhyun suddenly extends his hand to mess up with my hair. Scooting away from him, he deserves a glare from him but instead of being pissed with me, he chuckles. I slurp it slowly after blowing, feeling the warm semi-solid food pass through my throat.


“What do you think? Is it good? Bland? Too hot” He gives multiple questions at a time and I chuckle softly.


“It’s delicious. It reminds me of my mom because she would prepare the same thing if I fall sick,” A sudden flash from my memories with my mom makes me miss her. To avoid tearing up, I keep my head low and continue to devour the food silently as Baekhyun keeps on watching me.


“Baekhyun,” I blurt out his name in which he has his eyes already locked with mine.


“Yes, sweetheart?”


I playfully stir the porridge, nibbling my lower lip as I agitate to say it to him. I don’t even know if I’m ready to listen to everything. My mind says I am but my heart says the latter. From the incident of Baekhyun made out with someone and the latest one was I was almost getting by a small gang.


… I actually forgot about Soomin.


“Where’s my phone? Do you have it with you somewhere? Soomin mus

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