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02 TWO  

Throughout the first class, I couldn’t bring myself to focus on the lesson as my eyes unconsciously land on him. Why on Earth does he need to sit at the very front seat? He didn't even bother introducing himself when he enters the lecture hall; simply ignoring the lecturer like he has all the power in the world to be rude to her. But watching as he interacts with the girl sitting beside him, I have a feeling they must have been close to each other. Friends? Lovers? I can hear hushes coming from the two of them as he leans close to her, watching as he makes her giggle so loud although it doesn't seem like she is trying to stifle it down. Almost the entire class glanced at their direction, probably wondering what's with the two people in front being disrespectful in the middle of a lesson. 


When our one and only class ends, we start to pack our stuff and get ready to leave the university. 


"Do you want to join us for lunch at the Seoul Diner?” Soomin asks me and at the same time, I dig out my phone from the bag, noticing that I received a text message from Senior Hana. She informs me that Dahyun is taking an emergency leave because she’s down with a flu. Seems like I need to take over her shift for the evening.


"Nope, sorry. Change of plans," I wiggle my phone to her, knowing she'll understand me. She sighs exasperatedly while Sehun who is standing beside her is already laughing.


"I’ll make it up to you guys,” I pack the last thing into my bag. “I promise.” 


"Yeah, yeah whatever. Don’t skip your dinner and come back home straight after your shift ends,” she commands, rolling her eyes to the back of her head. 


Breaking the hug that lasts long for a minute, I look over to Sehun this time. “Take care of yourself guys. Don’t do anything weird when I’m not around.” Glaring straight into his eyes as Sehun chortles before he nods. I laugh right after warning them because I’m definitely joking. 


I bid them goodbye and walk to the door slowly. Sneakily, I glance towards his direction; he is still talking to the same girl of whom I have already forgotten her name. The girl is still laughing, probably to his lame jokes. Then I realise, he is sitting too close to her with his hand already landed on top of hers.


The guy suddenly turns to look at my direction, focusing on me. Busted! I fluster from where I stand and quickly leave the lecture hall because I think he notices me staring at him, at them. Focusing back on my tracks to the nearest public transport, I walk down through the hallway to leave the university compound. 




I stop in my tracks as I hear my name being called. I turn around to look at the caller, only to feel my heart drop as I see that it is him again. The guy walks towards where I’m standing, smirking even as he pants slightly, looking a little out of his breath.


"You’re the one who works at the cafe, right?” He scans me from the above my head, down to my feet and it creeps me out. “Yeah, I’m right.” He clicks his tongue loud and clear.


I don’t answer him, staying silent as I wonder why he even remembers me and most importantly, what does he want from me?


"Where are you going next?”


"I don’t think it’s necessary to tell you where I’m going,” Fixing my grip on my tote bag, I turn around to continue walking. I can hear him chuckles and it makes me slightly blushing. He, however, decides to go the extra mile to stop me from walking away. He stands in front of me as if blocking my way, his hand tucked into the pocket of his jeans.


"I’m assuming that you’re going to the cafe, right?” He asks—assumes, the smug smile is still etched on his handsome face. “Why don’t I walk you there, hm?” He offers, tilting his head a little, his eyes sparkling.


I stare at him for a second longer, just another second, before I shake my head, refusing his invitation. The male, however, doesn’t seem too pleased with my refusal, I notice his brows furrowing for a moment before it is replaced by the same smug look.


"Well, I’m about to get coffee anyway and your boss most definitely won’t appreciate you for turning down a customer.” He plasters a triumphant smile this time, when he notices my stunned expression, obviously taken aback by his words. He then walks away with a smirk, leading the way to the cafe without waiting for my answer. 


I sigh quietly and follow him from behind. Just a cup of coffee and he will leave you alone.





Once I arrived at the cafe, I head straight to the staff room to wear the apron, as usual. Tying my hair into a ponytail, I get back to the front and begin to brew his coffee. This time, it’s iced americano. Grabbing an empty glass, I fill it with ice cubes and cold water. Then, I pour the espresso shots into it and take out the lemon cake to cut into a slice. I am grateful that the cafe during Monday isn’t chaotic like weekends. After transferring the lemon cake onto a saucer plate, I place a fresh slice of lemon on top of it for the final touch.


Just like yesterday, he’s expecting me to send his orders to him. The same seat, the same table as yesterday. The lemon cake and the iced americano are arranged properly on the tray as I carry it over to his table. 


"Here’s your lemon cake and iced americano,” I place the tray carefully on the table. He is looking at me expectantly with his arms crossed.


He only hums and grabs his drinks as he begins to sip his beverage. I assume that he’s satisfied with his desserts seeing that he doesn’t give any remark. Suddenly the chime above the door rings,  I automatically blurt the greeting. “Good evening!” 


I rush back to the counter, leaving the male at his table. The new customer recites her order before I key it into the system. After the transactions, I prepare her orders as quickly as possible, without wasting any time. One frappuccino and one almond latte. It takes me around 5 minutes to prepare the drinks and place them into the carrier before passing it to her with a wide smile. “Thank you and enjoy your drinks!”


As my eyes follow her movements leaving the cafe, I feel his stare burning through my skin. He is still holding the cup in one hand, sitting in ways you can describe as arrogant like he’s the boss. At every movement I make, I can feel his eyes following me, observing me. I try to ignore him by going to an empty table to clean it up. Gathering all the used plates and utensils on the tray, I walk back to the counter but before I get there, he calls for me. 


"Hey,” he calls.


I stop and turn around to check on him, to see if he needs something from me as a customer, “Yes?”


He drops the fork after taking a bite of the lemon cake, his eyes looking right into mine. “Would you mind to sit with me for a minute?” He questions.


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