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"Be my girlfriend."


I am stupefied in an instance, my heart beats rapidly and it can be heard clearly as an echo that resonates in my ears. Baekhyun's eyes look into mine seriously. His words didn't sound like a joke either. I nibble my lower lip nervously, not knowing how to react upon his sudden proposal. I've never gotten myself into a serious relationship but I'm hoping this could be the right time for me. I would regret not giving him a chance later. Because the entire time we have been hanging out together, he already owns nearly all of my heart.


"What if I say no?"


Baekhyun lingers his hands around my waist, travelling one hand to cup my cheek. He leans closer to my face, leaving only a tiny space between us. His breathing becomes shallow. As our noses are slightly brushing with each other, my breathing is stuck for a second. My hands turn into tight grips as I try to decipher the situation. Once my eyes find his dark orbs, my stomach starts churning nervously when I see him admiring my features, looking at me adoringly.


"Well," Baekhyun stares at my swollen lips, biting his lower lip before he continues, "I think I'm gonna make you fall in love with me harder then and make you regret not accepting me." A peck landed on my lips. Baekhyun elicits husky chuckles when he moves away from me. But his thumb couldn't stop caressing my lower lip, causing my cheeks to shade slightly red.


When I realised that both of us have been in the cold for quite a long time, I think it's time for him to leave. "Baekhyun, it's getting cold. Drive back home, okay?" I tell him, ending it with a short hum. I was about to leave him quickly with my blushing face but Baekhyun stops me by holding my wrist.


"Byul, you can't leave me without an answer." He says. I muster up my confidence, taking a deep breath before turning around to face him.


"Yes, Baekhyun," I reply shortly, giving him my answer to his proposal.


Baekhyun's countenance seems surprised by my answer. His grips slip off slowly, letting go of my wrist. While all my senses are still there, I run away from him. My face starts to heat up as I try my best to hide my face from him. I might be hiding and shutting myself in the house or maybe start to give reasons to him if he wants to see me.


Because tonight, he proposed to me to be his girlfriend and my answer is yes.





Since I have my working shift today, my whole mind literally clouded with the kisses and also the proposal from Baekhyun. His face couldn't stop popping out everywhere and that's really distracting my focus during my work. But I still cannot believe that last night was not a dream. That Baekhyun actually proposed to me to be his girlfriend was true and I said yes to him. Even when my feelings for him grow stronger as time passes by, I anticipate my future with him. What will happen to us as we declare ourselves as a couple?


"Byul!! The water is spilling for god sake!!" Dahyun's voice shrieking, alerting me as I come back to my senses.


"." I curse softly. I flabbergasted for a moment, putting away the jug of water before grabbing the closest towel to wipe the water off. Thank God that no one actually saw me daydreaming- except for Dahyun, obviously. When I hang the towel to dry at the sink, Dahyun already shakes her head a few times, giving me an annoying smirk. I roll my eyes together and decide to ignore her. I'm preparing the customer's orders from the start, especially the iced americano. Because I kinda screwed it up previously.


After focusing to finish the orders and serve it to the customer, I sit down and find myself sighing lightly. The cafe remains peaceful even though it's quite packed with people leisure with their beverages. As I scan around the place and confirming that there won't be any customers entering the cafe at the moment, I grab myself a glass of iced water to freshen up myself. Dahyun is leaning by the wall with her arms crossed together and her eyes looking at me when I was busy drinking.


Once I'm done gulping down the water, I hold the glass tightly and turn my head to face her. "What? Why are you looking at me?" I ask her.


"I did not." She denies it.


"Yes, you do. You are looking at me in a strange way. " I say to her but I only receive a soft scoff from Dahyun.


"First of all, Byul, you've never acted so clumsy while working. And second of all," Dahyun pauses for a second before continuing, "you seem... distracted by something, or someone?" She starts grinning annoyingly. "You were literally smiling while daydreaming. Aren't you gonna tell me what's on your mind?" She trails, still grinning.


I don't know what actually happens to me but like I said, I couldn't stop thinking about Byun Baekhyun. But I quickly deny her statement when the chime at the front door rings, indicating a new customer is entering the cafe. The clear thudding sounds of the shoes' heels on the floor surface heading towards the counter makes me repair my appearance before taking the new order. As I am standing back on my feet from the seat, I was completely stunned and my heart stops beating for a few seconds.


Baekhyun is walking elegantly towards me in a pair of a grey suit with his hair parted in the middle, as usual. He looks extremely different and charming at the same time as I finally realised that he's actually my boyfriend now. His hands were kept in the pocket of his pants, already plastering a cheerful smile across his handsome face. While I, on the other hand, is dumbfounded by his good-looking appearance causing my face to turn red like an apple. Now, my next move is to hide from Baekhyun. Dahyun blocks me from leaving and forces me to take his order, which I pull away from her strong push.


Baekhyun definitely sees me trying to run away. So he chuckles huskily, giving me a rather charming look. I sigh softly, taking a few deep breaths before taking a step forward to the cash register and slowly lift my head up to face Baekhyun. "May I take your order, sir?"


Baekhyun chuckles when he actually notices that I didn't call him by his name. "One cup of latte and also," He lifts his head to look at the display board before landing back his eyes on mine. "You."


I instantly gulp a big lump in my throat as I key in his order and add on a strawberry tart for him into the system. "It would be $15 for a cup of latte and a slice of strawberry tart," I tell him while Baekhyun's about to take out his wallet from his blazer.


"There's no 'you'? Plus I didn't order the strawberry tart, sweetheart." He says, pulling out a 50 -dollar bill note from his wallet before handing it to me.


"Not for sale, sir. Especially to you," I put the money into the cash register and start counting for his balance. And at the same time, Baekhyun chuckles softly after hearing my cold yet challenging answer to him.


"Gosh, so feisty!" Baekhyun says with his eyes twinkling, his lips curve upwards for a playful smile which I assume he's trying to tease me. He takes his balance from me, giving me a wink and heading towards an empty table. But once he's completely settled at his seat with his legs crossed and fingers tracing his lips, I can feel that Baekhyun literally staring over my movements. And somehow, I feel uncomfortable and begin to heat up by knowing the fact that my own boyfriend is watching me.


"Hey, Byul." Dahyun nudges me with her elbow while I'm preparing Baekhyun's latte. "That guy," She points at Baekhyun. "-is your friend, right? Or shall I say, boyfriend?"


"He's not my boyfriend, okay. Stop accusing." After I draw a heart on the top of the latte (as usual), I place the cup nicely on the tray and take out the strawberry tart from the display freezer. A slice of the strawberry tart is transferred on a small plate and I put it on the same tray. When I am about to call him to pick up his orders, I realise that Baekhyun might probably be hoping for me to actually send it to him, which at the same time, I'm trying hard to avoid him. But, why on Earth he needs to meet me the next day after proposing me last night?


"Byul, stop lying when you're actually sweating hard, nervous to meet him right now." Dahyun scoffs at me. "Go and have your lunch break so you can meet him too. I'll cover it from here." She offers. I am about to deny her offer when she's already giving me the tray, pushing me to go to Baekhyun. I glare at her in frustration and as usual, deep breath before heading towards his table.


I slowly place the tray on the coffee table, gathering my hands together before fidgeting them. Without knowing the exact reason, the feeling of nervousness overwhelms me when I'm standing straight right in front of him. Baekhyun lifts his head to look at me, giving a wide smile that makes his cheeks bulging. Then, he brings his hand to hold onto mine, caressing it with his thumb.


Byul, come and sit with me." He commands. I nod my head, pulling away from his hold and take a seat opposite him. With all my strength and confidence, I act like nothing really happened and act normal like how I used to be when I'm around Baekhyun.


He takes a few sips of the latte, humming slightly and offers it to me, which I refuse. "Hey, you're okay, sweetheart?" Baekhyun concernedly asks with a slightly worried expression.


"Yeah, why? Do I look like I'm not fine, Baekhyun?"


"You know, your face has been turning red ever since I walk into the cafe. Don't you realise it?" Baekhyun questions me and chuckles softly. I instantly cover my cheeks with my hands as they keep on radiating heat while I'm blushing. I couldn't stop thinking about the kiss last night and now, Baekhyun is finally here but why am I still thinking about it?


Baekhyun offers me a small piece of the strawberry tart which I was being a shy one at first but then I lean closer to him and take a bite of it. He proudly smiles after feeding me and treats himself with one bite of the tart. While he's busy indulging his desserts, it's my turn to admire him. He has his legs spread wide, looking extremely hot in that suit and somehow, I feel uncomfortable in my seat. The pace of my heartbeat increases each and every time he moves and god, why am I still alive?


"Baby, if you wanna stare at me the whole time, we can do it somewhere private with only the two of us, no one else," Baekhyun says. I instantly fluster after hearing his words, knowing that my mind couldn't think straight whenever I'm with him. Like I said, Baekhyun is like an addiction to me.


"Whatever, Baekhyun. So, where were you before coming here? You look like you just attended a press conference or something." I quickly change the topic, asking about him that makes me curious about his sudden appearance in that suit.


"Something." He simply answers and constantly causes me to roll my eyes together. Baekhyun giggles as he feels satisfied to make me annoyed with his short replies.


"Byul, let's go out for a date." Baekhyun invites.


"But we just went on one."


"I mean, our first actual date as a couple, sweetheart. I wanna bring you out somewhere the whole day." He explains more about his plans. I am a bit surprised when he actually declares us as a couple and now this thing is really real.


"But I'm busy, Baekhyun with my work..." I utter. Well, it's true because I'm using my a week break before the new semester. Because you know, this girl needs to pay her study loan before it becomes a pile of debt that I will probably die in order to pay it.


Baekhyun takes and holds my hand before drawing circles at the back of it using his thumb. "Try to talk with your manager then. Don't make me go and meet her instead, Byul. Besides that, I'm going to spend most of my time with you now for sure." He says, suggesting yet comforting me about talking to my manager about asking for a leave. I sigh softly, pursing my lips together and stretching for a thin smile. I rarely ask for a day off from work just because I have nothing to do at home that would make me possibly rot. But, now that Baekhyun wants me to try so at least I'll try but another part of me really hope that my manager would approve it.


He replies to me with the same sweet smile as his eyes were staring at me ever since. Even when I start making weird faces, telling him to stop looking at me but he strongly resists it. Baekhyun leans closer to me, pouting his lips and I think that he's hoping to receive a kiss onto his lips, which I decide to trick him this time. My gaze turns into a seducing way, scoot closer to him and when Baekhyun is ready for the kiss, I cut off a small piece of the tart and feed myself feed. I elicit a satisfaction hum. Baekhyun throws a small tantrum, folding his arms together on his chest. Well, he lost this round over me.


My phone suddenly vibrates following with a ping sound indicating a new chat incom

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