Hopeless in love


Nayeon and DaHyun - sisters. for all the time they were unlucky in love. it always happened that the girls they confessed to abandoned them.
When they already thought that they would no longer find happiness, they met Mina and Chaeyoung.
They invited them on a hike. There, Nayeon wanted to confess to Mina, and DaHyun wanted Chaeyoung.
But alas.
Mina and Chaeyoung chose each other.



In the Kim family, there was one main rule:

Never give up


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Wivern #1
Chapter 12: Morning will be so awkward. 🙈
Piungpiungwink #2
Chapter 12: I just found this story, very entertaining and interesting, hope you continue
Have a nice day
Chapter 10: ❤️
Wivern #4
Chapter 9: Hope flickering for the Kim's 🕯️🌈🔥
Chapter 9: Minayeon ✊✊✊✊
Wivern #6
Chapter 8: Minayeon showing some signs of life.
Let's squint harder. 😊😣
Wivern #7
Chapter 5: There might be hope yet for DubChaeng though SaMo's offer is very tempting.
If they can't get Dubu to agree.
Lowkey hoping they extend the same offer to Nay instead.
Win-win. XD
AnDEUSAgrega #8
Chapter 4: Poor Kim sisters
Wivern #9
Chapter 3: Ouchie! :(