Foreign Swaggers

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Mark has created „Foreign Swaggers“

Mark has added Johnny

Mark has added Ten

Mark has added Jaehyun

Mark has added Yuta

Mark has added Kun

Mark has added Lucas

Mark has added WinWin

Mark has added DolphinBoy?


DolphinBoy?: Why does everyone get to use their normal name besides me?


Mark: Because I used your contact names


Johnny: Your contact names are boring


Yuta: besides Chenle’s


Mark: Shut up! @Johnny


Mark has changed Johnny’s name to „ChicagoParrot“


ChicagoParrot: Bro seriously


ChicagoParrot has changed Mark’s name to „Square“


Jaehyun: Oh damn five minutes and this groupchat is a warzone



Mark creates a groupchat and Lucas has an idea. And well, shenanigans happen.

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