My Phony Ladylove


Twenty-three year old, devil-may-care son of a mutibillionaire, Jeon Jungkook always had his way out of each and every blind date his mom arranges. Armed with pranks, he tackles it with precision, including hurling insults and petty sarcasm to unsuspecting victims. Unfortunately for him, his parents had enough, enough of his antics and his irresponsible, reckless and imprudent ways.

Returning after a lengthy meeting with possible investors, Jungkook expected to be served with delectable cuisines over a family dinner, not the greatest surprise of his life: a betrothal.

Determined to get himself out of the situation, he found himself a phony ladylove in the person of a woman, who he can'y help but have ambivalent feelings with.

Can they survive a modern relationship-of-convinience arrangement when they are always at each other's neck? But oh you see, there's always a thin line between love and hate.

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