Blue Lilacs and Purple Skies


A story where Irene and Wendy are a pair of domestic and fluffy girlfriends. 




This will be a multi-chapter fic to indulge (my) fantasy of Irene and Wendy being soft girlfriends to each other. There will be no heavy plot in this (if there even any), so yeah. I don't really know what to tell, or have anything for you too look forward to (as the both of them are already in the relationship from the very start), but if you want to cringe and squeal together with me on snippets of wenrene being in love with each other then, welcome aboard.   

And I'm sorry for being late, again. I hope you are all well. (2/2)


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Chapter 7: i still come back to this story once in a while when i need some fluff 💖💙 hope all is well with you author! 🫶
ShinHye24 1340 streak #2
Chapter 3: Coming back to this one!!
Chapter 7: i really loved this ending. hope we could get more chapters for this story. pls continue it, authornim.🙏🥰
Chapter 6: a bit angsty but what is a wenrene fic without it, right?🤪😂
Chapter 5: oh, wow! can't believe krystal is irene's ex. this is probably the first time i encountered irene x krystal in a fic. i am now intrigued with how the next chapter will go.
Chapter 4: joohyun's mum having a change of heart~ so glad to see that happen. can't wait 'til seungwan finally meets joohyun's mum.
Chapter 3: i want a seungwan in my life as well.😭🤍🤍
Chapter 2: i want a love like theirs.🥹💙💗
Chapter 1: why did i discover this fic just now?! it's so soft and fluff.☺️
Chapter 1: reading this again for needing something fluff