Doctor's Orders

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"I work 8 hours a day in the hospital, 4 in the clinic, 6 I'm on call, and the other 6 I use to catch my beauty sleep. I don't have time for dates."


In which Kyungsoo is a tired doctor, and Jongin is cluelessly annoying. 


I'm so sorry, i at descriptions dfjkghdg



I did try to do research and to make it sound as believable and authentic as possible, but please do keep in mind that I am NOT a doctor, I am NOT a physician or a nurse. Meaning, chances are that a lot of the medicine-related things written in this story are incorrect.

If you are a doctor/med student and you're reading this, I apologize beforehand for the cringe. 



This story is taking place mostly in hospitals, describing not so pleasant situations. It includes (may include in the future) scenes depicting illnesses, needles, surgeries, patient deaths, and other medical procedures, so proceed at your own risk. If you think you can't handle reading things like that, maybe this isn't the story for you. 


With all that being said, imagine Kyungsoo in a white doctor's coat, and enjoy~


Credit for the gorgeous poster to shin-oppa!!

After The Devil Wears Gucci/The Devil's Black Card, Brightest Star and Peace of Mind, thank you for once again creating such a perfect poster that reflects the character of the story 100%. I can't possibly express how much I love it and how grateful I am! Thank you so much T^T


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754 streak #1
Chapter 2: I was touched that Jongin wanted to be a doctor, too. Kyungsoo myst have really made an impression on him that e sought him out for cancer tests.
I love the story. It is so heartwarming.
Thank you so much for sharing.
clakaw #2
Chapter 3: Not bad for a non-medical practitioner. My only issue is on the delineation of specialties. I noticed you interchanged medical and surgical fields a lot, which are different. A cardiologist and a cardio-thoracic surgeon are different, just like a neurologist and a neurosurgeon are different. Their training times are also inaccurate, since surgeons train longer than internists. And I don’t understand why specialists are holding clinics meant for general practitioners, or at least, their patient loads do not coincide with their specialties. Other than that, it was a good effort. 😁
clakaw #3
Chapter 1: I can totally relate with Kyungsoo. Dr. Google is one of our worst enemies, followed by Dr. Relative or Friend. And some patients really are too stubborn, making it inevitable that we sometimes lose our temper (secretly of course).
Chapter 3: Awww so sweet omy kaisoo🥺🥺 love every part of this story!! Your hard work really paid off hehe thank you for this interesting fic ^^
Chapter 3: THis was so refreshing and engaging!!! I loved the fact that the reality of losing lives was siven voice. That you let the doctors be effected and reactive TO that situation. I loved this story!!!
Chapter 2: I really like the accuracy of the story. Your "homework" really paid off. I feel like I am sitting in the cafeteria with them
Chapter 1: I really like this. The medical terms seem to be so onpoint. Are YOU in medicine? I really like the fact that they are handsome AND smart!
Anahibf76 #8
Chapter 3: Kyungsoo is a doctor ?! I love it. I didn't know that I needed it. :''') amé mucho la historia, me recordó a ER Emergencia <3. Gracias!!
Chapter 3: Me encantó el desarrollo de los personajes.. sobre todo de Kyungsoo y Jongin... gracias por tan linda historia
Chapter 1: Me gusta <3