Her Story and Thoughts Pt. 1

Everything They Thought



People do say that when you spend the days with someone close to your heart, time seem to fly so fast. 




It is indeed the truth.




I can still remember the first day our paths crossed.




How silly that night was.




It didn’t occur to me that this person was the last piece I needed in my life. How she would turn out to be the reason why I wanted to get up in the morning, have coffee and check on how her day went. On some days, I can catch myself just staring at her. ‘Can a girl get any prettier’ I say to myself.




It was rare to catch a whole month together. The day I decided to hold her hand, I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy for us. A lot of people depended on us, a life that I built since I was young was on stake if I didn’t learn to balance this relationship.




Sometimes, I wish that I was living in a whole different time, a whole different world with just her and me. She’s all that matters to me now after what happened a couple of years ago. Where I almost lost myself.




It was the most difficult phase in my life.




Now being with her on weekends, watching her type away in her mac with her soft blonde hair tied into a bun; my day just couldn’t get any better. I never told her but she always impresses me. To be honest, she already exceeded my expectations back when she was still an apprentice at the company. She’s younger than me by two years. I asked her once about it if it didn’t bother her.




‘What’s two years, love? Do I need to draft a formal letter to tell you how perfect you are tonight?’ Taeyeon answered her while having dinner one night at Saint Moritz for their first anniversary. It was a simple celebration due to their mismatched schedules. But she can care less because having Taeyeon that night was more than enough.




And so almost two years running on this commitment we have is a dream come true. Sure, we had a couple of fights but by the end of the day, I still see myself running back on her arms.




It wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns. Dating Taeyeon is never easy. Our companies are in competition, that’s what the business insiders would tell you so how the do we date, right? Of course during the first weeks of being together I made my research on her. I knew then that GK is very powerful in manipulating the Asian market. With their rising marketing in the US and Taeyeon on the high chair, I knew that it was only a matter of time before we go head to head on the charts. 




But we had an agreement on this, to never talk about work. Work is work, I always tell her. You do yours, I do mine. When it comes to decisions, decide based on your position at the board, not as my girlfriend I told her once. She sighed upon hearing that, taking my face in her soft hands.




‘Thank you. I know this is hard for you too that I can’t help but wonder if I’m dating an angel. You seem to know how to soothe my heart in every possible way and here you are being the perfect woman I adore. Know that no matter what happens, I will always choose you. It’s always you, my love.’




Other than the paparazzis chasing us at some nights it was all great. Even if she was always on some cheap tabloid headlines getting paired with some random models, it did not bother me one bit. Taeyeon always had the reputation of attracting the good and bad sorts of crowd. Everyone wanted to know about her personal life. She didn’t care at those sleazy reporters at first not until they started harassing me on giving a statement about the real score between us; it was during the eight month of our relationship. 




Like hell we were able to keep it low for that long.




‘If y’all are going to keep on prying this way, I’m going to ing sue your asses and make sure you don’t get to operate anymore. What the hell is your deal anyway? You guys make money harassing people to make them tell you about their personal lives!’ my girlfriend retorted one day on a press conference of her newly launched iPad brand.




‘But is it true, though?’




The crowd persists.




‘Yes and if I hear a little news about you guys bothering any of my staff or Tiffany’s staff, especially her; you guys are going to get it.’




That day was all over the news. My publicist kept calling me if the company should make a statement but I was still shaken up that day. 




It wasn’t planned.




We didn’t talk about going on public yet here we are. 



On national headlines.




But still I trusted her with these decisions. 




I gave her myself.



Now sitting on this gold satin rugs, sipping on champagne, I wonder how much my lover trusts me.




Taeyeon is easy to love, but there are some days I can’t seem to grasp what’s running on her head. She’ll make you fall head over heels for her. She can be the nicest, smartest and most adoring person in the room and yet still be the most secretive among us.




I’m not saint either. 




I have my fair share of bottled up memories wanting to be shared to her but I want to fully understand her first.




This past few weeks, I can see she’s a little distraught than ever. My calls have been unanswered and it takes her up until almost twelve midnight to ring me back.




I knew then something was going on. What I can’t put a finger on is that how can she be so stressed when their company’s been rising and rising on sales. 




They even took over us by a matter of five hundred million dollars and I’m honestly not even complaining. 




So how can she be so stressed?




I asked her before about her family relations, it seemed fine at first. She talks about Hayeon a lot, her little sister. She boasts about her mom being a great cook and says her dad was okay.




She rarely talked about her dad. So I figured it must’ve been daddy issues. 




I did meet her father once on a conference. I haven’t met Taeyeon yet that time but he was a sensible man, respectable and smart, but not smarter than Taeyeon. (of course I have favorites)




He had an authorative presence, had manners and well-dressed but indeed exhibit quite a mysterious persona. 




Taeyeon may have gotten it from him. 




This is the current dilemma I’m facing. Trying to make Taeyeon talk out of is making my head hurt like a . Another thing that pisses me off is that she always had a person calling on her phone and she has to take it to another room without me. 




I don’t want to sound dramatic but if it is what I think it is; that she’s cheating behind my y she’s going to seriously get hurt.




Putting these thoughts aside, I know that she wouldn’t do such thing. An affair would be too small for this drastic changes, I’ve been studying her habits ever since she landed here on LA last month. Like she would never get up on bed at 5am to check on her emails or receive calls at 2am about work. How she lost some weight, dark circles around her eyes and she easily gets pissed at work even at small things. 




I told her that she’s starting to become like me with her attitude.




She just smiled brushing my hair. ‘Don’t worry babe. It’s all going to be okay.’




I overheard her one time addressing a man named ‘Teuk’ and they were talking about how the Octagon club would operate under tight securities.




Octagon is a high end club that is run by Taeyeon’s family for years so I wonder what problems could it be to have a call at 2 in the morning. My lover just sighed that moment telling the other person on the line that she will be sending back ups and that a certain shipment was to be made later that day. 
How stressing could it be? Trying to figure out a person that is supposed to be a readable book in the first place. 




How much secrets does Taeyeon hold? Will I be ready for it?




Or how about my own secrets? Will Taeyeon still accept this scarred soul of mine once she knew all these written tragedies about me?




Days pass by and I’ve been racking my brain for probabilities of what my girlfriend is hiding from me, telling myself that whatever could it be, I’d be prepared and understand her for it.




Whatever it may be. 




Because through this I hope that she may see past the cruel chapter of my life and that she’d still hold me tight on cold nights after revealing the truth to her.




I heard my phone ring cutting my thoughts. It was Samchon.




Questioning the name in my screen, it’s been quite a while since I talked to him.




“Yes, Samchon? How are you?”




“Tiffany, darling. Are you at home? Alone?”




“Uhh, yes Samchon. Taeyeon is still out with her assistant so I’m waiting for her. Is there anything that you want to talk about?”




The man sighed. 




A questionable sigh to be honest. 




“There is, actually. Has Taeyeon talked to you about the recent issues at GK?”




“Issues? It this about the difficulties in securing a contractor on their new building downtown?”




“No, no. It’s about the men being shot at Gangnam.”




“Samchon, I don’t how is that relevant on their company.”




“Darling, the news about men being shot is connected to drugs, that’s what some people say too. Also it has been found out that these men were also involved on black market trades and gang fights. One similarity Korean police is looking at is that these men are all somehow associated with a business operated by GK. It’s either a club or a service courier. So I’m wondering if Taeyeon talked to you about it since of course, it could tarnish her name and her family’s legacy.” There was a pause. “It can drag you too, my dear.”




Now I’m lost. An information like this can’t be bypassed. Killings being involved is a red flag to me. How come Taeyeon didn’t tell her yet? Is this why she’s so stressed lately?




“What?! No, she didn’t. Though I have to admit she’s been quite stressed lately. Could this be the reason?”




“Perhaps, dear. Make her talk to you about it. It’s just a sensible thing to do am I right?”




“Yes, Samchon. Thank you for telling me about this.”




“Also, can you do me a favor? Don’t tell her I told you about this. There’s been quite a talk among some insiders that Jinho, Taeyeon’s father, has been manipulating some small time companies. Remember the drop on the dollar exchange? GK was not in the slightest bit affected when yours had a five percent decrease. There’s no proof though as of now. But they do tell that they could be the one’s behind pushing those small companies on investing on them so they can acquire it when those people can’t pay them anymore.”




“Samchon, you’re making it sound like this is already real. I mean –“



“I’m just watching out for you. Who knows what they can do. Tiffany the company can be in dan-“




“Samchon, I know. Let’s give Taeyeon the benefit of the doubt. Didn’t you say you like her too for me?”




“I did but-“




“Then let me handle this on my own. I’m not gonna let a lot of people down if this happens to be true. This is something she and I has to discuss and settle as adults.”




I hear my uncle sigh, he knows me so much. I’m panicking as well. All the things I know about Taeyeon can turn upside down, but what is the truth anyway.




“Alright. I’m sorry. Call me when everything’s okay? Stay safe dear.”




Huffing some air, I drop my phone on the table. Massaging my temples, I hear rushed footsteps coming closer and closer from my front door. 




She’s here. 




I stand carefully fixing myself to greet her after a long day but was stopped when she suddenly launched her body on me. 




Taking in deep breaths, her body felt heavy.
I grab her head away from my neck to see her face and ask what’s wrong but I was instead greeted with a shock.




“Babe, what the hell happened to your face?!”




I drag her to the sofa so she can sit and have a rest. “Who did this?! Or did you accidentally hit yourself?”




Seeing her curl into a ball in my couch just broke my heart. Hearing those words escape on her lips got me thinking how can these things be possible. 




I wonder how much pain did she have all this time?




Is it greater than the baggage I carry? 




I’m so lost.




“I’m so sorry… I’m so so sorry Fany … so sorry” she kept on saying with tears on her eyes.




I moved closer so I can hold her hand then wipe the blood dripping on her face.




“Why? Tell me, what’s wrong?” the worry in my voice never leaves. 




“It’s not my fault, I swear.”




“I know, I know. Tell me.”




Taeyeon is in a mess now. I’ve never seen her like this. Rambling and saying sorry over and over again.




“.. h-he made me do it. I didn’t want to but he made me do it again like I was in the ninth grade.”




“Sshh, tell me love. I’m listening.” 




I let her lay down on my lap so she can calm down even for a little bit. 




“I didn’t mean to do it, but I had no choice. I.. I want to let go Fany, I don’t want to be his prized heir anymore. I.. I can’t.” 




She stops crying and takes my hand. She looks at me with those swollen eyes, dried blood on her face. 




“Will you still love me? Fany I just shot a man before I got home by my father’s orders and its because of a bloody business matter.”




Tears streaming down her porcelain face, I can feel my body tense and tears start to run as well.




Taeyeon continues, “This cut?”, she laughs. “The now dead guy punched me for being a ing CEO at GK because I was no different than my father. Killing people because they didn’t play by our ty rules implemented by my goddamn father.”




She stands up phasing around my Roman coffee table. Brushing her disheveled blonde hair back her head, wiping those tears and laughs.




“Pathetic isn’t it? How the sought after Kim Taeyeon is a puppet of her father’s cunning ways. And what would happen if I don’t follow?”




She stops in front of me and kneels, tears forming in her eyes again. 




The words I hear next are enough for me to crash on Taeyeon arms and cry with her.




“He’ll take you my love, mom and Hayeon too. And so I have to take him first before he lays a hand on everyone I love.”




I felt her lips on mine after she hugged me so tight.




That was the last thing I remember before she disappeared that night.




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