Tales of princess Jeon.

Hyunjin closed her eyes as her face looked up directly to the warm sun of the morning still too young to burn her skin as she stood on the middle of the green grass of the palace's well cared garden, between the tall bushes the sounds of the workers and the royal family seemed to be very distant to a point where the ones inside could forget where they were standing and even the princess enjoyed this quality from time to time. A warm smile curled Heejin's lips as she looked back to find that her peace was sheared with equal excitement, something hard to find between the other monarchists, the princess liked how Hyunjin almost seemed to dive on the faint sound of the birds flying around them and the wind blowing between the old tress that saw her grow old. The guard's eyes opened a second later when a soft hand reached hers to intertwine their fingers on a gentle grip, this wasn't something new anymore and instead of feeling like she head was in danger Hyunjin was starting to allow herself to enjoy the princess's light touch whenever she had the chance too yet without the enough bravery to approach first despite Heejin’s constantly telling her it was more than okay. 

-You’re quiet today- Hyunjin said calmly as they walked passing the colorful flowers the queen loved to observe. 

-I was told I talk too much- Heejin admitted furrowing her eyebrows before turning to meet the guard-I don’t want to ruin this morning. 

Hyunjin didn't think the same, she missed hearing her wonder about things even a talk about her breakfast would be interesting if it came out of the princess's lips, yet she stayed quiet as well. 

Heejin wondered if Hyunjin was like the others for a second, the ones that were incapable of noticing her sadness only to find out she wasn't able to put her only friend on such a hateful group. the guard's knuckles she noticed the white skin of scars on her hand, probably deep cuts from the sword or fight wounds yet neither of those options made Heejin comfortable with them. Of course the princess was aware that the life outside the palace could be the hell itself, she's heard and seen things that made her want to go running back to her home, somewhere without violence or envy, the place where she could do almost everything she pleased without having to think about an impossible amount of rules. It made her heart sad to think about how harsh things could have gotten to Hyunjin when she was younger, she wondered if somebody hurt her even before she was capable of fighting back and that could take the blame for her cautiousness, if she used to get hungry only to find there was nothing to eat for her. 

-What are you thinking so deeply?- The guard wondered stepping a side of the path to look closer into the white roses, always elegant and delicate. 

-Are you happy Hyun?- Heejin asked looking up to meet the eyes of the girl who turned around at the sudden question, the princess saw the doubt float on the hazel eyes. 

-That's a weird question to do- Hyunjin chuckled as she straightened her back before looking forward for a second with her lips pressed together, Heejin was of course already expecting the gesture- I'm not happy all the time but I’m not miserable neither, it depends on the day most of the time- The words left without any rush as she nodded to herself satisfied with her answer- Since I work here I’ve gotten more good days. 

-Really?- Heejin smiled widely at the news, her face seemed to light up in front of the guard’s eyes making her laugh at the princess’s simple joy, she nodded again squeezing the little hand against hers. -Are you having a good day today too? 

-It's the best one I’ve had in a while- Hyunjin admitted furrowing her eyebrows for a second before smiling back at the princess who suddenly seemed even more excited, the guard felt her heart grow two sizes just by knowing she can make Heejin that happy. 

Hyunjin didn't directly said it was because of the princess but it didn't seem to stop Heejin to understand the meaning behind her words, they walked in a peaceful silence, a silence were Heejin felt comfortable with instead of those created by her forced not to speak. The princess knew that by that time on the morning the adviser, the prince and probably even her parents would be waiting for her to eat their breakfast on a table too long to talk to anybody too personally, seating on a lonely bench on the end of the garden where the bushes created walls for them Heejin wished for the rest of her human life to be as happy as she was that moment. A Kiss landed on one of her knuckles making Hyunjin's stomach tickle at the sensation of Heejin's lips against her skin even for a second, too soft and warm not to miss it only a second after it was gone. 

-You make me happy too Hyunjin.- Heejin said with a smile the guard didn't know how to read- It makes me happy to have you here. 


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