Yujin’s heart dropped when she saw the result. The group that she carried and took pride in because she was the freaking center had unfortunately won the last place in the evaluation. She was too heartbroken by the result that she disappeared as soon as the producers ended the filming for the episode.

She knew her disappearance worried her teammates, but she needed a moment of peace and time alone to sort her thought out. Yujin wasn’t only dejected for receiving the least votes by on-site audiences, but she was also mentally disturbed and feeling a little unstable.

It all started because of a certain tall, former co-trainee.

“I’m sure she’d choose me!” she said confidently.

“The member that I wish to be in the same team with is...Shiroma Miru unnie again!”

Yujin opened the door of the 1000% TEAM practice room and entered inside while loosening the top button of her white outfit in frustration.

“Aish, this is so embarrassing and frustrating!” she whined and padded to the corner of the room, slowly turning her back against the wall and slide down until she sat on the floor.

“I came in last place and she came in first. Huh, I’m such a useless loser!” Yujin mumbled as she sighed into space.

Suddenly when she thought she was alone, someone had barged into the practice room and interrupted her peaceful time. But it wasn’t somebody that Yujin would push away.

Because the newcomer was Kim Minjoo, her (ex) beloved girlfriend slash real bandmate!

“I know you’ll say you want some time to be alone, but I just can’t let you be. At least not when I know you’ll only blame yourself again.”

Yujin let out an exasperated sigh and could only stare as Minjoo drew closer towards her.

“Wonyoung beat me again this time. It’s so irony how I got to debut first before her but now she keeps on outwinning me.”

The older girl had now seated down next to her, copying Yujin’s posture and leaning her back on the wall the same as the younger did. They started to talk and pour out their feelings.

Somehow, as more time passed, they suddenly felt the ual tension between them. Being the impatient and bolder one, Yujin was urged to make the first move and began kissing her bandmate, the one that had become her official girlfriend.

But the sound of echoing footsteps stopped the intimate kiss and Minjoo took the opportunity to push the younger away.

“Let's not do this, Yujin. Let's not destroy our future and hurt the people around us anymore.”

The short-haired trainee became numb and froze on her position. Minjoo took it as a cue to continue and knock some more sense into her (ex) girlfriend's head.

“We have done enough harm to not only ourselves but also our dear friends. We can’t let them down again because of our own selfishness.”

Yujin huffed to the ceiling, feeling stung because of Minjoo's words.

“We're given second chance to redeem our mistakes, so we shouldn’tㅡ”

“ㅡshouldn't mess it up? I know that!” Yujin cut her midway and rolled her eyes. “So we dating, is a mistake to you.”

“Yujin, that's not what I mㅡ”

“ㅡthat’s not what you mean; you don't have to tell me that over and over again!”

The short-haired girl rose up from the ground and dusted her clothes. “We should leave now. Everyone must have started looking for us!”

Minjoo didn’t say a word, only watched Yujin walked away silently, a sad and pained expression painted on her face before finally following the younger footsteps out.


[A few months later]

Wonyoung was just an innocent, friendless child when Yujin first saw her. Since she was the closest age with the youngest, Yujin was forced by the senior trainees to make friend with her until Wonyoung became comfortable with everyone.

Not once that Yujin predicted to see the girl grow up with, taller and shone so bright as an artist than, her.

Yujin had always known Wonyoung had the potential inside her, to become big, to be a celebrity that favored by the nation, to be the little child (baby, as people called her) that got so much loved by everyone around her (them, Yujin meant). Thus Yujin was envious when Wonyoung outdone her in everything only a year after they didn't meet each other.

If Wonyoung felt so distanced from Yujin for debuting way before her, then Yujin felt the same now for Wonyoung receiving so much that she could only ever wish for but never get them.

“We're not on the same level now. I don't think I can face Wonyoung without feeling the gap anymore.”

“You're saying nonsense again! Stop with the crap and start being friends again, will you?!”

Minjoo had enough with Yujin's insecurities, (well at this point everyone was pretty much so done with her anyway) but Yujin hated it for them belittling her fear. She was afraid Wonyoung could never be her friend again because the girl was a TOP star while she was just “that energetic, bright and moodmaker kid” in the group as everyone saw. She was NOT at Wonyoung's LEVEL.

So, Yujin took the easiest way out of the mess. Before Wonyoung could break their friendship (and break Yujin's heart) (because of that), Yujin decided to stay away first and draw the invisible line (boxes, barriers, walls, doors, balconies) between them.

“You're stupid!”

Minjoo spat out of anger and gave Yujin the disappointed stare for 48 hours (it was Minjoo's rule. She set it herself when they were dating. Yujin couldn't stand with it before but she endured through the torture now).

Yujin was wounded too, but Minjoo only saw Wonyoung's hurt feeling because their friendship (post their survival show’s group's debut) was never the same anymore.


In the practice room, with booming music, splash of sweats, the screeching sound of sneakers against the floor, Yujin took this as the only time to release all the tension, all the stresses, all the pressures accumulated inside her head.

With the company of Chaeyeon, their main dancer, and Eunbi, the leader, Yujin was able to improve her performance because she did, like really, really bad in their group's choreography practice in front of their dance teacher.

“I'm disappointed in you, Yujin.”

That simple but fearful sentence had hurt Yujin's pride. So when the teacher called the day off, the group's unofficial speaker insisted to stay (alone) to practice longer than the other members.

Chaeyeon, as the most skilled dancer, volunteered to stay and teach Yujin, and Eunbi, the second best dancer (actually it's more because of her protective mother instinct) decided to wait and practice with the two, that left Sakura and Hyewon (as the most trustworthy unnie line, as if) in charge to take care of the other members back home.

When Yujin (finally) fully mastered the dance routine for their new song, the three finally got to rest while Eunbi went to turn off the speaker.

“What bothers you so much, Yujin? I feel like you've been drown into your own, deep thoughts,” Chaeyeon asked as they both sat on the floor while their backs leaned against the mirrored wall. Eunbi came back to join the conversation.

Releasing her breath, Yujin wiped the bullets of sweat on her forehead as well as her nose as she slowly answered Chaeyeon. “I just...have a lot in my mind.”

Like how Wonyoung looked so happy when she stood in the center. Like how everyone was able to keep the bright smile on Wonyoung’s face. Like how thrilled and excited Wonyoung seemed when she’s with Chaeyeon, or Yena, or Eunbi, or Hyewon, the funny and weird unnies. Or, like how Wonyoung semed to have so much chemistry and clicked so well with Chaewon.

That was kind of a huge surprise to Yujin. How did the two of them know each other so well anyway? Chaewon’s world during Super Idol 48 was only Eunbi, her same-company friends, and the trainees that had been in one evaluation team with her before (like Nako for example) and Wonyoung WAS never in any of them.

That was such a hidden friendship that Yujin never knew she’d be envious of somehow.

“Like what?” Eunbi pressed.

“Like...just random things. My mind is so jumbled and messy, and I’m exhausted, that's all.”

She never told them her real thoughts.

“That's a first from you, for me at least. You have always been such an energetic kid,” Chaeyeon commented before softly squeezing the younger's shoulder. “Have strength Ahn  Yujin! I know it's the hardest for you, since you never really show us your agonies.”

“Next to the foreign kids, I'm worried about you the most. I wish you'll be able to open up about your feelings more to us, especially me as your leader,” Eunbi encouraged with a small smile and a little pat on her back.

Yujin regained her strengths thanks to the two reliable members. She began to chin up and smiled more brightly and Eunbi as well as Chaeyeon were to be credited for them.

“Thank you, unnies. I'm grateful to you two, really!”

With a relieved breath, Eunbi threw her right arm around Yujin's neck and said, “I’m so thirsty. I wish someone can come in through the door now and bring driㅡ”

As if on cue, someone opened the door of the practice room and brought cold, refreshing drinks in her hands.

“Are you all finished with practice yet? I bring drinks for you guys!”

“Wonyoung? You haven’t gone home with the others?” It was the youngest, slash the tallest and the center of the group. Chaeyeon raised her head at Wonyoung's entrance and the whipped smile on her face was obvious.

Yujin rolled her eyes at the so-called mother-daughter and pretended not to be too excited to the youngest's presence.

“Actually, we all haven't left yet. Kkura unnie suggested we stay until you guys finish practice so we can go home together, and we're all chilling and resting at the cafe when I thought you guys must be exhausted and thirstyㅡ so, Cola and Sprite?”

“Thank you my baby!” Eunbi squealed at Wonyoung's quick-witted actions and was really thankful for the girl's smart brain. Just when she thought having Sprite at this moment was heavenly, the tallest member really had to bring in her favourite drink.

Yujin huffed out from and shifted her gaze away when Eunbi hugged her “baby” and kissed the baby bunny's cheek. Not until Wonyoung came up to her and offered the remaining Cola, Yujin wouldn't set her eyes on them.

“Here's for you, Yujinie!”

“Thank you,” Yujin took the offered drink and gave a small smile.

But when there was another person coming into the room, Yujin was back to her energetic side.

“Hey guys, I bought breads in case you're hungryㅡ”


The second tallest ran excitedly like a happy puppy seeing the pet's owner ㅡ in this case, Minjoo is the owner to Puppy Ahn ㅡ and hugged the member that she favoured the most like a clingy puppy she is.

“Uh, hmm, Yujin, can you please let me down and go?”

The puppy and its owner missed the sad look painted (briefly) on the baby bunny's face.


Always in a moment Wonyoung felt her heart ripped into pieces, there was always a Chaewon (angel) who saw the awful state she was in.

Chaewon offered a help but Wonyoung suddenly felt too prideful to accept her hand this time.

“I just want to help you feel betterㅡ”

“Do I ask for your help? No, right?! Just go away!”

Speechless by the straightforward rejection, Chaewon kept mum on her position and clenched her lips (as she told herself internally not to cry). “Okay, I won't bother you. I'm sorry if I make you upset.”

The moment Chaewon turned her back and stepped away from her, Wonyoung felt a rush of regret immediately sipped inside her heart and began crying to herself.


Inside the smaller room and on the top bunk bed, the labelmates; the bandmates, the roommates; the (ex) girlfriends that were Yujin and Minjoo were sitting together and having their own bonding moment.

The short-haired was pouting as the other girl seemed to be ignoring her but scrolling her twitter timeline on her phone’s screen.

“Minguri, you’ve been watching that fan’s video for the nth times now!” she whined all thanks to the lack of attention Minjoo was giving her.

“I can’t help it! Chaewon unnie looks so cute yet funny in this video!” Minjoo answered. Maybe a little bit too enthusiastically to Yujin’s annoyance.

“She was freaking staring at you like she would murder you at that time yet you said she’s cute?” the short-haired rolled her eyes.

“She’s cute and lovely no matter what she does, to be honest!”

Yujin felt nauseous at Minjoo’s over-exaggeration – as expected from the drama queen – but still, she didn’t feel too good about it.

“It’s too bad I didn’t notice her earlier when we were in Super Idol. I literally ignored her existence since she was “screentime-less”–”

“Is that even a real word?”

“Shut up! Let me speak until the end! Anyway, I also ignored how every other trainee would say she’s a literal angel in a human form, and how she pretty she was–“

“She’s in top six visual pick anyway, just in case you forgot!”

“Are you going to disobey and disrespect me like this?” Minjoo flattened her eyes, too annoyed by Yujin’s disruption.

“Do you really like her that much now? I’m still wounded you pushed me away the last time we kissed, please don’t rub the salt on my wound anymore!”

“Like I don’t know you only used me as an experiment for your twisted feelings!” Minjoo snorted. “Didn’t you already explain to me how you were confused about your growing feelings for a certain center and you kissed me only to confirm your feelings?!”

Yujin was fed up with Minjoo’s counter-attack and climbed down the ladder from Minjoo’s bunk. “I’m out of this conversation!” she declared and strode to the door.

“Oh by the way,” Yujin stopped half-way to opening the door. “In case you forgot, Hiichan has had a crush on Chaewon since Super Idol days so don’t go around thinking you can win that angel’s heart easily!”

Minjoo puffed her cheeks and cursed under her breath.

“Sh*t, I forgot about that cheeks!”


Yujin wasn’t lying about Hiichan’s (her name is Hitomi, but Hiichan sounded cuter) crush. They were playing some truth or dare game during Super Idol 48 days before, when they were having first group evaluation and Hiichan was part of the same, so-called Avengers team.



“So Hiichan, truth or dare?” Eunbi asked.


“Do you have a crush on anyone among the contestants?”

Hiichan looked a little hesitant and unsure to answer, but she still replied despite taking her time.

“To be honest, yes, I do have a crush on someone right now.”

“REALLY?!!! WHO IS IT???!!!” Yena and Yujin were the noisiest upon Hiichan’s confession.

“1 question per round only! Now, I’ll spin the bottle!” Hiichan was embarrassed yet was stern enough to not answer the latter question. Unsatisfied grunts were heard in the room but Hiichan ignored them (because she did want to avoid talking about it. A certain leader in the room had known her crush too well so Hiichan was a little too shy to confess).

As they all passed the first round, Minjoo got to spin first for the second round and the bottle stopped at Hiichan. The girls in the dorm were screaming in celebration but Hiichan was too terrified to answer the questions thrown by the two clowns of the group earlier.

“Truth or dare?” Minjoo asked excitedly.



Hiichan had to cover her ears and pressed her palms against them tightly. They were too loud to her liking.

Seeing the disappointed reactions from her friends, Minjoo tapped her chin and thought of a good way for the subject to expose whom her crush was.

“Hmm Hiichan I heard your drawing skills were quite decent. I dare you to describe your crush in a form of a drawing!”

“NICE ONE MINJOO!!!” the other girls shouted excitedly but not so much for the victim of the game.

“You guys are terrible! Why would you want to know whom my crush is anyway?!” Despite her complaints, Hiichan proceeded to take the pencil and A4 paper that Sakura had pushed to her. She didn’t go with a complicated drawing, but a simple one that she could finish up quickly. She drew her description largely on the paper, almost filled the entire angles. At least, the wings she drew were huge compared to the human figure. When she was done with the drawing, she threw the pencil to the floor, quickly rose on her feet and ran out from the room. They knew she was afraid and too shy to be teased, so they let her be. Chaeyeon took the piece of paper that was left in the middle of the circle.

“A girl with a long hair and two huge wings? Is this supposed to be an angel?”

Eunbi gasped, realizing whom Hiichan could mean from the drawing alone. “My dongsaeng?”



Thinking back about that time, Yujin had a good laugh of Hitomi’s shy demeanour. She didn’t know living inside that savage heart could be timid when talking about her crush.

The short-haired was having too much fun while her mind had a throwback at the time when she barely knew who the angel in Hiichan’s drawing was, until she heard the doorbell of her dorm rang. With her position being the closest to the door while everyone else was inside their own room, Yujin went to open it and was surprised with Wonyoung’s appearance.

“Wonyoung? What are you doing here? Have you been crying? Why are your eyes red and your cheeks stained?”

Ignoring Yujin’s bullets of questions, Wonyoung asked her with another. “Is Chaewon unnie inside? I want to see her.” She was being too straightforward to Yujin’s liking, which she rolled her eyes at for a brief second, but shrugged it off quickly.

“She’s inside her room right now. Hey, you know you can tell me now if you have any problem–”

“Thank you Yujin! I’m only here to see her!”

When Wonyoung went inside the bigger room with four other residents, Yujin could feel her heart was bleeding.


 Few more months after that, and almost a year into their debut anniversary, the girls were nowhere reaching to a final conclusion for the silent love-triangle war. Yujin knew Minjoo would never look at her the same anymore but Chaewon, and the official radish fairy was still tangled and stuck between her two famous partners, Minjoo and Hitomi.

But Yujin was more annoyed at; while Chaewon couldn’t make a true decision still, she suddenly had new victims Wonyoung and Yena whipped for her. Yena was not a concern though; no matter how many girls she flirted with, she’d always come back to Yuri, her true, one and only.

Wonyoung was a whole different reason, however. She could care less about everyone in the group falling for Kim Chaewon’s charm, but Yujin could never accept it if Wonyoung did too.


“You’re so stupid, Yudings!” Minjoo spat and shook her head. Yujin was all ears although she was too tired to listen to more naggings.

It was another evening of Yujin sitting in with Minjoo just for the older girl to criticize her for breathing.

Okay, that was a lie.

“You told the fans you wanted to take care of her the most, and that you wanted to be her secret friend so you could take care of her properly but you did exactly NONE of that!”

Yujin silently accepted and absorbed all the harsh, nasty and negative words her ex-girlfriend spat at her because honestly, over everything else, she deserved the criticism.

“You keep shooting daggers at Chaeyeon unnie for what reason? For treating the baby so well, unlike you?! It was so hard of us to ignore the pained look on her face. It’s especially hard for me to pretend I didn’t care about how she’d get hurt if I keep clinging into you. I know it’s what the company wanted us to do, for publicity like they said, though they were against our relationship in the first place, but we can’t do that forever, and you know it!”

Yujin pressed her face into her palms and in any moment she could feel the tears that she had been suppressing in the back of her eyes would be spilling down. The pain inside her heart caused by the constant slices and stabs had been too much for her to bear and endure. She had no one to lean on for a moment like this but Minjoo.

No one knew the real reason why Yujin had to stay away from Wonyoung and why Minjoo had constantly been clingy around Yujin. Their previous company made a deal with their current company and forced the (ex) couple to stay with each other as fans wanted them to be for marketing purpose. They thought of making high profit sales by consistently promoting the famous pair together.

“Chaewon unnie had told me, she always caught Wonyoung crying alone, ever since we were in Super Idol. It happened too frequently that it turned into a habit for Wonyoung to go see Chaewon unnie whenever she felt troubled. And Wonyoung would always say no when Chaewon asked if she could tell you about that.”

Yujin felt her heart flipped as she continuously heard Minjoo's voice rang into her ears.

“So to make Wonyoung feel better, Chaewon unnie would always take her to go eat mintchoco ice cream together.” They suddenly giggled at the last part.

It was typical of Chaewon and Wonyoung to eat mintchoco ice cream together.

“Yujin, listen to me.” Minjoo had gripped into her wrist and there was no way Yujin could and never would escape from her. “The company might have forced us together, and although I'll never get tired of being with you, I just want you to make wiser decision and never neglect the ones who actually deserve your attention the most.”

“If me saying this last warning to you still gets you nowhere, don't blame anyone else if Wonyoung has really slipped away from you.”


They had a concert at Japan, the land of their foreign members Sakura, Nako and Hitomi were born at. The date of the concert was also close to their group's center and her unrequited soulmate’s birthdays. After all, the two were given birth only a day away.

To make up for all the useless, stupid mistakes of hers, Yujin had prepared something in advance to make Wonyoung feel better and more appreciated by her. If this didn't go well, then Yujin thought she should let go of her true feelings, for real. Because, this would be her last resort.

The turn for units’ performances finally came. Yujin was lucky she was put in one unit with the center, and that made it easy for her to plan this cringy yet probably most expensive move from her.

The choreography for her unit's performance involved roses and each of them had to offer the flower to Chaewon, which the latter would take Yujin's as the taller girl's position was the closest to her.

But Yujin had another plan at the concert. Instead of giving the rose to Chaewon, she readjusted her hand to Chaewon's right and offered the flower to Wonyoung instead. It was kinda a sweet revenge to Chaewon too; for the older girl had pranked her in the previous concert for taking Wonyoung's flower instead of hers; but mostly because she wanted to make Wonyoung feel happy again because of her.

The happiness flashed on Wonyoung's face was worth it (of Yujin's most expensive effort yet to sail this ship), but the cute, shocked expression on Chaewon's face was a bonus to Yujin.

At the ending of the performance, Yujin wandered around Wonyoung to execute her original plan; that was to put the flower in her hand on the center’s ear and confessed. It was a bit too cowardly, but as long as her true feeling was delivered well to Wonyoung, it was all fine for her.

Wonyoung was obviously surprised but still contented when Yujin tucked the flower on her left ear. They both smiled and giggled as they faced the crowd, but as soon as the stage turned dark, Yujin whispered in her ear.

“I love you.”

Cue dramatic music and slow-motion effect, Wonyoung stared at Yujin in disbelief as the latter kept her eyes on the girl. It was the first time Yujin could be so brave to face Wonyoung like this, and she deserved a big round of applauses for that.

The other members of the unit already returned backstage, leaving the two youngest members on the stage alone. It wasn’t for long though, because the manager was already instructing them to go back fast.

Wonyoung regained her sense first, as she moved her legs to head backstage.

“We’ll talk about this later,” she said. Yujin suddenly became afraid of the outcome.


Apparently, the word “later” Wonyoung meant was; after the concert, when everyone had gone down from the stage, gathering at the back, getting change, and before they’d all head back to the hotel.

But, as usual, Yujin was too afraid to face the confrontation. Instead of anticipating for Wonyoung’s answer, she had been avoiding the youngest until her birthday was almost over.

The group had returned to the hotel they resided in for their temporary stay in Japan. It was obvious to the rest of the members’ eyes about the awkwardness between the two youngest.  None of them were aware of Yujin’s (secret little) confession to Wonyoung on stage during the unit’s performance with the exception of Minjoo, so they were quietly wondering to themselves what had happened to their two beloved youngest members.

Yujin was resting inside her shared hotel room with Hyewon but her roommate was nowhere in the same place, so that left her lying down on the bed by herself.

The blonde girl played with her phone as the time passed slowly. She texted her ex-girlfriend slash her former and current bandmate, asking her opinion about something.


[To > Minguri]

yudings: do you think I did the right thing with the confession? What if Wonyoung actually doesn't feel the same :(

minguri: you're thinking too much into it, Yuzin...Wonyoung was probably too shocked to receive the confession on the stage to react properly

yudings: I'm afraid to hear her answer...what if she rejects me…? I don't think I can go on with group activities like this if she does ㅠㅠ


Minjoo however, didn't reply anything to the last message she sent although it had been read. Was Minjoo too fed up with her to provide proper answer for that text?

Hyewon still didn't come back to the room. Yujin had no one to talk to. Minjoo ignored her message, her hotel roommate that she had grown really close to wasn't in the room, her respectable leader had probably fallen asleep due to exhaustion, her reliable main dancer was probably too busy tending to her younger roommate to entertain her. Her partner in crime Yena...well the duck-like-lips girl maybe was into gaming activities with Sakura, again. And Hyewon might be missing because she's joining them too.

While Yujjn was succumbed to the feeling of loneliness and almost gave her tears away, the doorbell rang, indicating a visitor.

“Is it room service? Did Hyewon order anything?” she mumbled before wiping the mist in her eyes and strode to the door.

Once she arrived in front of the door, Yujin suddenly got nervous for no reason. What if there were some robbers or kidnappers behind it that would trap and worst case possible, kill her?

You watched too many dramas, Yujin-ah. Her conscience said at the back of her head. Yujin could even feel the same conscience rolled its eyes at her.

Okay, breathe in, Yujin! You can do this!

The moment she opened the door, she became frozen on her position and was too stunned to move.

“I said we’ll talk about that later, and it’s later now so why are you avoiding me?”

It was Wonyoung, surprisingly; explained the nerve-wrecking moment she felt earlier on, not because of some robbers or kidnappers apparently.

Yujin swallowed the lump in quietly as Wonyoung entered the room without being invited.

“We seriously need to talk, Yujinie. I don’t think I can hold myself back any longer.”

Seeing the center was all serious and expressionless, Yujin slowly nodded her head, feeling intimidated.


With the both of them sitting down on Yujin’s bed, crossing their legs and facing each other, with a slow breath Wonyoung began to fill Yujin in.

“For the past months, I keep wondering to myself what did I do wrong for you to be drifted away from me drastically like this. I know our relationship hadn’t been the best, considering our past temporary broken friendship, but it still hurts me so much to see you with other members but me. Yujin, can you please tell me where and when did I mess up that we have become this way?”

“And please, don’t tell me that you have nothing against me and don’t avoid such questions anymore! Your actions for the past months are too shady for me to accept we have absolutely no problem with each other!” she added.

The short-haired brunette shook her head, feeling anxious when Wonyoung had that thought of feeling herself at fault rather than putting the blame on Yujin.

“Wonyoung…” Yujin breathed slowly. “...trust me it's not you, it's me.”

The dark-haired snickered spitefully, not accepting Yujin's excuse very well, yet. “So cliche, I thought that line only existed in dramas, not real life.”

Yujin sighed in little despair, feeling small in front of Wonyoung for some reason. She was dejected by the reaction, but who could blame Wonyoung for that?

“Listen Wonyoung-ah...” Yujin scooted closer, the tips of her toe touched Wonyoung’s foot, and reached out her hands to hold Wonyoung’s as her palms wrapped around the younger’s slender fingers. “It's really about me. I'm the one who's at fault here.”

Wonyoung didn't interrupt and let Yujin finished whatever she had to say.

“I have never told you before, but the real issues from the beginning have always been me. The mistake I made for dating my own bandmate and getting caught by the company, putting my group's career at risk and going to the survival show as a punishment! When the company first caught me dating Minjoo, they cut short our promotion and stopped our album productions, making our sales dropped, letting our group flopped. So they sent us to Super Idol while the rest of the group will most likely go on without us. They dropped us out without official announcement, but we just knew it.”

“But then, when both Minjoo and I successfully made our re-debut, they had made another plan. They wanted us to keep appearing lovey-dovey on and off screen for publicity purpose!”

Wonyoung listened to Yujin's story-telling attentively. When the brunette didn’t seem to have more words to say, she blinked and breathed out heavily.

“So you pushed me away because of that? Because you have to keep staying by Minjoo's side on your company's order?!” She scoffed in disbelief. “And here I thought you wanted to stay as my friend again forever! Am I that less valuable to you that you did that to me?!”

The dark-haired center tossed the bed's cover from getting in her way and got off the bed. “I’m leaving! I'm so done with you Yujin!”

Before the taller could take one more step away, Yujin managed to grasp her wrist, stopping the other girl from leaving.

“I love you Wonyoung-ah! I truly do!”

Wonyoung held her breath as she heard the heart-fluttering confession once again. She stared down speechlessly at Yujin who was sitting on the bed. The brunette had tears forming in her eyes.

“I wasn't kidding when I said that on stage earlier. I started feeling weird when we met again, and that's when I learned you mean so much, so important as much as or probably more than Minjoo to me.”

“The times we spent away from each other was a torture to me, and it made me thinking I needed to see a new friend and had to move on that we couldn't be with each other all the time. And Minjoo came in, so I fully let you go.”

“And when we met once again as I was going through a hard time, I truly felt strengthened by your mere presence. The fact that you were there with me, I was like “Wow, Wonyoung's with me and I must not mess up. I must show her that I will always be the same dependable friend for her”. But then you started to outgrow me in terms of everything, and I suddenly felt so difficult to approach you like I did before. So instead of telling you the truth, I stayed away from you,” Yujin ended her speeches with tears falling on her face.

Wonyoung snapped her hand away and crossed her arms.

“Aren't they all just your excuses?!”

“It is!”

She was stunned by the quick retort as Yujin rose from the bed and stood tall in the same level in front of her.

“Because I’m such an idiotic coward! I’m only brave at the dumbest things but become a pure fool when it comes to one of the most important person in my life, that is you.”

They were breathing heavily, both choked by Yujin's words full of meaning and sincerity. Their eyesights were blurry because of their tears, the atmosphere became sullen and bizarre.

“So, what do you really want for me? I can't always just sit by silently and become your foolishness’s victim, you know,” Wonyoung said after they had calmed down a little.

Yujin took a deep breath as she reached out for Wonyoung's soft (like a baby's) hands.

“I am a fool, coward and greedy all at the same time, but I want you to always stay by my side, Wonyoung, forever at that. Because I have fallen for you, and I don't want to ever get over this unless it's really over.”

She raised her right hand up and her thumb Wonyoung's left cheek.

“I love you and I want you. Do you want me too?”

Wonyoung began tearing up again but because of absolute happiness this time as she nodded her head furiously.

“Yes, yes, I do!”

Yujin’s lips broke into a huge, charming grin as she cupped Wonyoung's face against her palms. “I love you so much, Wonyoung-ah!”

She leaned in and closed the gap, kissing Wonyoung's lips. Feeling surreal with how close Yujin's face was, how intimate their lock-lips session was, how hot Yujin's breath hitting her face was; Wonyoung beamed happily.


[To > Kwangbae]

eugene: what time will you be back?

kwangbae: I assume you and Wonyoung already make up and are making out. She's all yours tonight. I’m sleeping at Chaeyeon's


Cuddling on the bed, the new couple covered themselves under the thick, warm and comfortable duvet with big smiles plastered on their faces, obviously over the cloud with how far they had come and were absolutely satisfied with the outcome of Yujin's expensive confession.

Yujin threw her arm around Wonyoung and scooped the girl closer to her before slowly pecking Wonyoung's cheek.

“Gosh I love you so much Wonyoung-ah!”


Under rare occasion, random thoughts would sometime cross over their minds.

“Yujin, who do you think Chaewon unnie will choose; Minjoo or Hiichan?”

“I don't know, but what I'm sure about is I choose you.”

And Yujin decided to be the whipped and cheesy one for the love of her life this time.

A/N: I promised to update last week and I'm sorry for breaking that. I might have (or might not) been so occupied with works. And this final part is actually longer than I expected. So while I wrote this long piece, I hope you all enjoy and have fun reading it! Thank you for your comments and supports. 'Till we see each other again. Byebye *wave* (^_^)/

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For a little clarification, this story was written with PD48 and IZ*ONE in real life in mind but kind of parallel universe version. Yujin's view about Wonyoung's growth is the important point of this story. I hope you all enjoy my fic ^^
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