Chapter Five

Mad Love
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“Joy is telling me to bleach my hair.” Yeri said without much a hassle. She her own hair, wondering if she should get it or not. Wanting an answer and assurance from Wendy, she looked the girl patiently.


“Don't do it, it will damage your hair. You look good like this” Wendy answered, skipping through her notebooks. It was Saturday and she had the plan with Irene in the evening. She felt bad about not hanging out with her sister but it's only for today so she let it be. Yeri, unexpectedly wanted to come over and just hang out for a while, reasonings that she felt so bored.


“Thanks, I was confused. Joy does have cool styles so…” Yeri admitted though she would never ever agree in front of Joy. Wendy thinks that Joy and Yeri were born to annoy the hell out of each other.


“Why are you still studying? You're so boring!” Yeri whined, throwing a pillow towards Wendy, who panicked and dodged it quickly.


The dull and sweet Wendy only knew books and would stay into it rather than agreeing on doing crazy stuffs, how Yeri liked it. She gave a shy smile, “I like studying”


“No one would fall for that! See, that's why you're still single!” The complexity in Yeri’s voice was funny. She was half disappointed in her favorite unnie, but she's glad that Wendy is the same and would like her to be as she is.


“Hey! People like me are doing fine.” Wendy threw the pillow back, offended by what Yeri blurted out. She wasn't interested in getting into love and all, it was only a problem for now on.


“It amazes me that Joy is in relationship, she must have blackmailed that poor guy” Yeri sympathized on her own thoughts.


Wendy laughed, and cooed, “Aw you only talk about Joy”


“Because she does stupid that I can't stop talking about.” 


“That is love” Wendy teased, gaining a disgusting reaction from Yeri, who dreaded the idea of Love with Joy. Love and Joy didn't blend together in her dear lovely dictionary. 


“Talking about love, Kai is thrilled with Irene” Yeri spurted, because she had witnessed Kai talking nonstop about Irene and how she makes him very happy and delightful. It was cringe to watch.


Wendy nodded like a kid, because she could, I mean everyone could see the spark on Kai’s face, obviously because of Irene. She smiled, “They both look good together”


“That I can't deny, Irene seems okay to me, I don't know why Seulgi unnie and Joy are paranoid about it.” Yeri classified her thoughts.


Wendy closed her notebooks and organized them in their rightful place, looking through other books of her interest, “The rumors aren't too good, so they don't think Irene is the right person.”


“They're being a little too much, we don't know if it's real anyway, is it real, unnie?” Yeri questioned 


Wendy, astonished by the question, looked Yeri confusingly, “Why are you asking me that? I don't know.”


“Oh, I thought you were friends with her”


“We all are friends with her” Wendy corrected.


Yeri nodded, “I want to know Irene, she seems really interesting. Joy and Seulgi unnie face would be priceless if we become besties.”


The small chuckle made the room light, “They're going to flip out”  


Wendy sat on the park’s wooden bench, looking her wristwatch, she was over a little earlier but it's good anyway. She looked around for her enjoyment, waiting for Irene, who had been enthusiastic for this walk.


“This sudden date is really nice.” Kai smiled and pulled Irene closer in his arms. Irene had volunteered to sit in his lap, making him almost go blind and crazy. 


Irene gave a cheshire cat smile, and trailed her fingers around Kai’s face. Kai gulped as Irene looked really beautiful, making him want to kiss her right away, he hadn't tasted those lips for awhile.


“I missed you.” Irene said in a hoarse tone and finally stopping her fingers at Kai’s wet lips. Irene bit her lips as she leaned in closer and closer, Kai finally taking the initiative to aggressively pull Irene making them touch their lips.


Oh, Kai was electrified by those lips, he didn't want to stop but Irene quickly pulled away, defining the kiss as just a small peck. Kai replied, “I wanted more…”


Irene gave a board smile, looked away and said, “It’s our first date, let's not kiss much for today”


Kai slipped his arms around Irene’s petite waist, and leaned his head to her side, “Our first date could have been better than this, I was stunned to see you invite me earlier”


“You are my boyfriend, there's nothing stunning about me inviting you.” Irene said with a poker face.


“I thought you said you had plans this Saturday.” Kai reasoned out to Irene, asking her about today’s plan that she had to attend too.


Irene shrugged, “It isn't important,”


“You're far more important”


Kai laughed and hugged Irene, wanting to never let go as Irene’s sweet cologne became his favorite.


Wendy looked her wristwatch again, totally pumped and worried about Irene, who is 2 hour late already. Wendy was still in that same bench, hopeful for Irene to come around. Everything making her nervous, because this was Irene’s plan and yet she wasn't here.


“Did something happen to her?” Wendy said to herself, standing up and walking around in search of Irene. It looked stupid but she didn't want to leave right now, she made a lot of scenarios in her head wondering why Irene didn't come. She hoped that Irene isn't hurt or whatsoever, she was dead worried about the latter.


Wendy decided to wait a little longer, Irene never showed up.  



“It's unusual, why aren't you coming to the Sunday stroll?” Seulgi said, eating her pringles in Wendy’s bed.


An overly frustrated Wendy sighed, plopping down beside Seulgi, “I just don't feel like going in for walks right now.”


“Did something happen, Wannie?” Seulgi asked, but never leaving to be empty, continuously feeding herself.


“It's nothing, Seul. I'm just not in the mood for a walk. We should play the game you talked about.” Wendy pursued, not wanting to remember how she waited for someone at the park till dark.


Seulgi didn't question further because as Yeri said, Wendy would come around. She didn't like the fact that Wendy had something eating her up in the mind, she wanted to help but if only Wendy allowed it too.


“I'm already sick of that game, if I play it even more, I'm going to flip. Let's just watch some movie in your laptop” Seulgi suggested and Wendy pulled her laptop from the nightstand, flipping it and clicking the power button.


“I have sloppy movies” Wendy warned, she liked romantic movies so her laptop was filled with genres of that and nothing.


Seulgi chuckled, moving closer to Wendy, “I'm used to it by now.”


“Perks of being with me” Wendy gave a genuine smile, spreading her hands for pringles, but Seulgi didn't respond,


“Our friendship hasn't gone to that level for me to be sharing pringles yet.” 


A burst of laugh made Seulgi happy, Wendy rarely laughs like that, it was refreshing to hear it, “I bought you that pringles!!!”


“It has nothing to do with what I said” Seulgi rolled her eyes, eating down pringles like a madwomen.


“Kang Seulgi, I just love you” Wendy blurted it out while laughing, seeing her b
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