You Make My Today Better


Whoever said that money doesn't make happy was right. At least that is what Kim Jennie is thinking. 
Jennie is far from being happy. 
In a world where you can't be too sure about other people and whether they actually like you or just your money, all Jennie wants is a friend. 
A person that doesn't know or care who her parents are or that she is part of one of the richest families of the country. 
And when she reaches the point when Jennie just can't take it anymore, she decides to run away, to try and to find happiness. 
On her journey, she meets Lisa Manoban who doesn't seem to know Jennie's family. 
Together with Lisa and her friends, Jennie begins her journey of healing but of course, her family won't accept the disappearance of their only child just like that and will try to find her. 


Hey you,

It is almost the 10th of September again. Which is the World Suicide Prevention Day. 
And maybe you already know about my past projects. But I will explain it shortly for those who don't. So since I created my account 2014, I publish at least one story on the World Suicide Prevention Day each year. The plot is always different but the topic always has something to do with mental health. The pairing of the stories is a new one each year so you don't have to read my previous works to understand this one. 
You can read the previously published stories here: LINK

As always, my stories of this project are inspired by the non-profit organization To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA). 
They are an organization that is trying to help people with mental health issues and they launch a campaign each year for the World Suicide Prevention Day. This year, the campaign is called:

You make today better.

For more information, there is a short video on Youtube about it: LINK 
And of course, a blog post with more information about their campaign that you can check out if you are curious: LINK 
Also, there is always something called response card that you can print out if you want to. There is the sentence: I make today better... written on it for you to complete it. Here is the link to this card and other stuff that you can use to support the campaign and to raise awareness about mental health: LINK

Thank you so much for checking out this story and for your interest in it. 
If you decide to stay and read it, I hope you will enjoy it. 
Feel free to write down your thoughts in a comment.

~ BlackRosesTears 

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