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Star Confetti
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Flashing lights, metal interior, the spaceship was as she expected it to be. Designed to suit a modern minimalist, the spaceship was quite nice. Even a little more spacious than what would be expected based on the outside. Everyone got their own room and there was even an extra one just in case. It suit Eunhee's tastes greatly. She was enamored with the setting and stared in awe at the technology.

"People from Earth are quite behind in technology, huh," Eunhee heard a voice say. It was the shortest male of the bunch who Eunhee vaguely recalled his name. 

"Where are you from?" 

"Saturn," He replied in a somber tone. Eunhee couldn't tell what was the reason behind his tone, but she saw the flash of sadness in his eyes. That's when she remembered what everyone was here for. They all had someone that they wanted back enough to go through all this trouble for. They all were holding the same sadness that Eunhee has been holding since the death of her best friend. There was an awkward silence for a bit as Eunhee didn't want to say anything that might possibly hurt the captain. 

"Ahem," Chanyeol broke the silence, giving Eunhee a cheeky smile, "Why don't I show you to your room?"

At the chance to leave the awkward situation, Eunhee nodded quickly and sped to Chanyeol's side as he guided her through the ship. Her room would pass by all the necessary areas that he would point out to her on the way. 

"Earth... They're not really connected to the other planets." The tall man spoke suddenly, "You guys aren't aware of the situations in other planets nor are you guys as advanced as a lot of us." He stopped in his tracks and gave Eunhee a small smile before shaking his head and pointing at a door at the end of the hall. 

"This is your room," He moved his finger to the first room on the left, "And that is my room. If you need anything don't hesitate to ask."

With that, Eunhee was left alone as she entered her room, her mind flooded with thought. Baffled with what was happening around her. It seemed like it was too fast, well everything did happen really quickly. Not too even a day ago, she was on earth, helplessly sobbing over the loss of her best friend. And now she found herself on a space ship.

Was it possible to be intoxicated off tears?

This didn't feel like a real thing, it was impossible that it was a real thing. Maybe she was hallucinating? But it couldn't have been a dream it's already lasted for so long. What about her family? Wait. What about her family? Would they notice her gone? Perhaps she was being a little too rash when she suddenly made the decision to board the ship. But it was already too late, wasn't it? At the end of the day, if she could get her best friend back, that's all that mattered to her. With her mind in shambles, she laid on the soft mattress. Her brains felt like they were going to explode. Maybe it was from her thoughts, or the fatigue, or quite possibly maybe it was due to the tears that she cried. Without knowing, a tear slipped from the corner of her eyes as her eyelids slowly fell, putting her in a deep slumber.


Eunhee wasn't sure how long she had been asleep for, nor could she really tell. The view from outside her window only showed the dark space alongside a couple rocks that flew by occasionally and the clocks in her room looked a bit wonky. Or maybe they were the right time in another planet. Her head was pounding from the night before but she managed to push herself up from her laying position. This time she took time to scan her room. Her mattress was queen sized with a plain white cover, a desk sitting right across from it, a circular window showing the endless sky to the right of her bed, and an empty closet right next to the desk. Mentally she took note of the fact that she didn't have any clothes and would have to remind the others on the ship later. She heard something crumple in her pocket and whens he reached into her pocket, she found the note that she was supposed to read from Chen. Once again, tears welled up and became hoarse. 

'I'm going to save you Chen.'

 She managed to stand up as she walked to the desk, opening the drawer before carefully placing the note in there. Then she exited the room.

Hopefully a bottle of water would relieve the pain in (alongside maybe the migraine that she got). The emptiness and quiet on the ship helped her come to the conclusion that it was night and everyone was asleep. She tiptoed around as she tried to recall the directions that Chanyeol gave her before she reached the kitchen. She opened the fridge and grabbed a bottle, letting out a soft sigh before closing the fridge and turning around. Only to be met with a masked figure that resulted in a high pitched scream to escape her lips. 

At the scream, Suho and Chanyeol came rushing in to find the source of the scream. Each of them looked equally tired with their dishelved hair before simultaneously asking what was wrong. At that point Eunhee was crouching down, her hand gripping at her chest before glaring at the masked man. Why was he even wearing a mask? The mask was freakish and maybe she would never get used to seeing it. She used her other hand to point an accusatory finger at Sehun. "Him."

"What are you on about? I just came to get a drink."

"Why would you just sneak up on people like that without a noise? Especially with that ugly mask on!"


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