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It was a warm autumn day when Eunhee met her best friend, at the time she had just moved to Seoul from Busan which meant that she was a kid with no friends. It was fine for Eunhee, she didn't mind having no friends, she was never that sociable anyways. Instead of befriending the kids in her neighborhood, she decided to take a walk around Seoul, well at least the area her mother let her walk around - which was the school that she would be going to for kindergarten. She walked around the school, taking in the new area and trying to get familiar with the place when she had reached a brick wall and saw a boy who was sitting in front of it, reading a book. His eyes were focused on the book so she hoped she could just sneak away before he could notice her and as she turned around, it turned out it was already too late for her to sneak away.

"Hi!" A voice said, the boy said as Eunhee turned back around to see that the boy's gaze was now focused on her. Eunhee gave the male an awkward smile and raised her palm to wave at the male before he opened his mouth to speak again. "What's your name? How old are you?"

"My name is Eunhee, Han Eunhee. And I'm five." Eunhee said, her accent clear to the latter as he let out a laugh upon hearing her accent. He looked at the female who was pouting due to him laughing at her introduction before parting his lips.

"Your accent is funny, I'm Kim Jongdae but call me Chen. And I'm six."

"At least I don't look like a dinosaur and have a weird nickname." Eunhee said under her breath to which her new found friend had picked up immediately and whined at her words. The bickering between the two lasted almost five minutes before Chen finally gave up and blew a raspberry at the female after losing the bicker battle.

"What's your zodiac sign?" Chen asked and huffed, obviously still upset that she won the battle. "I'm a scorpio," Eunhee spoke while taking steps to the male so she could sit next to him. Chen hummed in response before casting his eyes back on the book that he was reading; scanning the whole page of the book, Chen finally placed his finger on one of the sentences before reading the passage.

"Scorpios can be too rough on Virgo, making them feel uncomfortable and violated in a way." Immediately, Eunhee jumped up and glared at the male before screaming: "I am not like that." To which Chen replied with: "Books don't lie!"

At that sentence, Eunhee immediately ran away after calling Chen stupid. And that was the start of their relationship, a rocky and rough one, but it ultimately paved the way to the great friendship they would have in the future.


It's been 13 years since Eunhee and Chen became friends; Eunhee's lips curled up at just the thought of that, her footsteps light on the concrete as she walked slowly to the place where she always went to after school. Chen ended up to be Eunhee's best friend out of the few friends that did she make and he was the one that stuck by her the longest. Despite their constant bickering, her friend was the kindest person she knew; he was always so cheerful and always helping everyone, he even comforted people even though he know he wasn't really good at it because he never knew what to do. Chen was basically an angel with the strongest mentality. Which was something that she hated and loved about Chen. She hated it so much because of how unfair it was that someone as kind as him happened to have a terrible fate. She hated how her angel was going to return back to where he came from soon. Her footsteps stop once she reached the entrance of her destination, the hospital. A bittersmile was printed on Eunhee's lips, how unfair was the world going to be? She continued her footsteps into the building once she mentally prepared herself once again for another day of having to see her best friend in the hospital. 

The nurse at the front desk greeted her with a wave and a pitiful smile; of course all the staff knew who Eunhee was, the girl who always visited the sweet boy who didn't have much time to live and of course everyone looked at the girl with pity. They felt terrible seeing the girl who tried to hide her pain with positivity despite knowing that she would soon be losing her best friend, they felt even worse having to see how both young adults beginning to look worse over time. As always, Eunhee greeted the nurses that she saw as she walked to the room that she had become so familiar with over the past couple years. 

She remembered the first time Eunhee saw her best friend in pain. It was when they were still young, she was 11 and he was 12. They were small, innocent, children at the time and they were just running around and having fun on a weekend; it was something that was the norm for both of them. They were laughing as they ran until Chen stopped and placed his hand on his chest, his breathing erratic - he was struggling so much to get his breathing right. At first they thought of it as nothing, they just went back to playing and thought everything would be alright after that day but it never was. Chen grew more tired, more weak. He was eating less and grew thinner. She remembered Chen always telling Eunhee that he was fine and he was just sick; then the day right after he told her that, he was gone for nearly a month. When he came back he said it was nothing and that he just caught the flu; then three years went by, Chen was growing worse each day. He was having pain in so much pain and he was beginning to look too thin, an unhealthy thin. By then Eunhee thought he was just weak and sickly, but never anything too serious. Though she soon got hit by the painful truth one day when she found her best friend coughing into his hand. Immediately she ran to his side and when he moved his hand away from his mouth, she saw a crimson red liquid in his hand and that's when he revealed the truth to her.

Eunhee stopped as she waited for the elevator to come, her heart beginning to ache as she was preparing to face the pain of seeing her best friend once again; in the weak state that he was in, he didn't have any strength to get out of his bed and his face was always a ghostly pale. But even in the state he was in, he still had the heart to always smile at her and pretend as if he wasn't in pain. She hated that about Chen too, she wished he would cry to her and let her comfort him; she knew he was struggling whenever she was gone, he hated being stuck inside. He was mischevious he wanted to go out and do things, but he never could. Even when they were young, he could never tell her anything that was hurting him because he wanted to be strong. Eunhee never understood why he had to act so tough especially with his condition, she never expected him to stay strong during a time like this. Not when he had to worry when his last day would come. Not when he was slowly losing the battle to his cancer.

Finally, Eunhee reached the door that led to her best friend's hospital room, she raised her palm and tapped the door with her knuckles. Once she heard the male's voice on the other side she took a deep breath and prepared herself to see her best friend once again. The moment she walked in, she felt her heart drop when she saw the male; his face was as white as sheet paper while his whole body looked like it would shatter at just a touch due to the lack of meat on his body. He wore a white beanie on his head to hide the effects of his chemotherapy; it seemed as if almost every aspect of his physical appearance changed, except for one thing and that was of course his smile. The smile that would warm anyone's heart at an instance. 

"You know you don't have to visit me all the time, right?" Chen spoke, his voice hoarse and quiet as he watched his best friend pull the seat beside his bed. His heart ached slightly at the

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