Star Confetti

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"Every atom of our body came from a star that died and when we die, we become stars in the sky to watch over our loved ones."

That's something that Han Eunhee's best friend, Kim Jongdae, had always said; ever since they met when she was five up until his very last breath. She always thought it was stupid to want to watch over someone as a star and be all alone. But she never thought there would be a day where she really wished what he said was true.

The day she wished his words were true was the same day that he had taken his last breath.

She spent hours crying, hours wishing he was still alive. And suddenly there seemed to be a solution to her wishes when three unknown men by the names of Kim Joonmyeon, Oh Sehun, and Park Chanyeol had brought her onto their spaceship on a trip to The Constellations. Igniting the flame of hope inside Eunhee.


Han Eunhee:

Age: 18

Planet: Earth


Kim Junmyeon (Suho):

Age: 22

Planet: Saturn


Park Chanyeol:

Age: 20

Planet: Pluto


Oh Sehun:

Age: 19

Planet: Neptune


Kim Jongin (Kai):

Age: 19

Planet: Mercury


Kim Jongdae (Chen):

Age: 19

Planet: Earth

Welcome to another story of mine which I hope doesn't become another unfinished project; the idea actually came from a dream that I had a couple weeks ago and I decided to make a story based on it! It's sort of science fiction and of course there is romance in this. I'll try to update as soon as I can but it might be difficult with my schedule, but anyways, I hope you enjoy this story!

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- Hyungwonhugme

Started: 08/13/2019

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