What if MC turned him down? - A Jumin route extension


"MC, will you be mine?"


For a moment it feels like time stops, even the flashes from the cameras are invisible and silent. 


You look down to see Jumin's smiling face looking up at you. The man who just proposed to you, holding your hand, kneeling before you. 


A cold hand touches your spine and there is a shiver which unfreezes the moment. You snatch away your hand.



What if MC turned Jumin down at the proposal? How could the story have progressed after an ending like that? 


To my dear reader<3

This was written a few years ago, but I hope you will enjoy it now!

In the Chat room chapters when you see a words highlighted like this ‘example word’ , it is to express an emoji like the ones used in mystic messenger!

This WILL be updated regularly since the story is a few paragraphs away from being finished!

please alert me of typos, weird expressions, words or anything! English is NOT my first language!


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samitsu #1
Chapter 7: Sooo how does this end? Or was that the ending already? Great plot btw