Collection of Short Stories


Anyhow, thank you to whoever that read this short story. I appreciated it very much. I've posted it on wattpad but I also decided to post it here on asianfanfics. I marked it as one-shot because it is indeed one-shot but then multiple random one-shots.

Once again, thank you to whoever stumbled upon this story because I don't have any high hopes on it and I just simply writing it as my brains sometimes, somehow like to do the imagination and love to create scenery where I want to write it so badly but with the limited english, yeah. That's the problem and also I don't know how to interpret it in words TT but I don't have art skill to draw it into comics so if you guys read the word in any of the story, I'm really sorry.



A random one-shots accompanied with random soundtracks and with the rough ideas of sceneries.

Hope you readers like it. :-)


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