The Chronicles of Hwang Eunbi & Choi Yuna

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Hi! This will be a collection of Yuju x Sinb (SinJu) fanfics.


I am converting my old fanfics and remake them into this pair. So if you felt familiar while reading, dont be alarmed, that is certainly my story. 


Not sure when will I start update this, but you can expect within 2 weeks.





 List of Collections:

1. A Story Only I Know.

Sinb can see ghost and somehow she helps a certain Choi Yuna's grandma final wish. And, things escalates from there.

2. I Dont Want To Be Her Mama

Sinb somehow saves Yuju from a car accident. Things become chaos however when Yuju wakes up and thought Sinb is her mom.



I've become too lazy to edit somehow, though I got so many fics to be posted here. Aishh.
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