Bloodstained Camellia

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Chanyeol, a sorcerer, decides to use forbidden magic to survive in a world where magic is dying. Through dubious means, he “marries” Kyungsoo, another sorcerer. Chanyeol is just using Kyungsoo as his personal blood bank; but his plan backfires when he begins to fall in love with Kyungsoo and contracts the Hanahaki disease as a result of his unrequited love and unexpected feelings.


Originally posted for the Exo Seasonal Fest Round 2: Spring and Summer- Blooming Days





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Mistycal #1
Chapter 3: What. Whattt. I need an explanation on that ending. PST sequel!!!!
Chapter 3: I cried all the way when chan discovered his disease to the end when he saw kyung soo again. I don't know what words will explain how much I loved this story and how much it affected my soul .
Memexo #3
Whenever I read ur story, I say this one is the best. Idk why I say this but don't blame me okay??!!! It's not my fault.
I had read it I'm AO3 and this story totally blown my mind. As I could felt chanyeol's feelings. U know the afternoon I read this story, I started to get a heartache because this was sooo sooo beautiful story ?thank u for writing it author nim
Chapter 3: Aww... still a happy ending! I wonder where Kyungsoo had gone to, though? Great story as always, authornim!
Chapter 2: Oh no, I’m actually dreading their confrontation now :{
Chapter 1: I went and looked up Hanahaki disease immediately ;) Very interesting plot indeed!