The Flower Crown & The Two Swords


Chaewon is the Crown Princess of Xiwang, the Captain of the Army and the most skilled swordswoman of the entire realm. She does not need a bodyguard. 

But after Chaewon is attacked in her private chambers and the King forces her to work with a certain very disagreeable bodyguard, she will have to fight battles she'd never imagine herself involved in.




“Thank you,” the King said, then turning to Chaewon. “The Captain of the Guard appointed this woman as the most skilled guard apart from himself. My daughter, she goes by the name of Son Hyejoo. I have just personally observed this woman in combat and judge that her skillset is different than yours, and therefore, will largely complement your weaknesses in combat. I place my trust on the both of you to cooperate in a way that will make you a near invincible pair, in the best interest to keep the princess and therefore the lineage of this Kingdom in safety.” 


Hello everyone! 

If you're a regular reader, you'll probably know this story already, because this is an adaptation of my Eunxiao story, with the same title. It's the exact same story, but this time, with Hyewon as the main pairing, because I thought they would be perfect for the characters and the plot c:

(also because a friend of mine was saying we orbits needed more historical hyewon stories, so here I am keke) 

If you've never read the original version, then I hope you enjoy the story! 

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