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Sakura is suddenly into public scrutiny, becoming the near equivalent of Korea’s first daughter when her mother decides to marry the CEO of Korea’s flagship conglomerate, Kim Corporation. This family is like the Rockefellers’ in the US, influential and integral to Korea’s modern history. So on top of dealing with her unwanted microscopic fame, she is assigned to possibly the most straight edged, stubborn, stonic protector - how can this small girl, one shorter than her, supposed to be protecting her from now on? Sakura definitely feels like she does not need a guard, especially not one taken from her step-sister, Minjoo, who already hates her. I mean, Sakura has already lived 21 years without one so what can this bodyguard named Kwon Eunbi do for her anyway?

Other than pissing her off on their first meeting of course. 


After my first Eunsaku/Kkubi fic - On time, there's just never enough - I am back after a hiatus with something bigger (i anticipate more chapters) and better (more IZ*ONE members will be featured!)

The poster should give readers a rough idea what the story will be centered around so sit tight for some drama! 

You can also talk to me easier on Twitter @kwoncelebz - sometimes I have some long-winded author's notes there if anybody hears me (lol)

Either way, I hope you all enjoy this fic!

the story is finally finished! to all new readers who only are reading this after its done, i would love hear what you guys think! drop your comments below, i will reply~
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