Good Boys' Closets


Answering yes to anyone and everyone who asks him out has become a habit.

And though old habits are hard to break, ever since Cha Junho and the transfer students start rooming together.

He finds himself fighting everyone to be single.

To save himself for this unusual and charming new face, Hwang Yunseong.


A/N: The story will have three parts. Think of it as three one-shots in a story or a short story with three lengthy chapters xD

There will be multiple ships (friendship & boyxboy) in every part.

| Story Status: Coming Soon |

Part 1: They love him, but he only loves one.
Ship(s): Cha Junho x Lee Eunsang | Cha Junho x Kim Yohan | Cha Junho x Lee Sejin | Cha Junho x Kim Hyunbin

Part 2: He loves them all, but he only needs one.
Ship(s): Hwang Yunseong x Keum Donghyun | Hwang Yunseong x Kang Minhee

Part 3: There are 51 million people in South Korea, but you're my favorite.
Ship(s): Cha Junho x Hwang Yunseong

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