Entirely You

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Me and my twin always certain that we are different. We eat breakfast differently, we live in entire different city and not forget to mention, different caregiver. I, Kim Sunna live with an old grumpy tried to be optimist father. My twin, Kim Sunni live with the modern trendy 'I hate tradition' mother. We swipe each other place and who knows we are not that different, we are twin after all. And possibly we could know the side of us that we are too afraid to show because we are too certain of who we are or actually what people want we to be.



Mei Nagano As Kim Sunna

(16) High School Freshman. Originally from Seoul but moved to a rural island somewhere in South Korea with her father. 

The one with short hair and even fringe


Mei Nagano As Kim Sunni

(16) High School Freshman. Originally from Seoul and stay in Seoul with her mother.

The one with the long hair and uneven fringe

Oh Sehun As Oh Sehun

(18) High School Senior. Originally from Seoul and live in Seoul with his grandmother. 

Kim Sunni's ex-boyfriend

Kim Jongin As Kim Jongin

(17) Supposedly A Sophomore But Had Some Case So High School Freshman. Originally from rural island in South Korea and live in there with his family.

Kim Sunna's classmate


Sneak Peak Of You Know The Story Why You Are Here


"Umm, hello...Oh Sehun, I guess?"- Kim Sunna

"Yes, here I am presenting you my hot self, your ex bf"- Oh Sehun

"Wow, my hands a and I already had ex boyfriend"- quietly in her heart




"Can I please have your number?"-Kim Sunni

"For What? To take advantage of me? To call me anytime you want?"- Kim Jongin

"No, so you can call me anytime you want whenever it is"

"Sorry, I don't have a phone, but we can have this cup paper phone"


This story contained 2 point of view, free to choose to read Kim Sunna and Oh Sehun story or Kim Sunni and Kim Jongin story. Enjoy


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