Breaking Walls

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Jeonghan learnt the hard way how emotions and trust could ruin someone. At the age of fifteen, he learnt that the only way he would be able to live happily despite his traumatizing past was to enjoy meaningless physical companionships. And that was how he lived, for the next few years, until he decided to play around with a pretty alpha who seemed innocent enough to catch his interest.

Seungcheol had always known how emotions and trust could ruin someone. He had been hurt again and again by his lover but somehow he could never give it up. However, after having his heart broken yet again that first week of college, this time with no chance of reconciliation, the alpha decided it was time to stop investing his feeling and time finding a mate. Yoon Jeonghan never gave him that chance though…


I finally decided to write Jeongcheol’s story of my omegaverse!! It's been almost a year since my fics ended and I missed you readers so much! I'm still working on the storyline. I'm thinking of chapters but based on previous experience, I might end up writing almost 40 chapters. I mean, who knows? Lol!

As I mentioned to some of you readers, the story's going to be a bit dark and angsty (just like my other fics, duh xD) Just a trigger warning, there will be mention of child abuse and mention of . Also, this is an omegaverse so we get all the typical mpreg stuff we all love…. Or maybe just a mention. Haha!

Anyways, please do share me your thoughts on this fic! And leave me comments to show your love and support ❤️❤️❤️ Love you!!!


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