From The End To Start

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Sometimes you have to end it so you can start again.


Jaehyun and Sekyung breakup to get back together again later on.

(Please read the foreword too!)


This is in the same Universe as If It's For You, I'm Alright. Jaehyun and Sekyung's relationship was present in Taeyong and Jungyeon's story. I recommend reading Taeyong and Jungyeon's oneshot first as more of the Sungah storyline will make sense.

Read If It's For You, I'm Alright here.

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The title and some of the storyline (not much as the song came out after I had already started writing this) came from NCT 127's 'End To Start.'

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Kim Sekyung

Jung Jaehyun

Dong Sicheng

Park Jungyeon

Han Jiahn

Lee Taeyong (somewhat minor)

Kim Doyoung (minor)

Ji Sungah (minor)

Johnny Seo (minor)

Ten (minor)

Nakamoto Yuta (minor)

Wong Yukhei (minor)

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