Badass Oppas

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"I want you to know something but I don't want to tell you so I'll just let the first three words of this sentence explain it."


Hello readers! DBSKGIRL4EVER here!

My new story will starr the brand new but awesome rookies B.A.P.!

And also BLOCK B!

Hip Hop Rules! ^_____^

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You: *It will be in the 'you' format but you have a name now. I find it comfortable writing it like that :) Hope you don't mind! Another time I may write it in 3rd person POV :) But for this one it will be 'YOU' with a name!

-Name: Song Yeojin

-Age: 17

-Junior at Seoul Arts High School.

-Personality: Not girly but not boyish either. A normal girl who can act cute but only if you are in a good mood. Works hard. Understanding. Kind. Doesn't know anything about love. Can get annoyed easily and knows your closest friends very well. Loyal. Tidy, organized, neat. Physically clumsy. Often has dark circles under eyes, which is your biggest complex.

-Pet peeves: Anything dirty, untidy rooms,people who 'beat around the bush', sometimes Daehyun. Sometimes his mask.

-Likes: clean rooms, BAP, sweet foods, Daehyun talking.

-Dislikes: The color yellow. Dark circles. Annoying Daehyun. When Zelo refuses to clean his room. Himchan's iness. Yongguk's loudness during war movies. Jongup's stupidness. Youngjae's know-it-all brain.

Name: Bang Yongguk

Age: 22

Work: TS Auto Shop, sometimes earns money at local rap contests.

Personality: Loud, wild, strong, tough, manly. Could be sweet. Calls you 'Honeybunny'. Has a charming, gummy smile.

Likes: War movies, BAP, you, cussing, exercising, rapping, clubs, cars, and of course women.

Dislikes: Anyone that dare threatens his family, rude customers, when Zelo doesn't listen to him.

Name: Himchan

Age: 22.

Work: TS Auto Shop.

Personality: Loves to fool around, , cute, can be scary when angry or threatened, gets mad easily, protective, caring, simple way of thinking. Calls you 'baby doll'

Likes: You, you, and you. BAP. Women. Cars. Playing. Vacations. Being cute.

Dislikes: Anyone that is a jerk to him or you for no reason, when Youngjae puts him down, getting scolded by Youngguk.

Name: Jung Daehyun

Age: 19.

Senior at Seoul Arts High School.

Personality: Mysterious, quiet, strange, cool, careless.

Likes: Nothing really but one girl who knows him inside and out except for his heart. And his mask that he hardly ever takes off.

Dislikes: Everything else but the girl, especially guys who hits on that one girl. Jongup when he's lost. People who persuade him to take his mask off.

Name: Yoo Youngjae

Age: 19.

Senior at Seoul Arts High School.

Personality: The 'brain' of BAP. Polite to elders. Smart. Likes to boss people around and show off his knowledge. Is the peacekeeper of the family. Calls you 'servant' or 'maid'.

Likes: Electronic stores, mannerful girls, you, BAP.

Dislikes: Unpolite people, really dumb people.

Name: Moon Jongup

Age: 18.

Senior at Seoul Arts High School.

Personality: Clumsy, ditzy, sometimes not always all there, could be dumb at times, cute, sweet, kind, bright, cheerful, smiley, friendly. Never cross his bad side though. Calls you 'Snoopy'.

Likes: Exercising, dancing, the outdoors, and smiling.

Dislikes: Nothing.

Name: Choi Junhong aka ZELO

Age: 16.

Sophomore at Seoul Arts High School.

Personality: Kind of mysterious, hyper at times, quiet and obedient at other times, adorable. Calls you 'noona'.

Likes: Bang Yongguk is his role model. Skateboards, bicycles, motorcycles (anything with wheels). Food.

Dislikes: Walking too much.

Name: Woo Jiho aka ZICO

Age: 19


Personality: Leader of Block B. Wild, crazy, tough, manly, derpy, doesn't give a crap about anything or anyone, always presumes he's right, skillful fighter. Not scared of anything. When he wants something, he has to get it. Calls you 'Panda Bear.'

Likes: You. Rapping. Clubs. Block B. Motorcycles. Graffiti.

Dislikes: School. Daehyun. BAP in general.



Three years ago, you and B.A.P. had been taken into foster care by a kind ahjusshi named Mr. Lee.

However, he had a heart attack and all of you were on the verge of returning to the orphanage again.

But Mr. Lee had left his Auto Center to all of you and since Yongguk and Himchan were of age, they decided to take care of you and the rest of B.A.P.

Life has been crazy and good with B.A.P. in your life.

But life is about to get crazier with Block B entering your life.

When you're tangled in a love triangle between the one who has always been in your life and has been quietly watching you since you first came to the orphanage and the one who popped into your life to change it for the better, who will you choose?

All you know as of right now is that with these badass oppas in your life, your days will never be dull.



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