She wants to know her more ..

She wants to learn how to read her soul..

She wants to unvail  her story..

She wants to listen to her reasons ...

She wants to enter her world...

but most of all 

She wants to tame THE REBEL


"What?! Are you kidding me?" I cant believe this

"What?  you need money right? You just have to be with jung yerin everyday" yewon said trying to convince me

" that's the problem yewon'  its jung yerin god! you know what kind of person she is ... I dont want to baby sit her "    I really need a money right now to continue my study but gosh, even if how much I need money right now I dont think I can I handle being with yerin

she's a rebel for ed sake! !!

"She's not that bad eunbi and youre not going to babysit her'  all you have to do is to follow her anywhere and pay all the damages she cause and make sure she wont go to jail'  and its only for 3 months while mr jung is in china " my bestfriend explained

"And they will give you a high salary plus they will pay youre tuition since yerin is in the same school as yours, not to mention that they owned that school, so you have nothing worry about"

I sigh'  yewon is right ,it will be my lost if I let this job pass

"When will I begin? " I asked 

"Tommorow morning so pack your things tonight and ill pick you up at 8 bye " 

"Wait yewon! " before I can protest yewon already hunged up the line

Ugh!  That little rascals

I sat on the edge of my bed while thinking about the job 

Actually I was thinking about jung yerin'  everyone knew her' I saw her once ,when I went to the university for enrollment.

And I can't actually believe what I saw that time' she hit the windshield of someone's car with a baseball bat just because that car is blocking her way. 

Gosh!  Can you believe that?  

She's a rebel'  a beautiful rebel' she do whatever she wants and no one dares to go against her because she's the daughter of one of the most richest person in the world .

I let out a loud sigh before i stand up to start packing my things 

good luck to you hwang eunbi 

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