hitomi is scary


Nako was on the living room, hugging her Chaewon unnie as they lie down on the couch with a blanket covering their small bodies and watch some cartoons.

The two starts to laugh as they saw a funny scene.

‘‘I swear, watching cartoons is the best on free time.’’ Nako says, looking at her unnie.

‘‘It really is,’’ Chaewon then cupped her cheeks. ‘‘Mostly when I’m with my favorite dongsaeng.’’

The younger laughs, heart fluttering a little. ‘‘I’m touched. You’re my favorite unnie!’’

‘‘Yay! I’m Nakotan’s favorite unnie.’’ The two shared their laughs again before continuing to watch.

Little did they know, a certain Mochi from her room was watching them, getting jealous as the two continues to hug.


‘‘Dinner time, girls!’’ Chaeyeon calls, as she served the plate of foods on their table.

The other 11 girls went to their dinning room excitedly, except for one girl.

Hitomi sat down on the table gloomily. The others found it weird. Well, who would not? The cheerful and always smiling Strawberry Mochi was not smiling and kept a straight face.

She raised her eyebrows as everyone was looking at her. ‘‘What? Are we not going to eat?’’ 

Eunbi gulped as the mochi sounded scary. ‘‘W-we are. Let’s eat, girls.’’

As the girls started to eat, Nako, who was beside Hitomi, tapped the cheeky girls. ‘‘Hiichan, you okay?’’

Hitomi just looked at Nako then deadpanned. The shorter knew already that she wasn’t. The two just proceeded to eat.

After a couple of minutes, Hitomi was the first to finish.

‘‘I’m done eating.’’ Hitomi says, standing up. ‘‘I’ll go to my room now.’’ The girl walked out and went to her room.

‘‘She’s.. acting weird.’’ Yena says as the other agreed.

‘‘I’ll check on her.’’ The rest , and the feisty Nako just blushed, which was rare. She then followed Hitomi to her room.


A mochi sighs, hugging the apeach stuffed toy that a short bunny gave to her as she lies down.

‘‘Why am I even in love with you, Yabuki Nako..’’ Hitomi says, hitting the stuffed toy slightly.

‘‘Say what?’’

Hitomi’s eyes widened as she heard a familiar voice of a short girl as it sits down on the corner of her bed.

‘‘You like me?’’ Nako says, grinning really wide.

‘‘W-what?! N-NO!’’ 

Nako went closer to the taller, then cupped her cheeks. Hitomi blushed at the actions.

‘‘Yeah, go on. Keep denying, Hiichan. I already heard you.’’

“D-damn it. You won again, Yabuki Nako.”

“I always do, Honda Hitomi.”

‘‘You even won my heart.’’ the mochi whispered. Hitomi thought that Nako wouldn’t hear her, but boy, she was wrong.

‘‘You won my heart too.’’

‘‘Y-you even heard that?’’ Hitomi said, eyes widening. Nako just nodded and chuckled. How can this tiny girl have an amazing ear? ‘‘I can’t believe..’’

‘‘It’s because I’m Yabuki Nako, Honda Hitomi.’’

Well, Hitomi thought that she was right. She was Yabuki Nako after all. Her one and only Yabuki Nako.

The two stared at each other as silence surrounds them. Nako looked like she was expecting Hitomi to say something.


Nako pouts. ‘‘Are you not gonna say something to me?’’

Hitomi thinks. What was she supposed to say? 

“Oh come on, Honda.’’ The shorter pouted more and huffed.

‘‘Really, I don’t know what I’m gonna say.’’

Nako facepalms internally. This cute mochi is really clueless sometimes, she thought. ‘‘I’ll do it.’’ She then reaches for Hitomi’s cheek again. ‘‘I like you, Honda Hitomi.’’

Oh boy. Hitomi felt like she won the charts. The moment made her the happiest.

‘I WON THE FREAKING CHARTS!!’ The mochi internally screams while blinking multiple times.

‘‘You're really not saying it,’’ Nako chuckles. ‘‘But no need though. I already know that you like me.’’

‘‘You sure do, winner.’’


Chaewon quietly slaps Minjoo’s shoulder because she almost tripped and almost made a sound. Good thing that Chaewon actually catched her.

‘‘Gosh, babe,’’ Chaewon glares at her. ‘‘You're so clumsy. We might get caught!’’ She whisper-shouted.

‘‘Then let's go if you don't wanna get caught, .’’ Minjoo fires back at her girlfriend.

Chaewon made an offended look. But Minjoo just found it cute. ‘‘Oh, now you're calling me a ? Fine then, I'm gonna sleep now.’’ Then, she walks to her room, but only to be stopped by her girlfriend grabbing her wrist.

‘‘Wait!’’ Minjoo whisper-shouted and chuckled. ‘‘I was kidding, fairy. You know that I love you, right?’’

‘‘ Ugh, ’’ Chaewon rolls her eyes, but still blushes. ‘‘I love you too.’’

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