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There's a colorful hue of neon fog when Jiu enters and she wonders if it's another one of Yoohyeon's ideas before she realized she wasn't in their shared flat, she's at some reserved room at a bar and she's supposed to meet Siyeon.

Well, it's Siyeon so maybe she'd pulled some strings just for the colored fogs. What she didn't understand, however, was the inappropriateness of it—what with their meeting supposedly something serious.

Where is she anyways? Jiu's head was starting to ache, she wondered if it was because of the alcoholic smell of the room. Jiu's never been fond of alcohols.

The door opened hastily, the blasting music from the main room creeping in as Siyeon arrived with ruffled clothes and sweaty forehead before she stumbled inside and closed the door shut.

"Sorry—Yoohyeon almost strangled me."

Jiu frowned, "Why would Yoohyeon strangle you?"

Siyeon only shrugged, flopping herself into the seat right across to her before her eyes wandered around the room.

"What's with the fogs?" Siyeon asked, wrinkling her nose as the smell hits her too.

"I thought this was your idea?"

Siyeon scoffs, "In a formal setting? Jiu I'm not that impulsive. That's Yoohyeon— or Gahyeon maybe."

Jiu's amused.

"Then why meet at a room in a bar? We could've met at my flat."

Siyeon waved her hand in dismissal, "I'm not in good terms with Yoohyeon right now and she's living with you so no thanks— and before you suggest my place, Sua is being pissy at the moment. The slightest noise and she throws something at me."

Jiu sighs in defeat, "Fine. Let's just get to the point of why we're here, which I'm not informed of."

Siyeon turns serious.

"It's about the island."

Jiu's stomach dropped, anxiety shooting up her nerves as she eyes Siyeon warily.

Siyeon was giving her an uncomfortable look, the island was a big part of her argument with Yoohyeon and it's not comforting to think Siyeon's been with the younger girl before this talk.

"I thought we agreed it's dangerous. You know I'm on Yoohyeon's side on this one."

Siyeon nods, "I know. I agree as well but that's not what's really concerning right now."

"Then what?"

Siyeon doesn't reply, handing Jiu her phone instead and she scans the list of words written on screen.

Jiu's heart almost stopped.

"Someone signed us up on the island."

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