We Are In Love! - WonWen Story

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Two people from very different walks of life meet together for a fake dating variety show. Will they find their way towards each other? 


Choi Siwon POV

I didnt like her the first time I met her. She was tall, unconventionally pretty and inexplicably confident. There's an air of elusive venusian element the moment she walked into the studio. Her demeanor gave off an other-worldy vibe. A beautiful nymph in a sea of anemones. There really is no wonder why she's one of the world's top fashion model. She looks majestic like a porcelain doll but also hard enough to be easily broken. 


In short, she looked like too much work. 


Or so I thought. 


Liu Wen. 


She inched her way to my heart like a thief in the night. 

Liu Wen POV

He blinded me the first time I met him.


He looked bigger than life. His very being spelled danger because of his blatant display of perfection. I am not a moth to his flame. His radiance caught me off guard but what did I expect from Korea's beloved top celebrity? Nothing less than the brightness of the sun. 


I may be tall but he was the one who truly gave off an intimidating air. How do I approach Adonis himself? What do you do when youre faced with perfection? 


You fall ofcourse.


No, I mean, I really tripped on myself while walking towards him. Years of runway walks surely have not prepared me for this day smh. The day of my wedding.. a fake one at that! My first relationship is a sham and my first wedding is a circus. 


Choi Siwon.


What else lies ahead? 





I may be a few years late but I can't forget about this couple!! So many possibilities with their love story that was cut too short. Its free to dream, right?!
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